Mother’s Day Reminders

The following is by contributor Rae Grant of My Little Hen.

I‘ve been thinking about how I want to celebrate Mother’s Day this year. I’ve been a mom now for over a decade. While I love it, and it ranks as one of the best choices I ever made in life besides marrying my husband, I do sometimes feel that I am on the merry-go-round of life. Sometimes it’s dizzying, twirling and endlessly busy. Staying at home or going to a job, making a nice dinner or ordering take out, cleaning the house or hanging out and going for a quiet walk. No matter what walk of life we are on, we moms have so many demands and choices to make!

Celebrating Mother’s Day is a great opportunity step off the merry-go-round. It’s a chance to relax and regroup about our role as caregivers and how we choose to take care of ourselves.

Moms are on the job a 24/7. This time commitment lasts for years and for some, a lifetime. As a mom, one quickly learns that our kids take top priority and many of our own personal and long-term decisions and choices end up revolving around the needs of other people. That giving is what makes women good mothers, yet it is can also be what takes the life and fire out of motherhood.

Quite frankly, it can make a soul tired.

Sometimes, we need to stop and get off the ride. Looking around at other women I’ve watched over the years and reflecting on my own experiences as  “mom”, I came up with a simple Mother’s Day list of reminders that I wish someone had told me. They are simple, somewhat random observations but took years in the making. If you don’t mind I’d like to share them with you here, for Mother’s Day.

Take a Me Break

1. Taking a ME break from the role of mom is as important and healthy for us as it is for the entire family. Learn to recognize your limits. Many women are trained to serve and comfort. Reverse the tendency to give out and instead give in to your own interests or needs.

2. Take naps to restore yourself. My mom, who had 5 children, told this to me and I always remembered it. I still nap on the weekends when I get the time.

3. Exercise and stay fit. Long sleepless nights, years of mothering will make you tired. Nothing replenishes one’s body and spirit like exercise, fresh air and sunlight. I would love to take up dancing this year. One of my old friends just started Flamenco as a way to connect with her Spanish roots!

Photo by Gilles Larrain

4. Get a good haircut (once in awhile). Nothing makes me feel snappier than a good hairstyle. I can go months without this so it is always a treat and joy to have some style!

5. Don’t forget old friends. Although we can become entrenched in motherhood and new mom friends, our old friends who knew us before motherhood are old treasures. Stay in touch with them, meet up for coffee or a movie. Our home and family life, while most important, isn’t our only dimension.

6. Dream and wonder about yourself. Just as you would encourage your own children to imagine what they might become, give yourself that same consideration. It feels good to be dreamy!

7. Learn the pleasure of a taking time.  A simple lunch alone, or having a cup of tea by a window will do wonders for anyone who is busy and in a demanding job. Gaze and think over tea, or just relax and observe.

8. Keep a creative project on a low fire, always. There is no better focus than a creative project to return to when we have  little windows of free time. It could be a cooking project, sewing, painting, thrifting, or gardening. Creative projects help us to stay in touch with our own aspirations and keep us connected to ourselves.

9. Do take hot bubble baths. Take lots of them and often. Have on hand a wonderful bottle of aromatic bubble bath. Leave the care of the children to your husband or partner.

Photo by Deutsches Bundesarchiv

10. Breakfast in Bed. A very rare thing for me but how nice, once a year, to stay in bed and have a tray of coffee, a favorite coffee cake  and fresh fruit served to you! That’s what I’ll request this year.

So that’s my short and not so profound list. What things do you like to do to take a break from being mom?

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. These all sound fantastic! I’ve been taking the advice to nap lately. My daughter is nearly 3 and I am 8 months pregnant, so in order to try to avoid or delay my ankles swelling, I lay down on the weekends when she does. The heck with the dishes or laundry that need to be done.
    Now if I could just make time to turn a thrift store cotton bed sheet into cloth napkins, I’d be happy 🙂

    • Alicen- I’m so glad to hear you are napping. I had the BEST naps in my last month of pregnancy. When I sit down to make a sewing project I feel so happy about it!
      Maybe potato stamps will inspire you too get the napkins crafted. Good luck with you napkins. 🙂

      • I’m half blind with reading glasses…excuse the typo.

        Maybe the potato stamps will inspire you to get the napkins crafted. Good luck with your napkin project…


  2. Such a great post!!! I’m about to become a mom at the end of this month…such an excitement!!! Thank so much for these lovely advises….I’ll keep them in mind 🙂
    Larissa´s latest post: Why not make yourself feel better!

  3. This is a great post! I wrote a similar one as well. I like to have time when no one expects anything from me. It is a little easier for me as my kids are older. I am finally reaping some of the benefits of parenting!
    So important that moms TAKE time for themselves!
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  4. Napping is SO nice but lately I haven’t been able to do it (small house, 3 kids under 5). But even when the kids are a bit restless in their rooms, I try to find a nice chunk of what I think of as “stillness” — I’ll pour a glass of iced tea and go out to look at my garden and deadhead petunias, or stand in the backyard and watch the wind blow for a bit.
    Melissa D´s latest post: New client- Vera Wang!

    • Lovely post Melissa. I hope women everywhere get inspired by our suggestions! We all have this need for quiet and a little space for ourselves. We have the rest of the week to think about this!

  5. This is a fun and inspiring list to look over! I can vouch for the practical benefits of exercise and a good haircut. The latter half is flat-out inspiring and makes me excited about the life I get to live.

    Great post.
    Anne´s latest post: Princess Kate vs Disney Princesses

  6. Great post with lovely advices.Enjoy it as you want.Congrats to Mother’s Day
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  7. Anne your post is a great one. Will enjoy your other posts also. Thanks.
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