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My friend Tsh is hosting Project Simplify this year over at Simple Mom.  The timing is perfect for me.  The spring sunshine is revealing all the dust and dirt and I’m itchy to whip things into shape around here.

Project Simplify on Simple Mom

This week’s challenge is drawers and shelves. 

I may have bitten off more than I can chew this week, but I’m already working with a lovely group of friends on facebook as we spring clean and this week I’m in our homeschool room/library/home office.

In other words, tackling the shelves and drawers this week is exactly what I need to be doing.

Note:  slow and steady wins the race and there is no way I’ll finish this in just one day.  So, look for this post to be updated with photos as the week goes along.  My plan is to set my timer and tackle these shelves fifteen minutes at a time.


My husband pitched in by adding some more shelving to our space.  We love those cubby style shelves and have added new layers every couple of years.  Recently they went on sale ($35 at Target) so we finally completed them all the way to our ceiling. They are anchored to the wall.

On Sunday, Christopher added some shelves for my binders, which are too large for the cubbies and now it was up to me to organize and declutter (no small task!)

Here’s the progress I was able to make on Sunday afternoon and Monday:



It is still looking frightful, but I am slowly but surely getting things organized in here and I’m sorting through quite a bit, too.  Can you spy my littlest helper?

Stay tuned …

4/13/13 – And here is my progress at the end of the week:



As you can see, I’ve still got some areas to deal with in this room, but just getting the shelves done made a major difference!  For thing, that black filing cabinet is no longer full (most items were decluttered or organized in binders that are now on the shelves) and so can be put to use in another part of the house or passed on to someone else who could use it.

The shelves were completely sorted and we even have a few empty cubbies, though I’m sure we will fill them in no time at all.  There’s always room for more books, right?

Overall, I’d call this first week of Project Simplify a smashing success!  Bring on week two!

Head over to Simple Mom to join in with Project Simplify 2013. Here’s to simple spring cleaning!

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  1. Nice shelves. I am also going to organize my shelves and drawers. Thanks :)

  2. I’ve been thinking about stacking my target cubby shelves. Have you felt good about stability? Are they hard to stack?
    Sarah´s latest post: February “Twitterature” and Assorted Updates

    • Sarah, I do feel good about their stability, although I also have pretty firm rules about climbing since I know nothing is fail safe 😉
      The shelves are anchored to the wall at every level and they are wedged in pretty tight with not much clearance at the ceiling, as well.
      I have dreams of owning a library ladder on a track and filling the whole room with shelves, but that could be a delusion of grandeur :-)
      Kara´s latest post: Project Simplify: Drawers and Shelves

  3. Great shelves! I’m a crafter and my project for the month is to organize all my supplies into plastic bins. These shelves would be perfect for all the instruction books and tutorials that I just can’t part with.
    Christina´s latest post: Discover Redwood Swing Sets For Your Backyard

  4. I love the way the shelves look going all the way to the ceiling! That would be a great option for me to help organize arts & crafts materials and books to keep kids stuff lower and the things I don’t necessarily want them getting into on their own out of reach.
    Alyssa Crowder´s latest post: Project Simplify: My Kitchen Junk Drawer

  5. The project is coming along great! I looked at the shelves online and torn between those and the Ikea Expedit system. The Target reviewers mentioned they didn\’t feel that strong, especially for kid stuff or books. What are your thoughts?
    Emily @Random Recycling´s latest post: Create a Craft Cabinet for Project Simplify

  6. Good drawers and shelves you make it for the put books and nice managing the books in this drawers.
    Rose´s latest post: SEI Mirage Mirrored Accent Table


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