Let’s Talk: Kids and Collections

On Wednesday, Rae Grant gave us some fun ideas for button crafts and collecting. Her post got me thinking about kids and collections and how it seems that at one time or another all kids go through a collecting phase. Some kids never grow out of that phase, and I know more than a few adults who can trace their current collection back to their childhoods.

My oldest daughter collects stamps and rocks (for those of you in central Indiana, our family highly recommends taking your little rockhounds on a trip to the Spencer Lapidary in Elwood).

My son began collecting pressed pennies during our travels this summer and he and his Daddy have been collecting die-cast cars together since Max was a toddler.

Other Kid Collectibles

  • trading cards
  • baseball hats
  • insects
  • keychains
  • stickers
  • shells
  • charm bracelets
  • music boxes
  • miniatures
  • marbles

Let’s Talk: What does your child collect?

What are your kids into collecting?

How do you store and display their collections?

Did you keep collections as a kid?

Have any of those interests followed you into adulthood?

The comments are open for discussion.

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Kara Fleck is the editor of Simple Kids. She is a small town mama, writer, knitter, bookworm, and hooligan. Kara lives in Indiana with her husband Christopher and their four children Jillian, Max, Lucy, and Amelia. You can find more of her writing at KElizabethFleck.com.

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  1. My kids have collected books, coins, rocks, shells, tickets (from museums, trains). They of course were into the ‘fad’ stuff like Webkinz, Silly Banz, and now currently little Japanese erasers (cute little erasers in shapes). It’s fun to collect things, but sometimes tough to figure out what to do with them!
    Ellie@JoyInEveryDay´s latest post: Right Now

  2. Unfortunately, my kids seem to want to collect everything they touch: used bandaids being my least favorite (I sneak them to the trash and they don’t seem to notice). They just don’t want to throw anything away! As far as more focused collections, they seem to be big fans of rocks, toy cars, and legos.
    Amanda Morgan´s latest post: Choose Confidence Instead of Complaining

  3. My daughter is 2, but she loves to find rocks outside. Do you think she’d be too young still for a trip to Spencer Lapidary?

  4. My kids are avid collectors of almost anything they can get hold of and I was probably like that as a kid as well. I did collect model horses as a kid. When I got older I packed most of them up and put them away. When my daughter was old enough she inherited them and has been adding to the collection — she loves horses as much as I did (and still do actually). So that has been a collection that we have been able to share which is neat. My son is really into Matchbox cars right now.

  5. My kids have a small rock collection. We are trying to start some sort of display for the things we collect during our nature walks and studies.
    Nikki´s latest post: New Friends

  6. My middle daughter is the collector.. Polly Pockets, figurines, stuffed animals and then Penguins. Everything penguins.. Now she wants to collect mini coopers! (She is only 12 and is saving now)
    kim´s latest post: Lovely video message for new mums

  7. Oh boy. My kids collect rocks, stamps, beads (they have enormous segregated containers for them and love to trade with each other), bottlecaps, Webkinz (thanks to friends!), t-shirts from plays they’ve been in, cars, marbles… and books, of coure, are a given. :)
    Alicia´s latest post: Attachment Parenting 101- What should I do if my child talks back

  8. Ho hum!!! This post brought back a flood of memories – I was a real collector as a kid… everything: rocks, feathers, post marks, stamps, stones, balloons (I would hang them from the ceiling forever), model airplanes, stationary, book series and I had a huge collection of microscope slides… everything … I must have been my mother’s nightmare!!! And thinking about it I am very lucky that only one or two of my kids has caught this bug!!!
    se7en´s latest post: Sunday Snippet- Esther and God’s Invisible Hand… A GiveAway…

  9. I also highly recommend Spencer Lapidary, although I haven’t been in YEARS. It’s where I got my first rock tumbler! My sister and I were serious collectors of polished rocks. The prices are very reasonable. You can take a gaggle of kids, spend a small amount of money, and leave with full pockets.

  10. Oh my oldest would just love this, I am going to sit and talk with her on what she would like to start to collect. I remember collecting….rocks, baseball cards, dolls and most importantly seashells!

    Vanessa´s latest post: Baby 3

  11. My son really loves to collect rocks! He finds beauty in each and every one which is wonderful until we have to find a place to store the collection. The boxes were so heavy we could not lift them! :)
    Paula´s latest post: Ready…Set…GOAL!

  12. I loved collecting old coins as a kid.
    My daughter who is 5 collects all kids of things- acorns, flower seeds, leaves, and much more. She often deposits her collections in my purse for me to discover later!
    Scarlet´s latest post: Lylas Fun Kids Applique- Easy Iron on Appliques

  13. I remember having two full sticker books as a kid. And, unfortunately, I am still a big collector now, which is why I am desperately trying to declutter my house!
    My daughter also likes to collect, which is why I am trying to be a better role model of keeping collections “in check”.
    Her grammy got her started with collecting Littlest Pet Shop, but that seems to have waned. We keep them all in a basket on her bookshelf (site of another big collection… BOOKS!).
    mamaTAVE´s latest post: Toddler Skirt Giveaway


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