My New Year’s Wish for You

The following is by editor Kara Fleck.

The holiday season brings with it many opportunities for saying thank you.  During this time of year, most of us make a point to show our appreciation for gifts, yes, but also for the kind acts, thoughtfulness, time, and love given to us.

I know that some of you had really a difficult year in 2011.  While I’m so thankful for our sweet baby Mia, 2011 also takes with it some events that I’m glad to see become a part of the past.  My family faced the challenges, learned a few lessons, and now we are ready to move on.

I bet some of you are, too.

I read your emails and your blogs and some of your comments here, and I know that there are people out there hurting and thankful for the fresh start of 2012. 

Many of you suffered losses, faced challenges, and found yourselves and your families in trying circumstances.   My wish is that those of you who are hurting for it, get that fresh start.

And for those of you for who 2011 was a year of great joy and happiness, I hope that 2012 finds you with double the blessings!


In Amanda Soule’s book The Creative Family she talks about The Gratitude Alphabet, a simple exercise where you take a large piece of paper and write down the letters of the alphabet and then think of something you are thankful for for each letter.  A little silly, yes, but as Amanda writes, it … “really does make us feel more aware of how full, loved, and blessed our lives truly are.”

In that spirit, here is my New Year’s Wish for you dear readers, as a thank you for all of the ways you have made writing here at Simple Kids such a blessing to me.

My New Year’s Wish for You and Your Kids

N is for new perspective, which can help us to see our differences and our obstacles in a new light and even lead us to solutions and compromises.  Find reasons to celebrate, don’t be afraid to make mistakes (none of us is the “perfect” parent after all), learn, and let go of regrets.  It is a new year, a fresh start!

E is for encouraging imagination.  May you and your kids always find room in your daily lives for stories, funny jokes, wild and daring adventures, and thinking out of the box.   Seek out the silly, the wild, the messy.  Find delight and if you can’t find it ready and waiting for you, make it up for yourselves!

W is for wonder. May you and your children never lose your sense of wonder and even find new ways to encourage  asking, “why?” and “how?” and “do you suppose?” in 2012.

Y is for young-at-heart.  My wish is that your children keep you in touch with that playful side, that place within each of us that stays young-at-heart, no matter how many trips we’ve taken around the sun.  Get down on the floor with your kids and play lego or dolls or puzzles.  Go outside and build snowmen and sandcastles together.  Giggle and laugh and run and play and don’t be in too big of a hurry for your kids, or yourselves, to grow up.

E is for easy.  Those of you who have faced tough times, even conflicts, I hope 2012 brings some ease.  I hope you find easy moments where you once found challenges.  I hope actions that once seems difficult for you or your child come naturally in 2012 and that it is a year of break-throughs.

A is for art.  I wish for you and your kids a year of art  – art enjoyed, art made together, art experienced.  Surround yourselves with beauty and seek out the inspirational.  Personally, some of my favorite works of art involve a pack of crayons and a sheet of paper.  Create together and experience art together!

R is for rituals and remembering.  May you and your children find time to create memories and establish family traditions and rituals.  Whether a story at bedtime or a new birthday tradition or Saturday mornings at the library, may you find that rhythm that speaks to your hearts and dance to it.  These are the days to remember!

Happy New Year! May it be all you are wishing for!

About Kara

Kara Fleck is the editor of Simple Kids. She is a small town mama, writer, knitter, bookworm, and hooligan. Kara lives in Indiana with her husband Christopher and their four children Jillian, Max, Lucy, and Amelia. You can find more of her writing at

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  2. I love the perspective of using the alphabet to express your thanks. This would work really well with the kids.
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  3. A beautiful wish for the new year! No matter how old I get, I always hope to remain young at heart.

    Happy New Year!

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  4. wow- what a sweet post. thanks for the encouragement – as always!

  5. Thank you Kara. Blessings on you family as well.

  6. Lovely. Thank you!
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