Love These Christian Bedtime Lullabies (and a BreakAway Music Giveaway, too)

The following post is by music reviewer Jennifer Brown.

This month you’ll be hearing a lot of love songs.  It’s that time of year, let’s face it:  Love is in the air!

While I hope you all take some time this month (and perhaps even more often than that) to tell the important people in your lives how much you love and appreciate them, I’m going to talk a little about another kind of love.

No matter what holiday is on the calendar or season of life we’re in, God’s love is always there for us and the details of our lives are important to Him.  One of the ways we try to remember this in our family is through some of our bedtime song collections.

We have a couple in particular that are time tested favorites that I want to share with you this month.


The first is Before I Dream:  Lord, I Love You an audio storybook that was given to us as a gift when my oldest was a baby.  There is a picture on the cover of the moon, so in our house it’s affectionately called “Moon Moon.”

We aren’t a family who is loyal to any one lullaby selection at bedtime, but once my oldest began requesting “Moon Moon” we soon became hooked.  Now, it‘s the number one played selection for our baby at bed and naptime.

This audio song and storybook is comprised of a collection of original songs and retelling of Bible stories in a format that is memorable and engaging for your preschooler.  My four-year-old is able to recount the stories he’s heard and has a familiarity with key figures in the Bible such as Samuel, Queen Esther, Moses and Daniel.

Interspersed with the stories are original songs that reinforce the stories and soothe little ones to sleep.  In fact, once my nine-month-old hears the first few lines of track one “Up and up and up Jesus went” he’s often starting to settle himself down for sleep.  So much for not picking favorites, huh?

Scriptute Lullabies

While I enjoy the story component of this album, as a mom I prefer the music of my next recommendation:  “Scripture Lullabies-Hidden in my Heart” by BreakAway Music.

The hidden in my heart concept is not original to BreakAway Music, in fact we own a similar CD called “Hide ‘Em in Your Heart Lullabies,” but it’s by far the best I’ve heard yet.

This lullaby CD is a collection of Bible verses put to music, nothing more nothing less.   However, the quality of the score and talent on the album is worth noting.  The creation of this album may have been intended as a lullaby for children, but it’s an appropriate choice for anyone looking for a peaceful, soothing reminder of God’s love.  I enjoy the serenity it brings to my ears in the midst of a hectic day.  I also appreciate that it helps our family remember key verses in Scripture which is a personal challenge for me.

Visit BreakAway Music’s website to hear samples from the album as well as download a free song!  They also make it really easy to send their music as a gift, what a wonderful way to show your kids some love this Valentine’s Day!

A Giveaway from BreakAway Music

In fact, BreakAway Music has offered to show some love to two lucky Simple Kids readers with a giveaway of this fantastic CD, Scripture Lullabies.

To Enter

To enter, just respond to this post with a comment about your family’s favorite bedtime lullabies.

Break Away Music has also generously created a 15% off discount code for Simple Kids readers: “SIMPLE2011.” I also got an insider’s tip to look for another volume of these sweet lullabies later in 2011.

This giveaway will end at 11:59pm Friday, February 11, 2011. Two readers will win. Good Luck!

About Jennifer

Jennifer, is a stay at home mom to two energetic, fun loving boys ages 6 and 2. She found a new passion in exploring great children's music after becoming a mom, which she blogs about at Swing Whistle Zing. Jennifer fancies finding quality tunes the whole family can enjoy, and dancing with her boys (both big and little) to her favorite songs that connect her to the past & keep her grounded in the present.

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  1. We used to listen to a cd called “Butterfly Kisses” at naptime/bedtime. My kids have “outgrown” it, but it still gets played on occasion.

  2. Baby Mine

  3. Rachel Addison says:

    For two of my kids its still “Twinkle, Twinkle” but the other one likes to change it up a lot.

  4. I love the sound of that second CD.

    Our favourite bedtime CD is also Scripture set to music – Songs for Saplings. We all love it and I often hear my son singing songs from it throughout the day.
    Cynthia´s latest post: Itching for spring

  5. Amber Kemp says:

    My son loves when I sing “As the Deer.” It is so special to me because my mom used to sing this to me when I was little.

  6. Carrie Cotton says:

    These sound amazing! I’ve been wanting to find some scripture to music cd’s. Our favorite bed time music is listening to Daddy strumming quietly on his guitar.

  7. I love singing Psalm 4:8 to my littles at bedtime.

  8. our favorite lullabies are “You are my Sunshine”, and songs we sing in church called “Love One Another” and “I’ll Walk With You”. I love the last two best because the song speaks of accepting, loving, helping, and being kind to others, even if they are different.
    Courtney´s latest post: half a day old

  9. I don’t have one favorite. I made a mixed CD for my daughter that included about 20 different songs, some lullabies and some just quiet songs that we like.

  10. Each of my kids have their own special lullaby that I wrote for each of them. It is my gift to them and they all love it.

  11. The songs my kids always want me to sing are usually “Sound of Music” songs, but they still love them after years of singing!
    Sarah M
    Sarah M´s latest post: Movie Review- The Kings Speech

  12. At our house, it tends to be “Jesus Loves Me” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”

  13. We love listening to Return to Pooh Corner at bedtime. 🙂

  14. Our favorite is Butterfly Kisses. Susan

  15. Anne Marie says:

    Completely off theme from this post, but we love the Rock-a-baby Smashing Pumpkins Lullaby cd. It is one of my son’s favorites.

  16. Our girls have always listened to music through the night. Now they are 8 and 5 and we have another girl on the way. They are currently listening to Anne Geddes and Celine Dion’s CD Miracle. It is beautiful. I would love the Scripture Lullabies.

  17. Before it was made so popular by Rascal Flatts, I fell in love with the song Broken Road sung by Geoffe Moore….it has been our family song for as long as we’ve been a family… its so sweet to hear tiny voices singing it!
    Hallie´s latest post: A cute collection for better eating!

  18. Our son’s favorite (he insists that it be the only song, on repeat, all night long–we have it memorized!) is Dream Angus from Putumayo’s Celtic Dreamland collection. All of their Dreamland CDs are great, we’re just wearing this one out.

  19. we don’t have any one favorite, it changes every day, but they do love You are my Sunshine and Let me call you Sweetheart, since their nicknames are SUnshine and Sweetheart.

  20. I am always looking for quiet sings to settle our kids. We love anything by Stephen Elkins, which are Bible verses to music basically! He also has simple Bible Story book that go along with the music. Our kids settle in bed with the book and listen to the music after we read together.

  21. I had a tape of songs when my girls were little the one song I remember on it was
    I’ll love you forever.
    I’d love to win this for my niece

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com
    apple blossom´s latest post: WWW Feb 09- 2011

  22. Our favorite has been the collection of songs written and sung by different Christian artists for the McCaughey septuplets. It’s called Sweet Dreams and is so precious! We would love this album too!

  23. very cool! I love music that helps my kids learn scripture!

    I actually made up a song for each of my boys – the first one happened out of necessity on a LONG car trip with a wailing 6 month old – I started singing something and it worked, so I kept going and made up the “Elias song”. Son #2 needed a song, too, so it’s not as inspired and repetitive, but it’s very sweet, too. My boys each love their songs and know the other song as well, and I’ll hear them singing along in the other bed when I’m singing one boy their special song.

  24. {amber P} says:

    Oh my, such beautiful lullaby music! If I don’t win, I will certainly buy one. We love music in our house. My 5 year old has slept every night to the Sing Over Me CD (compilation with Nicole Nordeman, Christy Nockels, Bethany Dillon, etc). Her favorite songs are How Great is Our God and Jesus Loves Me. The one song she asks me to sing to her regularly is Jesus Loves Me (all three verses).

    I love the relaxing music from this Scripture Lullaby CD. Their voices are beautiful too.

  25. This would be awesome to win. We are in a bedtime song rut. My boys (4&2) are stuck on Veggie Tales, but it’s better than nothing 😉

  26. we don’t have any right now but would love to try these!

  27. How I would love this for my little ones! We are always singing, but usually it’s hymns they can’t quite get. I’d love something a little more on their level.
    Melissa D´s latest post: Working- working- working

  28. We have several albums we’ve listened to since my first was born four years ago. For quite awhile, though, it’s been Disney songs. Sweet, soft, and instrumental. My personal favorite is “Feed the Birds.” 🙂

    I would SO love to win this album. Listening to it on the website made me cry! I am pregnant with our third child, and I think this would be an awesome CD to play during labor and delivery. What would be better than welcoming my newest babe into the world to the sound of scripture?!

    Great giveaway. Thank you.
    Sarah´s latest post: and the advantage goes to

  29. when my daughter was a newborn I would sing “Baby Mine” and Brahms Lullaby to her…nice memories!

  30. My daughter loves for me to sing to her, so I will sing lullabies I learned as a child or even make songs up for her 🙂
    Ashley´s latest post: Why Our Family Chooses Organic

  31. Dd1 loved the music from her finsher-price music projector (projects changing shapes on the ceiling/wall) when she was little. Now it could be any number of CD’s of kid songs or classics. Dd2 now uses the FP music projector. I love to put on a CD called “World Music for Little Ears” for the girls. It has music from around the World and has that simple soothing undertone that just helps them fall asleep faster. Though dd1 claims it is because she doesn’t like those songs, more likely that she doesn’t like that they make her tired.

  32. My kids love the veggie tales lullabies. We’d love to add this one to our collection.

  33. Jennifer Lind says:

    No lullabyes in our house, but I’m embarrassed to say I grew up on John Denver and sing picked a song each for my children as “their” songs – “Love is Everywhere” and “I am the Eagle”. Neither is much of a lullaby but they are great when my sons don’t want to go to bed or any time they need a little extra love or calming down. I’d love some Christian lullabies though.

  34. Jewel’s Lullaby cd. It’s so pretty, I listen to it in the car even when I’m alone!

  35. We don’t listen to lullabies at bedtime because I’ve never found any I like that well. This would be awesome to win and try out! My kids do like Patch the Pirate but they are more “daytime” songs.

  36. My daughter’s favorite is Hush Little Baby, which she calls Baby Song. But my favorite one to sing to her is You Are Mine: “Do not be afraid, I am with you. I have called you each by name. Come and follow Me, I will lead you Home. I love you and you are Mine.” 🙂

  37. We love anything by Sarah Brightman, but I’ve never heard of scripture put to lullaby… what a great concept!

  38. My favorite by far is “You Can Always Come Home” by Andrew Peterson from his Slugs, Bugs and Lullabies CD. The entire CD is so good:

  39. We love to play Chris Rice’s CD “Peace Like a River”–it is a soothing collection of hymns that we all love!

  40. We don’t use lullabyes, but i would love to add this element to our bedtime routine. Soft music lulls to sleep so nicely.

  41. My oldest likes gregorian chants. No one else can stand them but they put him right out.

  42. We sing mostly older folk songs, like the one beginning with “My pigeon house I open wide,” and the “Tender Shepherd” song from Peter Pan. I think expanding our repertoire would be excellent!

  43. Looking for various ways to teach our 3 year old grandson the love of Jesus and to “through him” reach his parents as well. We occasionally are able to take him to bible class and worship. I usually sing (totally off key but he doesn’t mind) some simple bible songs and occasionally make up other songs with him. He does sing some of them at home so I know it will have an effect on him and prayerfully on his mom and dad too. This CD would be a great addition.

  44. Bedtime music has always been hugely important in our home. Both of my girls, ages 4 and 6, listen to music as they fall asleep. We make sure to turn it off so they let their little brains rest during the night, but it is a powerful tool to give them a feeling of serenity, calm, safety, and confidence as they fall asleep. Anytime they wake up from nightmares or have that occasional fear issue; Mommy & Daddy’s loving touch, prayer, and music have given them the assurance that they are safe to go back to sleep. Our favorite collections are the Praise Baby Sleepytime Lullabies, Lullabies & Daydreams, Cedarmont Baby Loving Lullabies, Johnson’s Bedtime, and A Child’s Gift of Lullabyes.

  45. We actually sing a prayer that my husband sang as a child before bed. It begins, “Time has come for me to sleep, pray the Lord my soul to keep. Watch this night now over me, teach me more to trust in Thee.” I have heard lots of variations of it with family and friends and my kids HAVE to sing it before going to sleep. 🙂 My youngest used to stop crying almost immediately hearing that or her favourite hymn.

  46. John likes when I put my Pandora quiet music station on, but I’ve been singing Michael Card’s Barocha since he was born and he really relaxes to it after we pray.

  47. We sing Amazing Grace, This is My Father’s World, Baby Beluga, Edelweiss, and Rock-a-Bye Baby…not all on the same night, but that’s our general rotation at the moment. 🙂

  48. I love to sing the song, Jesus Tender Shepherd Hear Me. It’s a song that was sung to me when I was little!

  49. My kids like a cd that contains classical lullabies. I’ve never heard of either of the ones you mentioned. They both sound really good. Thanks for entering us in the contest.

  50. Currently we sing before bedtime, but this cd sounds great!