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Welcome to Kiddin’ Around, where I share different activities, games, crafts, and links the kids and I have loved each week as a way of sharing the fun with all of you but also to help me add these moments to our family memory bank.

Right now my kids are ages 3, 6, 8, and 12 or preschool, kindergarten, second grade, and seventh grade.

Here’s how we’ve been kiddin’ around:

Music – currently in heavy rotation at the Fleck house: the Muppets Most Wanted soundtrack (love The Interrogation Song) and the new Laurie Berkner, which has many of our long-time family favorites. I discovered Laurie Berkner a long time ago when Jillian was a baby, so these songs are old friends. That Five Days Old song? It sometimes brings a tear or two to this sentimental mama’s eye.

Watching – you might have been given a hint to this by our music selections above, but we watched Muppets Most Wanted for the first time. It wasn’t my favorite Muppet movie but it was cute and the kids really enjoyed it, which was a relief to me because I grew up on the Muppet Show and wanted my kids to like it but a less than well received viewing of Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas last year (which my kids declared “weird” and “boring”) had me wondering if perhaps the generation gap was too wide.

Cardboard tube Beeker in progress |

Max made a Beaker from a cardboard tube, some wool, and googly eyes. Love it!

However, they had a great time at the Muppet Show at Walt Disney World, so I thought I’d give the Muppets another try, riding on the coattails of that success. I think I’ll look for a few episodes of the original Muppet Show on dvd at our library and see what the kids think. (Look at me totally trying to get my kids hooked on something just because I loved it as a child, ha ha!)

We also spent last Friday night watching Scooby Doo Meets Batman and it was just as cheesy and silly as you would except from a 1970s cartoon involving two major franchises. However, cheesy and silly is what the Fleck family is drawn to like moths to a flame, so we loved it!

Games and Crafts – The kids have been in crafting mode BIG time this week thanks to the arrival of Kiwi Crate … and friends! This month we decided to give the new crates a try and signed up for: Koala Crate, Doodle Crate, and Tinker Crate.

Kiwi Crate Family Brands >>

We’ve been Kiwi Crate subscribers for years now, so I was excited to hear that the brand was expanding and including other age groups. I’ll let you know what we thought in more detail in a future review post, but for now I can say that the kids have enjoyed the projects and I think we’ll be keeping our new subscriptions.

What we’re reading: Jillian has been really enjoying Keri Smith’s newest book, after we were sent a copy to review. She’s still exploring it, creating her own imaginary world, but look for a book review post soon with her thoughts (and mine).

And that’s how we’ve been kidding around this week. What have you and your kids been loving lately?

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  1. A big thumbs up to the original Muppet Show! My older daughter, now almost 5, received the first season of the Muppet Show on dvd a few years ago (she was 2.5 maybe?). It is THE BEST. So funny and clever, and it’s hilarious to have a kid trying to decide if she wants to watch Rita Moreno or Ben Vereen!

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