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Well hello! It’s Melitsa from Raising Playful Tots and I’m super excited that Kara has kindly let me share with you about a little project that will help you take your intentional parenting and play a positive step forward! Yeah!

We know planning works. We plan our holiday. We plan our menus. We plan our budgets. We’re a pretty intentional bunch. But what about planning our play and our family actions?

During the summer, my boys were running down their enormous list of ‘must dos’ and ‘I wish we could dos’ that you do on a warm summers day. Soon I was doing the same- all the places I wanted to take them and things I wanted to do as a family. But there was no where to really catch all these ideas and in true Star Trek – Jean Luc Picard fashion- “Make it so!”

Play is often the first thing that gets squeezed in our lives and it’s easy for the good ideas and intentions to go on the back burner if we don’t have a place to let them take shape- grow some wings and fly or wheels and roll on out!

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So became my project and the Simple Parenting and Play Planner:  bite sized planning over the year. Too much goes on in our parenting world for fixed one time planning instead a planner that becomes used regularly in the family.

Have a look inside at this digital download first edition:

Inside page of Simple Parenting and Play Planner

The Giveaway

I’m sharing this today because we’re on a blog tour and this is your chance to win a copy in a giveaway! Not just the chance here but if you visit the other blogs you can enter there as well.

How to enter:

Leave a comment on this post answering the following question – how have you been intentional in your parenting this week?

The giveaway will run from today until April 16, 2014 at midnight EST. With the winner announced here on the blog on April 17, 2014. New winner redrawn if no response within 2 days.

Want to learn more about the planner? Or to go ahead an purchase one? Get all the details here: Simple Parenting and Play Planner and don’t forget to come back and add in your entry to enter the drawing.

Mark your calendars and remember to also stop by:


About Kara

Kara Fleck is the editor of Simple Kids. She is a small town mama, writer, knitter, bookworm, and hooligan. Kara lives in Indiana with her husband Christopher and their four children Jillian, Max, Lucy, and Amelia. You can find more of her writing at

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  1. Intentional parenting today looked like letting them make their own snack-plate for dinner last night (at their request) instead of the dinner I was prepping for my husband and I. The bonus? I put that dinner off until tonight and quickly re-heated leftovers from the night before for he and I so we all had more time to spend together after dinner!

  2. I have something that I call Mommy Time that I try to spend 10 minutes a day with each child individually during the week and 20 minutes on weekend days. We have 3 children and I do spend a lot of time with ALL of them but it’s harder to make time for individual time. It really does help with behavior issues though.
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  3. With a baby it’s hard to spend time with our 12 year old. During the evening I do my best to actively listen as she talks about friends and school. I want her to know she is being heard.

  4. Isabelle says:

    I have three kids, age 4-6-7. It is not easy to find one on one time, even if they are getting older! So, I declared bath time the “do not open the door it is mommy and me time” to make sure I have time alone with each one of them, where they are relaxed so we can chat about their little lives!

  5. Cynthia I says:

    With 5 kids it is a huge challenge to make time for each of them. This week for me, I have tried harder to put down the phone and close the laptop and get on the floor with the 1 year old and read with the 5 year old. The older three (12, 10, 8) have all called for date night to start again. Time to make it part of the schedule!

  6. This week it looked like spending some extra cuddle time with my 4 year old before bed. He’s my guy that expresses love through hugs and back rubs, and he needed a little extra attention that night. It has helped me refocusing on expressing love to both my boys in small gestures that speak to their personal “love language”.

  7. I’ve been intentional in going along with my family’s after-dinner time at the beach. Often, I’ll skip that hour (walk around the block, beach time, whatever) because I feel I am too tired from the day, and the dishes need to be done, etc. but it’s so lovely to go and just be there with my family!
    Sarah M
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  8. Lindsay Partridge says:

    I have been very intentional in BIble time with my son this week. We read together every night before bed, and I’ve been consistent this week about reading with him, even when I’m tired and just want to clean up and get things done so I can go to bed!

  9. I recently created a daily schedule with my preschooler that helps him visualize the flow of each day (breakfast, get ready for the day, morning chores, “kid school”, lunch, etc…). It has helped both of us keep organized throughout the day and is a great addition to our daily routine :) He’s very excited to “check the chart” to see what comes next.

  10. My daughter, age 2, LOVES to paint. I have a new baby and three older boys, so painting is not always high on my priority list for the day. I made the time to paint with her (yes, it’s not enough to paint, she wants to WITH me) and wow, it was a wonderful time together! She was SO excited, and told her daddy all about it when he got home. She was saying how we hadn’t painted since we lived in our old house (a few months ago) and how much fun she had. It made me happy and also sad that I took so long to be intentional with her and her loves. Thank you for this giveaway…I need it!

  11. I got up early this morning and spent some time sipping tea, reading the Bible, and eating a good breakfast. Even though it doesn’t directly relate to parenting, it helps me be more intentional when I’ve had that time to prepare for the day before the kids are up. Of course, it helped that they all slept in this morning!

  12. Krista Vossler says:

    Intentional Parenting this week: Integrating a few maps into our time with out of town guests. Keeping Sabbath. But I’m still so new at this and I am not that great at being intentional AND flexible. So your planner would definitely help me with this. I love planning but need help with the framework.

  13. Christine Veldman Miller says:

    I have been really working on dropping MY agenda and listening to my kids needs instead of just reacting.

  14. Heather says:

    Despite how rushed my mornings usually are, I have been trying to take time to have a good snuggle with each kids before they get on the bus. It calms me and puts them in such a happy place that it is more than worth the earlier wake up time for me.

  15. Jessica says:

    This is definitely something I’m working on, especially with a newborn arriving in a few weeks!

  16. just slowing down & focusing 100% attention when they ask me something

  17. Charissa says:

    I just finished a book (The Gravel Drive by Kirk Martin) that filled me with a strong, unshakeable reminder to love and cherish my kids every day! In the past couple of days I’ve tried to study their faces more, really listen to them when they’re talking to me, and just live in the moment more.

  18. Intentional parenting to me this week is carving out time with my eldest 8 year old to go on a date. Nothing terribly exciting, but it’s amazing just how much you can talk about when there is no competition for attention. :)

  19. Sally Bacon says:

    This week I have been more intentional in thinking about and decreasing the amount of time I use my smartphone for things other than a phone call. I realized I was looking at my smartphone constantly throughout the day. My daughter, who is 4, noticed. I have challenged myself to put my phone in a drawer during the day and to use the time to really focus on interactions wih my kids.

  20. i have pre made dinners a few nights so that i could spend that time reading with my son instead. since he learned how to read, i haven’t spent as much time doing that with him, and i want to get back into the habit!

  21. We just finished spring break which was full of intentional activities. We created all sorts of fun memories from choosing which day to go to the park, to visiting the children’s museum twice, and we even spent a day at the local amusement park. We’ve carried that over this week as I’ve set aside time each afternoon to play with the kids after school. Today the 5 year old learned to ride a bike without training wheels! So much fun to see that happen for her.

  22. I have the best of intentions in being intentional, but definitely an area with lots of room for growth. This week…I declined an offer for a “mommy” playdate in order to give my daughter some one-on-one time. I am learning to say ‘no’ more and keeping time during the week that is “just ours”.

  23. Intentional parenting this week was challenging because everyone at my house has been fighting illness. I’ve been challenged to be intentional about playing with my 18 month old and showing him new things like blocks and crayons.

  24. I have intentionally put my little guys exploration of the outdoors top priority. We gather up our tools: net, magnifying glass, bucket, sand, shovel and binoculars. He’s two and a half and absolutely responds very positively to nature. Last spring it was all about the garden. These nature days have been both bonding time and leaving all the gadgets behind. Now we barely have any screen time.

  25. I’m trying to make sure I spend quality time with my daughter.
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