Our October Books

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Ah, October, the time of year when I pull some of our favorite books off of the bookshelf and we start spending the colder days indoors, reading together on the sofa or sprawling out on the beanbag and sheepskins on the floor.  It is a good season for popcorn, apple slices, and lots of page turning.

We don’t have any Autumn piano sheet music, so I popped our current books up on the piano instead.  I’m not sure why it took me this long to figure out that this is a great way to have our seasonal books accessible, but here they are, on display and within easy reach for the kiddos.  I love how the covers are all visible, too.

I tried to set out a little bit of everything for each age and stage we have at our house right now, so we’ve got everything from board books to poetry in our October book list.


Here’s what the kids and I are reading this month:

What are you and your kids reading this month?

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  1. We aren’t reading any autumn books, but love that idea!
    My 11 year-old is reading Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, 9 year-old Martin the Warrior, 8 year old any Lego books he can get his hands on. I am reading A Million Little Ways by Emily P Freeman and Sarah’s Quilt by Nancy Turner.

  2. Great choices! In a Pumpkin Shell is one of our favorites.
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  3. Always love to find out about new book gems that we haven’t read. thanks!!!!

  4. Great choices!

    On another topic… Did you paint your piano yourself? If so, how’d you do it? You’ve probably answered that before… Sorry.

    • ah, the piano 🙂
      It was actually my Great-Aunt Ida’s and then my grandma’s (who painted it pepto bismal pink) and then my folks (I think it was painted cream right before they inherited it?) and now it belongs to us.
      I’ve actually thought about painting it again, but I sort of like the chipped spots where the pink shows through 🙂
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  5. I love the idea of putting the fall books out like that. Makes me wish I had a piano. I might need to try this with a shelf or something. Our book bin isn’t really “working” for us these days. Our nightly prayer comes from one of our fall books. Thanks for the reminder its time to rotate!

    I also like the fall themed pictures on top. Do you rotate those with the season too?

    • Thanks, Angie 🙂

      Normally on top of the piano are various art projects that the kids have done (Jillian is making a lot of 3D models with her homeschool geography program) but at the holidays, starting with Halloween, I have different framed photos of the kids from over the years. I change them out as I change out the decor.
      Kara @SimpleKids.net´s latest post: We tried it: Marker “Tie Dye”