Little Passports Valentine’s Day Sale

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Have you heard of Little Passports? If not, let me introduce you to one of our family’s favorites! And, perfect timing, there is a Little Passports Valentine’s Day Sale! Be sure to use the code 5VDAY when you are checking out to get a $5 discount.

Little Passports takes your child on journeys around the USA two states at a time, and there’s also an around the world option which introduces your kids to countries like Egypt and Italy. We use Little Passports in our homeschool and my kids really enjoy it.

The subscription enables you to teach your child about the hundreds of different cultures at their own pace. Each month, a package addressed to your kids arrives full of little goodies like stickers for their own passport, activity sheets that teach them about major landmarks around the world and gets their brain going with fun puzzles and crosswords.

Little Passports even shares delicious recipes that you can cook up with your kids to turn them into little chefs who know all about foods from different cultures. Subscriptions start at just $10.95/month which is another bonus!

This is also a perfect resource for homeschool students out there looking to embrace a new way of learning geography. The Little Passports sale ends Saturday, February 15, so use the promo code 5VDAY soon!

This $5 off offer is valid on new subscription plans only and cannot be applied towards previous purchases.Cannot be combined with any other offers.Offer is valid through 11:59 PM EST, Saturday, February 15th, 2014.

FYI, our world map shower curtain was purchased at Target. We have had it for a while now, so I’m not sure if they still carry it, but it has been another fun way to include some daily geography learning into our lives.

Want to keep exploring?  One of my favorite blogs, Mama Smiles, has a whole section of her website devoted to Exploring Geography.

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