Lucy turns five and the country mice visit the city {Want, Need, Wear, Read}

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Sunday was a pretty exciting day at our house.  While I was celebrating being a mother, our family was also celebrating one of the very special people in our house because it was Lucy”s fifth birthday!

Lucy is one of my quieter children (though she has her moments of zaniness and wild behavior) and birthday parties aren”t really her thing.  Her introverted mother can certainly relate to that.

After some discussion, Lucy and I decided that we”d most like to spend our day swimming and being pampered and visiting one of her favorite places – the “big city.”

Yes, there”s a bit of irony in the country family “escaping” to the city.  It was very city mouse/country mouse of us, don”t you think?


So, we raided the family vacation fund (not really, everyone was on board with the idea and I searched high and low for a good deal) and we booked a hotel in downtown Indianapolis.

The six of us tucked ourselves in for a Mother”s Day/Birthday weekend of swimming, walking around downtown, visiting the Arts Garden, more swimming, sleeping in, and letting someone else cook the meals and make the beds.


We had a gorgeous view of the city from waaaaaay up high on the 17th floor and we even got to see the Good Year blimp as it flew over our hotel during the basketball playoff game.

SKelevatorSImonaWe are big Indy Car fans in our family and the hotel we stayed at had a sponsorship deal with KV Racing.  The elevators had posters of the KV drivers, Tony Kanaan and Simona DeSilvestro, and the kids would “race” them to see who won each time.  Sorry TK, but the Iron Maiden won the series by a landslide (much to my little girls delight!)  And, if you”re unsure who to cheer for in this year”s Indy 500, Lucy and I suggest Simona.

Sunday evening we returned home for birthday cake baking, penne a”la vodka eating, and present opening.  We finished the weekend with full bellies, tired limbs from so much swimming, and a feeling of contentment. It was kind of awesome.

I like the way this daughter of mine celebrates!


Age 5: Want, Need, Wear, Read

When it comes to presents, we use this simple gift giving philosophy in our family:

Something they WANT.

Something they NEED.

Something to WEAR.

Something to READ.

This year for Lucy”s birthday we gave her:

  • Cabbage Patch Kids Surprise Newborn Twins (our little mama had been asking for these for a long time).
  • New shoes for summer.
  • A very twirly dress (Lucy”s came fromon etsy).
  • Three Little Golden Books:  Seven Little Postmen, Nurse Nancy, and Doctor Dan.

FourFleckKidsMay2013I am now the mama of a five year old, an eleven year old, a six year old, and a one year old. Wow.

Happy Birthday, my Lucinda Lu! We love you so!

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  1. I love going into the city to play as well! It is refreshing to be able to explore the cultural opportunities and architecture, just as city dwellers need to escape to open spaces from time to time.

    Also, we’ve got 2 birthdays coming up, and reading what you did will help this procrastinating parent plan better.
    Julia´s latest post: DIY Memory Stone Pen Holder for Father’s Day

    • I’m glad I could inspire you, Julia :-)
      And, yes, sometimes you just need to go where you can walk to your destination, explore culture and a different type of scenery :-)

  2. How fun! My Emma just turned 5 on Sunday as well. What an exciting time! She is my oldest, so I’m not sure what to expect next, but I am sure it will be wonderful! You can read about her celebration here
    Heather´s latest post: knitting and reading

    • Happy Birthday!
      I love the balloons everywhere – such a fun party :-)
      And, truly, how beautiful is your daughter? Adorable!

  3. Sounds like we were both pregnant at the same time at one point. My youngest just turned 5 years old also, but on May 4th. :)
    Sara´s latest post: Fun, Love, girl.

  4. That’s so neat. My oldest, Eli, just turned 5 on Sunday too!

  5. My Rosie turns 5 tomorrow. She is getting from us : Hello Kitty Umbrella (even though it will likely not rain all summer), Minnie Mouse playdough kit (girl LOVES to craft) and a game cartridge for her InnoTab. I will be sewing her and her sister new dresses for the summer and making her curtains for her room – but that was on the agenda even without a birthday.
    And for the record – that Innotab is a GREAT thing. She got it 1 1/2 years ago and still plays with it all of the time. She is currently loving the MP3 player part and loves the color pages, too. Her favorite thing is to take it out onto the porch and dance to her music. :)
    clothespin´s latest post: Upcycled Mailing Envelope Tutorial

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