Rae Grant Interview and Books Giveaway

Author Rae Grant is one of the writers I feel lucky to work with as part of the wonderful team of contributors who volunteer their time here at Simple Kids.

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Rae Grant also happens to be one of my nine year old daughter Jillian’s favorite authors.  We own her books Cooking Fun, Crafting Fun, and Homemade Fun and all three get lots of use at the Fleck house.  Rae’s buttermilk pancakes are a Sunday morning tradition and Jillian is currently going through a paper crafting phase, decorating our house for Christmas.  These books don’t spend much time on the bookshelf, to be sure!

I have two treats for you today.  The first is the interview Rae graciously gave to Jillian.  The second is that Rae is generously giving one Simple Kids reader a chance to win all three of her books!


An Interview with Rae Grant

Jillian: At our house, we like your snickerdoodle cookies. We make them a lot. We call them “Rae Grant cookies.” Do you have a favorite kind of cookie?

Rae: Thank you Jillian, that’s the best compliment! Hmm, my favorite cookie… I think around Christmas time it is Snowballs, also know as Russian Teacakes. Have you ever made them? I can send you and your mom my recipe if you’d like. (Kara’s note: yes, please!)

Jillian and her paper bead necklace

You have a lot of neat ideas for kids for all times of year. What do you like to make for Christmas and Winter?

I can’t wait for December to arrive so I can start making simple crafts to decorate our house for the holidays. I love to sit around the table with my family and friends and make paper chains, fancy and simple, and lots of paper snowflakes. I also love to make cookies and popcorn balls.

I am learning how to sew. Did you learn to sew as a kid or as a grown up? Who taught you?

I started to hand sew when I was a Camp Fire Girl. My mom was also a very good sewer and she set up a sewing room where we kids could go and use her sewing machine. We learned a lot on our own that way, but we always had her around to ask for help when we got stuck.

Do you ever have ideas that don’t work for crafts or recipes? I have them a lot and then I have think of new ideas to make it work. What do you do when that happens?

Oh boy, yes sometimes that happens. Take my chocolate pudding recipe in Cooking Fun. I can make that recipe several times over and it is always perfect and then suddenly it just doesn’t thicken in the same way. I try to go back over the steps to see what I might have done incorrectly. Sometime that just happens. We usually eat the pudding anyway since it tastes good.

When I’m starting a craft project, I have to be sure to read the direction a few times before starting. That helps me to get a picture in my head about what I think it will look like. If a step doesn’t make sense, I try to make the same thing several times, like a paper snowflake, until I get it. Once I get it, then I can make the project just the way I want it to look. Sometimes I still ask for help from someone who knows a little more than me. I like to craft with a friend so we can share ideas and help each other.

I am reading Little House on the Prairie. What was your favorite book as a kid?

Hands down, my favorite book was Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I think I loved all the delicious food descriptions and of course since I was a horse crazy girl, I love that Almanzo Wilder had a colt of his very own. Have you read that book?

It is snowing here today. When you get a snow day, what do you like to do?

When we get a snow day in New York City, we like to sled ride in Central Park, the big wooded park in New York City. The park has great hills for sledding and all the children run to the park with their sleds to celebrate the snow. Of course, some of the parent don’t sled down the hills and scream like crazy but I’m one of those parents who will do that. I like to feel like a kid as much as I’m allowed. We also like to make hot chocolate on snowy days.

Thank you for letting me interview you, Rae. I love your books! xoxo – Jillian, age 9

Thank you Jillian!! I’m so glad to hear from you. It makes me happy to know kids who love to use my books…Merry Christmas!

More Rae Grant

The Giveaway

One lucky Simple Kids reader is going to win a copy of Cooking Fun, Crafting Fun, and Homemade Fun from Rae Grant! Please note: today’s giveaway is open to readers in the USA or Canada only.  Thank you.

To Enter

Leave a comment answering this question: What is your favorite thing to do on a snow day?

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Kara Fleck is the editor of Simple Kids. She is a small town mama, writer, knitter, bookworm, and hooligan. Kara lives in Indiana with her husband Christopher and their four children Jillian, Max, Lucy, and Amelia. You can find more of her writing at KElizabethFleck.com.

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  1. Sara Lester says:

    I subscribed to Rae’s blog.

  2. I love to sit inside under a cozy blanket with a cup of hot chocolate… and I thought I was so original 🙂 My children are still small so they don’t last long outside… so pretty soon they make their way back inside and we read and cuddle together.
    Thanks for offering this great givaway!

  3. On a snowy day, I like to cuddle with my daughter and watch the snow softly fall. I used to work more during the day and missed moments like these. I am so grateful to be able to stop and enjoy nature. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Go outside! Either skiing, walking, and building snowpeople. Afterward, we come inside and have hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows.

  5. Snow day? Exactly what we’re doing today: a fire, hot chocolate, and all the books we can read!!
    Rachael´s latest post: a jumble

  6. Christina W says:

    I love cooking & baking on a cold snowy day! Helps warm up the house too!

  7. Sarah Gainey says:

    Snow days are for making hot cocoa from scratch and cuddling up under a quilt with a good book, in this Floridian transplanted to Pennsylvania’s opinion! My husband however, would be the first person to dive in and make a snow angel : )

  8. Sarah Gainey says:

    I subscribed to My Little Hen on my google reader : )

  9. after playing outside, we like to snuggle under blankets in front of the woodstove w/a mug of carob cocoa and a board game or book!
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  10. Christina W says:

    Just subscribed to the blog feed! Thanks for the giveaway. These books look great!

  11. Sleighing and hot chocolate from the crock pot!

  12. Like everyone else, we love to play in the snow for as long as we can stand it, and then head back inside for hot chocolate. Living in Texas though, we don’t get as many of those kind of days as we would like! Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. I love to work a jigsaw puzzle and drink hot chocolate!

  14. winter, snow and books all go good together.

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway these books sound wonderful. I’d love to win

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  15. I’ve only had one snow day with my cousins in Colorado. We had hot chocolate. It was fun.

  16. subscribed to Little Red Hen
    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  17. Make hot chocolate to warm us up after playing outside. Snow days are rare, so they are extra special!

  18. Adella Santo says:

    We don’t get snow days here in Southern California. But I wish we did. In my make believe world I would make hot coco, snuggle up with my kids and pull out a great read a loud by a fire. Traditional.

  19. Our favorite thing to do on a snow day is to first get bundled up and go outside, have a snowball fight, catch snow on our tongues, make snow angels, and then drink hot chocolate outside talking about all the wonderful thins about snow, such as the taste, the color, the softness, and how different our world looks covered in snow. When we go in we make our own snowflakes and talk about how every single snowflake is different. We read books on snow and snowflakes, talk about the clothes you wear in the snow and the things you can do in the snow :o) My daughter loves to learn so we make those days a fun filled adventure in learning and beauty. Thanks for the great contest!
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  20. We love to have tea parties (they’re simple, but just calling it a ‘tea party’ makes it special!) On snowy days, though, we have hot chocolate parties!
    Thanks for the fun giveaway, and great interview!

  21. our favorite thing is making snow angels, and then hot cocoa with marshmallows!

  22. i’m following little hen and now have some MUCH needed christmas decorating ideas!
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  23. WOW Great books!!! I love to go skiing on a snow day! (or sledding or ice skating, etc.)

  24. i subscribed! (at least I think I did!!!! :)) Thanks!!!!

  25. We will squeezable bottle with water and food coloring and go outside to paint in the snow.

  26. I love to curl up with my kids, a warm cup of chai and either watch a Christmas movie or read some Christmas themed books. It is snowing right now, so that might end up being my afternoon!
    Great giveaway, I would love to win those books!

  27. On a snow day, I love to bake. Muffins or bread or rolls, then for dinner, something hearty like stew or lasagna! The kids and I love to read books on snow days, too. The kids get bundled up to go outside, and when they come in, I love to warm them up with hugs and hot cocoa, even though my youngest only wants the hot cocoa for the marshmallows that go with it!

  28. What a wonderful opportunity for your daughter to interview an author! Good Stuff! On a snowy day, my favorite part is the Hot Cocoa, Fire, and Cuddles after we’ve been outside! ;o)

  29. canuck_grad says:

    Go outside in the AM – shovel the driveway, play in the snow, etc. Come back in for hot chocolate, warm soup for lunch. Then cuddles and a nap in the afternoon.

  30. I subscribed to My Little Hen … thanks for referring! It’s such a cute site … I think I’ll be referring to her projects a lot! 🙂

  31. Our favorite thing to do on a snowy day is play card games and drink hot chocolate and hot apple cider.

  32. Oh how I would lve to have a snowy day! We like to make a big pot of soup… watch Christmas movies and read good books… if it snows enough we like to make snow icecream!!

  33. I subscribd to her blog too!

  34. The crunch of my snowboots is the best sound on a snowy day. The smell of wood fireplaces warming houses. The sight of a bird resting in a snow covered tree. The feel of my wool scarf on my cheeks. And the taste of hot chocolate when I return home. The best parts of a snowy day.

  35. I love to snuggle on the couch with a soft blanket and a good book, and watch the snow fall outside!

  36. And, I subscribed!

  37. Fantastic interview Jillian! Snow days happen so rarely here that we spend most of our time playing in the snow or inside watching it fall….much more beautiful than rain!
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  38. We love to cuddle under covers and read or tell stories!

  39. I subscribed to My Little Hen!

  40. I like to sit under a blanket drink hot chocolate and read all day. Susan

  41. I subscribes to her blog. Susan

  42. Sleep!

  43. We love to go sledding at our neighborhood park, build snowmen and make snowangels – then coming in to have a cup of hot chocolate!

  44. Well, we live in TX and don’t see snow very often so we go out in play in it!

  45. No snow days here in Southern California. However, we do manage a few cold, rainy days and we spend those in comfy pajamas reading and playing games and then going outside in our rain gear and playing in the puddles.

  46. Rose in Ohio says:

    I love to cook anything that will steam up the kitchen windows! And then make snow cream!

  47. christy schlegel says:

    I love to go sledding or make snowmen. My children love the snow too! Growing up in the midwest I remember many winters with snow to our rooftops. My children (we now live in Seattle) will never experience that, but I love when they get a little taste of the magic that is snow!!!!

  48. Well, since we have to drive 4 hours to get a snow day, I love being outside with my family. Being pulled by a sled with our dog, building with my girls, catching snowflakes on our tongues and just simply being in awe. Mother earth is so magical and beautiful!

  49. We love to go play in the snow and then go inside and drink hot cocoa and snuggle under blankets and watch a movie. If it is really bad out we will sit and watch the snow fall.

  50. Ohhh these look wonderful! On a snowday I love to bundle up the kids and go build a snowman, then come inside and get cozy baking some cookies or cake.