June 26th: SK Showcase and Weekend Links


Simple Kids is a community for parents and caregivers of children in the birth to mid-elementary age range.  Sometimes I feel that I don’t allow enough emphasis on the incredibly important birth to age one stage of childhood, so today I wanted to share a couple of Showcase ideas that might inspire parents of these littlest ones.

As most of us can testify, that first year can be wrought with teething woes.  I sometimes hear of little ones who simply wake up in the morning with a two brand new teeth and not a soul knew they were teething.  This has never been the case with either of my daughters!  The appearance of new teeth is always heralded by weeping, wailing, and, well, gnashing of gums in our home.  Emily wrote to tell me about tutorial she created for making a soft cloth teething toy.  This is the finished product:


and this is the happy teether:


Here are Emily’s instructions for making a soft cloth teething toy.

When you are parenting a baby, you are not only responsible for their health and well-being, you are sometimes called upon to be an interpreter for their inner thoughts and feelings.  Reader Dena wrote me this week to share the Father’s Day poem she created for her husband, “spoken” in the words and perspective of their four month old daughter:

Dear Daddy,

I love you.  You’re my daddy
And you always know just what to do.

I know you’ll teach me lots of things
Right now I’m not very old
I’m waiting for a few more Springs
To start becoming bold.

You’ll teach me how to swim outside
And how to ride a bike.
You’ll teach me how to swing up high
And fun things to do on hikes.

I know we’ll have a loving life;
A lot of fun each day.
‘Cause, Daddy, you’re the best of all
To kiss my tears away.

I love you, Daddy.  I can’t wait
To grow up big and tall
So I can hug you really tight
And tell my friends how you beat them all.

I thought this was a perfect example of how long before your children are able to participate in the creative process, you as the parent can begin building a groundwork of creative living!  So sweet.  Thank you for sharing, Dena!

And now your weekend reading:

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Happy weekend and happy camping!

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  1. Thank you so much for the link!

    Very cute teethers. I’m so happy we’re beyond that stage. So hard on babies. We’re in the losing teeth stage! Certainly not as painful for my children but I’ve had to cut up apples and cut corn of the cob for a couple years now since when one child is done losing their baby teeth it’s the next siblings turn.

    renee @ FIMBY’s last blog post..Summer non-boredom

    • @renee @ FIMBY, I have to say I think we are going to be at the teeth falling out stage before I know it! Our oldest is four and a half and I lost my first tooth at age six. Who knew so much of parenting is about TEETH?

      Thanks for your words of wisdom on outdoor edibles. So fascinating!

      Megan’s last blog post..June 26th: SK Showcase and Weekend Links

  2. Thanks, Megan! These really are a breeze to make!

    Emily @ The Pilot’s Wife’s last blog post..Genetically Disposed

  3. Thanks for the great teething toy idea! I have one teething and one losing teeth. Wow i feel old. :)

  4. Mary Ann says:

    How I LOVE these teething balls! My grandson is having a very, very difficult time right now. I am going to make some this weekend and mail them to him.

    Could I possibly, very please, have some dimensions on these? I know that is lots to ask but just a few measurements will be so helpful to me.

    Thank you so much for all of your sweet help and time with this!
    Happy Weekend!

  5. @Mary Ann I tried several different sizes but the ones that worked the best were about 8″ long and 3″ wide on the round part (see photo on my post for picture of my pattern). The smaller you make them the more difficult to turn and tie off. You might have to play with it a bit. Hope this helps!

    If you have more questions feel free to email me directly at thepilotswifeblog@gmail.com!

    Emily @ the pilot’s wife’s last blog post..Genetically Disposed

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