June 19th: SK Showcase and Weekend Links

I’m so excited to share the creation for the SK Showcase this week!

This month we have been talking about spending time outdoors, and I know many families include biking on the list of favorite outdoor activities.

Amber of Giver’s Log sent me these pictures of how she created both a reflective handlebar flower and an upcyled handlebar bag.  For those whose biking adventures continue through the evening towards dusk, being visible to road traffic is imperative!

For the handlebar flower, Amber’s secret ingredient is retroreflective glass beads:


You can see that she covered the ends of the petal with these beads making the flower highly reflective.  This pretty and functional flower can then be attached to handlebars or to your bike bag:



Iron-on reflective tape was the key component of this upcycled handlebar bag:



If you think your family would like to create similar projects, be sure to read Amber’s step-by-step tutorial for the handlebar flower and handlebar bag.  Thank you again, Amber, for sharing this with us!

Now your weekend reading:

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Don’t forget Connecting with Nature Challenge #2 – experiencing nature with your senses.  We’ll gather on Monday morning to discuss!

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  1. Thanks, Megan! I’m so flattered to be featured on your lovely and insightful blog. Can’t wait to check out some of these other links.

    AmberLee’s last blog post..GEOCACHE TOYS?

  2. Another great idea! Here in Lexington, KY, there’s a real lack of education on bike safety and issues like sharing the road. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people riding bikes at night without any reflective gear on (always wearing dark colors too for some crazy reason). I like that these 2 ideas are stylish and provide safety. What great gifts these would make.

    As an aside, I have been enjoying myself outdoors despite the onset of bugs and humidity. I’m really paying more attention to sounds and sights since the nature challenge. In addition to getting fresh air, exercise, and time with my baby, I’m also stopping a lot to try to name the trees and flowers I pass by every day. There’s a real calming effect to saying aloud to my son, “that’s a “Weeping Willow or “look at those tall Hollyhocks!” Since recovering from a mastectomy for breast cancer 4 months ago, I have been trying to let go of stress and focus on these kinds of calming moments even more. I’ve been so happy to find this community online that inspires me each week.

    Kelly Feinberg’s last blog post..Garage Sale Fundraiser