Little Acorn Learning September Afterschool Guide and Autumn Menu Giveaway

Those of you who have been following Simple Kids or Rockin’ Granola, know what a huge fan I am of Eileen Straiton’s Little Acorn Learning childcare guides.  I’m so excited because today Eileen is generously offering a giveaway of one of her new Afterschool Guides and an Autumn Menu!

This giveaway is now closed.  Thank you!

September Afterschool Guide

The afterschool guides were created to help parents and caregivers create a healthy, rhythmic, and peaceful home for their school aged children.

The guides are designed for use with children attending traditional school, Waldorf school, private school, childcare centers, or with homeschooled children.  They are a tool for extending learning after school and on the weekends.

From the Little Acorn Learning website:

Our goal is to reconnect children with nature while supporting the caregiver’s soul – helping providers find true meaning and purpose in their work with young children.  We inspire a love for nature and the home arts.”

The September Afterschool guide is an e-book pdf file containing four weeks of stories, handwork, and learning enrichment – a $22.99 value.

Autumn Menu

The Autumn childcare menu was developed by a professional nutritionist and Waldorf kindergarten teacher and is a menu for a week’s worth of recipes intended to be rotated throughout the season. 

Each day includes a recipe for breakfast, two snacks, and lunch.

“Autumn, the days are getting cooler, and the harvest is in full swing. We can find fresh vegetables and apples, pears and nuts everywhere. Children are hungry for warming grains, sweet fruits and hardy vegetables. Here you will find plenty of inspiration to keep your menus as vibrant as the Fall colors.”

The Autumn Nourishment Childcare Menu is a pdf file, valued at $12.99.

To Enter

One Simple Kids reader will win a copy of the September Afterschool Guide and the Autumn Nourishment Childcare Menu.

This giveaway will run until midnight EST Wednesday, September 15th. The winner will be chosen by Random. Org and announced here on Thursday, September 16th. This giveaway is now closed.  Thank you!

To enter:

  • Comment on this post and answer this question: What is your favorite thing about Autumn?

Bonus Entries:

  • Visit Eileen’s blog, Little Acorn Learning, and become a follower (leave a separate comment here at Simple Kids letting me know)
  • Follow Simple Kids via email or  in your feed reader (leave a separate comment here at Simple Kids letting me know)

This giveaway will end at midnight EST Wednesday September 15th. Good luck!

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Kara Fleck is the editor of Simple Kids. She is a small town mama, writer, knitter, bookworm, and hooligan. Kara lives in Indiana with her husband Christopher and their four children Jillian, Max, Lucy, and Amelia. You can find more of her writing at

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  1. I love the colors, the cooler weather, the shorter days, the yummy food, the wonderful memories and sensations from fall…it’s my favorite!

  2. Autumn brings out the loveliness of being modest, scarfs, light jackets, cardigans, cute hats, knitted items. It makes me want to create all of these lovely things for myself and others. The colors of Autumn beg to be knitted together.

    PS I am now following the Simple Kids & the Little Acorn sites!
    LanaLeigh´s latest post: Fruits of the Spirit

  3. It’s got to be the smell. The leaves, the apples, the pumpkins. Mmmmm!

  4. How did I not know about the afterschool guide? What a fabulous offering!

    I think that my favorite part of fall is the slower rhythm to our days and the sense of slowing down.

  5. My favorite thing about autumn are the family activities we do. Apple picking,jumping in leaf piles, carving pumpkins, baking and canning, lots of walks in the woods. The way our home smells, it’s my favorite time of year.

  6. I love so many things about Autumn that it’s hard to narrow it down, but this year I am especially enjoying a getting back into our cosy home rhythm after a easy and free summer that started to fray a bit at the end.

  7. The crunch of leaves underfoot – by far the best part of fall!

  8. I became a follower!
    Lauren Dargan´s latest post: Forever Young

  9. i love coming back to fall foods in the kitchen. turning on the oven to enjoy some baking, simmering soups on the stovetop for hours. the fall cooking makes me feel so at home.

    i would love to win this giveaway. i am a huge fan of little acorn!

  10. oh, and i forgot to say that i am a follower of the little acorn blog!
    robin (woowoo mama)´s latest post: the inside

  11. My favorite thing about autumn is the sense of beauty and nurturing that comes with a season ablaze with color and comfort of home.

  12. my favorite thing about autumn is the cool breezes of the open windows. and the apples. love the apples.

  13. The crisp air and the food!

  14. I love the cool nights sitting by the outdoor fire!

  15. I am following Little Acorn Learning :)
    Heather´s latest post: Wordless Wednesday

  16. I receive Simple Kids via email :)
    Heather´s latest post: Wordless Wednesday

  17. Crisp, cool air; crunchy leaves; seeing the mountains covered in colors; and PUMPKINS! :)

  18. I subscribe to SimpleKids via Google reader.

  19. What is there not to like about fall!? The smell , the colors! The great excuse to knit, to wear comfy sweaters and cook comy food!

  20. my favorite thing about fall is the cooler weather … followed by the colorful leaves
    april emery´s latest post: 30-Day Shred Update – Before &amp After Photos

  21. i subscribe to the little acorn blog
    april emery´s latest post: 30-Day Shred Update – Before &amp After Photos

  22. i subscribe to simple kids
    april emery´s latest post: 30-Day Shred Update – Before &amp After Photos

  23. My favorite thing about Autumn is a break from the sweltering summer heat that gives us a chance to comfortably enjoy the outdoors again before winter hits.

  24. I subscribe to simple kids via email.

  25. I love so many things about autumn– the crisp air, wearing sweaters, and the beautiful trees and their changing colors:-)

  26. I subscribe to Simple Kids via email.

  27. I am a follower of the Little Acorn Learning blog.

  28. My most favorite thing about autumn is the anticipation of finally dragging in the tubs full of Fall and Halloween themed books. We only read them for about a month every year, and my boys talk about it for the entire span of days until Fall actually begins. We’re almost there!

  29. Soup!

  30. My favorite thing about Autumn is getting to wear a coat and scarf!! There isn’t much actual “autumn” in Florida, but LOVE having cooler weather. :o)
    Jenny Rebecca´s latest post: three years old

  31. That crispness in the air that is in contrast to the stickiness of summer ( even though we are entering spring here in Australia

  32. I follow in my reader too!

  33. My favorite thing about autumn are the many colors, the harvest, the bountifulness and the clear air. Thanks for the givewaway!
    Viola´s latest post: Resweater- Resweater giveaway!!!!

  34. I follow little acorn learning´s blog.
    Viola´s latest post: Resweater- Resweater giveaway!!!!

  35. I signed up to follow your blog via email
    Viola´s latest post: Resweater- Resweater giveaway!!!!

  36. My favorite thing about Autumn is PUMPKINS! (I would say the cooler weather, but that doesn’t hit our area until it is technically Winter.)
    Cara´s latest post: Good Reads- The Hunger Games Trilogy- by Suzanne Collins

  37. I subscribe to Simple Kids’ RSS feed
    Cara´s latest post: Good Reads- The Hunger Games Trilogy- by Suzanne Collins

  38. this year it would have to be the weather that is good for baking and using the oven. i can’t believe i missed it this summer, but i love turning on the oven for something warm to nourish us.

  39. subscribe via google reader

  40. Things might finally start to cool off here in Texas!!!!

  41. I love the warm, fuzzy feeling it gives me. That sounds so cheesy but it’s so true!

  42. I LOVE the fall! The cool nights, the beautiful colors of the leaves changing and the great things you can cook now that it’s not so hot.

  43. One thing I love about Autumn? Smores parties!

  44. Laura Ortiz says:

    I just started using the Little Acorn Learning guides with my 3 year old and we LOVE it!!! I’d love to supplement with the menu and other ‘afterschool’ materials (I didn’t even know about those!). My favorite thing about autumn is the feeling…I feel so cozy and comfortable and grateful for a break from the heat!

  45. well, it’s really favorite things ’cause I can’t just pick one…pumpkins, leaves, brisk, crisp, air, sweaters, rosey cheeks, little ones in jeans, warm and cheesy comfort food (i’m looking your way baked ziti), costume making, baking, and snuggles galore!
    Veronica´s latest post: The All-American Postcard Swap

  46. I subscribe to Little Acorn Learning.
    Veronica´s latest post: The All-American Postcard Swap

  47. My favorite thing about Autumn is the leaves changing colors… it reminds me to slow down, and stop and appreciate the passing of time.

  48. I signed up to be a follower of little acorn learning! Always looking for more great reads!

  49. I have been following this page as well 😉 look forward to getting in my email!

  50. I love everyone’s responses… I also love the changes in autumn that I notice with my senses… feeling the chill in the air that brings out warmer layers, the sight of colors in the foliage and gardens, the sights and sounds of creatures heading to warmer climates or the ones gathering for the colder months ahead, the crunch under my feet from the fallen leaves that now cover the paths near our house, the smell of yummy eats coming from our kitchen created from the last of the harvest…
    ~Laura RANDL at ROADRUNNER dot COM

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