Planting Big Gardens With the Help of Small Hands

Kid Holding Flower
The weather is crazy right about now, and I’m reinforcing my knowledge for this year’s first gardening coup upon the backyard. ¬†First I have to relocate to the opposite side of Texas, so I have several of my flower friends to dip in root hormone before down-sizing their living arrangement. ¬†Being uprooted from Houston soil and then dumped into temporary potted housing can’t be fun, but it’s better than me leaving them behind… I hope the plants eventually agree.

Anyhoo, here’s a nice list of resources I’ve found to supplement my ideas for making the garden a family affair & raising green-thumbed kids.

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  1. I am not at all an expert in gardening, but I sure hope to be some day when I actually have a yard! For now, I’ve started container gardening on mini apartment balcony. The basil and zucchini seem to be doing the best. Hopefully those tomatoes will find their rhythm soon. Good luck with the move!

  2. Hi Joan. i’m one of your followers on facebook. Although I’m sad about your blog, I absolutely understand your reasons. I also have stopped posting ( not that anyone is disappointed about that) because it took longer than I ever thought and robbed me of precious time….time with my children, my husband, and just time to do nothing (maybe even read!). Thank you and enjoy your time with your kids….they do grow fast!!

    • @leigh ann, Thanks so much. Time is seemingly charging forward more quickly every day… and I love this time I have! God bless your sweet family & have fun with those kids while they’re still all yours.

  3. Thank you for this list…I’m a newbie gardener and really want to dig into it this summer with my kids!

    I am a bit behind the times in the blogosphere these days – so please forgive my question if you’ve posted this somewhere and I’ve just missed it…are you taking a break from Simple Kids while you’ve moving/settling in or have you decided to stop posting? Either way, I really appreciate all of the time and energy you’ve put into this.

    • @Brittany, Thanks for following me on the site, but I have decided to stop posting. The blog itself lives on though!! Check out Megan’s Sorta Crunchy site & I hope you agree that she’ll do an amazing job on Simple Kids.

      Good luck with your garden!! We just planted so many new friends & I can’t wait until the seedlings & bulbs begin to flourish.