Some mid-week reading: boredom, self care, elephants, and a giant carrot


Ha!  Would you look at that?  I intended to schedule some posts for this week so that I could take a little mini-blogging break but it would appear that none of my scheduled posts actually published.  (Proving once again that I know just enough about blogging to be dangerous to myself and little else).

So, because I’ve picked up a head cold during our travels and don’t really have much to share besides “pass the hot tea and the tissues please” and a few pictures from our weekend, here are some mid-week reads I think are worth pointing out on this Wednesday morning.


Boredom: The Lazy Parent’s Strategy for Inspiring Creativity by Lori of Camp Creek Blog and Project Based Homeschooling.  Initially I bristled at this, but then I thought about it and digested the words and ideas a bit, and wow there is certainly some food for thought on kids and free time and investing in their interests.  I’m certainly pondering what I actually mean by the word “boredom” now.  You don’t have to be a homeschooler to appreciate Lori’s perspective.  This is a good blog to put on your reading list as it is always thought provoking.

My friend Jamie and her family are dedicated to some pretty important work in this world, but I’ve often wondered how they talk about what they do and the Love146 organization with their children.  In this thoughtful, heartfelt post How to Talk to Your Kids About Modern Day Slavery Jamie shares how they talk to their own kids about this heartbreaking topic in an age appropriate way and she gives some ideas for talking with older kids, too.  And, there’s a great way you can help the girls in the Round Home have an entire year of learning in the post.

As someone who still fights daily to shake off the dust of her own depression, Tsh’s words in What 2 Months in Thailand and a Daily Walk have in Common were the boost I needed this week.  I’m so thankful when other people, especially mothers, share their journeys.  “I am a massive believer in self-care, and that making consistent, small choices on a regular basis makes all the difference in the world to our well-being.” YES.

On a much lighter note, these Cut and Fold Toilet Roll Elephants from The Craft Train are adorable and fairly easy and my Babar crazy preschooler just loved them!  We didn’t even paint ours, making it an even simpler craft.  Plus, I always love it when the craft supplies are easy to come by and don’t have any extra cost.


Okay, friends, I’m going to crawl back under the covers and ride out the rest of this cold.

If you’ve read something thought provoking or especially lovely this week, would you share it in the comments?  Thanks!  I hope you and your kids are having a wonderful week.


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  1. Both Jamie & Tsh’s posts have been some of my favourites this week too. I have also enjoyed this re-post on A Magical Childhood about ‘What a 4 Year Old Should Know’.
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  2. thanks so much for sharing my post, kara! :)
    Lori´s latest post: Boredom: The Lazy Parent’s Strategy for Inspiring Creativity

  3. I so appreciated Jamie’s post! As I’ve been reading her posts on the Round Home, I’ve been turning over the how-to-explain-what-when question in my mind. This post helped direct my thinking a ton.

    Feel better!
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