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Author Rae Grant is one of the writers I feel lucky to work with as part of the wonderful team of contributors who volunteer their time here at Simple Kids.

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Rae Grant also happens to be one of my nine year old daughter Jillian’s favorite authors.  We own her books Cooking Fun, Crafting Fun, and Homemade Fun and all three get lots of use at the Fleck house.  Rae’s buttermilk pancakes are a Sunday morning tradition and Jillian is currently going through a paper crafting phase, decorating our house for Christmas.  These books don’t spend much time on the bookshelf, to be sure!

I have two treats for you today.  The first is the interview Rae graciously gave to Jillian.  The second is that Rae is generously giving one Simple Kids reader a chance to win all three of her books!


An Interview with Rae Grant

Jillian: At our house, we like your snickerdoodle cookies. We make them a lot. We call them “Rae Grant cookies.” Do you have a favorite kind of cookie?

Rae: Thank you Jillian, that’s the best compliment! Hmm, my favorite cookie… I think around Christmas time it is Snowballs, also know as Russian Teacakes. Have you ever made them? I can send you and your mom my recipe if you’d like. (Kara’s note: yes, please!)

Jillian and her paper bead necklace

You have a lot of neat ideas for kids for all times of year. What do you like to make for Christmas and Winter?

I can’t wait for December to arrive so I can start making simple crafts to decorate our house for the holidays. I love to sit around the table with my family and friends and make paper chains, fancy and simple, and lots of paper snowflakes. I also love to make cookies and popcorn balls.

I am learning how to sew. Did you learn to sew as a kid or as a grown up? Who taught you?

I started to hand sew when I was a Camp Fire Girl. My mom was also a very good sewer and she set up a sewing room where we kids could go and use her sewing machine. We learned a lot on our own that way, but we always had her around to ask for help when we got stuck.

Do you ever have ideas that don’t work for crafts or recipes? I have them a lot and then I have think of new ideas to make it work. What do you do when that happens?

Oh boy, yes sometimes that happens. Take my chocolate pudding recipe in Cooking Fun. I can make that recipe several times over and it is always perfect and then suddenly it just doesn’t thicken in the same way. I try to go back over the steps to see what I might have done incorrectly. Sometime that just happens. We usually eat the pudding anyway since it tastes good.

When I’m starting a craft project, I have to be sure to read the direction a few times before starting. That helps me to get a picture in my head about what I think it will look like. If a step doesn’t make sense, I try to make the same thing several times, like a paper snowflake, until I get it. Once I get it, then I can make the project just the way I want it to look. Sometimes I still ask for help from someone who knows a little more than me. I like to craft with a friend so we can share ideas and help each other.

I am reading Little House on the Prairie. What was your favorite book as a kid?

Hands down, my favorite book was Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I think I loved all the delicious food descriptions and of course since I was a horse crazy girl, I love that Almanzo Wilder had a colt of his very own. Have you read that book?

It is snowing here today. When you get a snow day, what do you like to do?

When we get a snow day in New York City, we like to sled ride in Central Park, the big wooded park in New York City. The park has great hills for sledding and all the children run to the park with their sleds to celebrate the snow. Of course, some of the parent don’t sled down the hills and scream like crazy but I’m one of those parents who will do that. I like to feel like a kid as much as I’m allowed. We also like to make hot chocolate on snowy days.

Thank you for letting me interview you, Rae. I love your books! xoxo – Jillian, age 9

Thank you Jillian!! I’m so glad to hear from you. It makes me happy to know kids who love to use my books…Merry Christmas!

More Rae Grant

The Giveaway

One lucky Simple Kids reader is going to win a copy of Cooking Fun, Crafting Fun, and Homemade Fun from Rae Grant! Please note: today’s giveaway is open to readers in the USA or Canada only.  Thank you.

To Enter

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Kara Fleck is the editor of Simple Kids. She is a small town mama, writer, knitter, bookworm, and hooligan. Kara lives in Indiana with her husband Christopher and their four children Jillian, Max, Lucy, and Amelia. You can find more of her writing at KElizabethFleck.com.

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  1. sip hot cocoa… watch a christmas movie with a view of the snow falling outside. maybe venture out and on a walk 🙂
    Courtney´s latest post: new baby girl

  2. i subscribed!
    Courtney´s latest post: new baby girl

  3. Snow days involve running around in snow first. And some sledding. Then warm drinks, snuggles, and books. Then some fun things like maple snow candy. And then more drinks, snuggles and either books or movies

  4. “Happy Holidays!” First thing my children and I do on snowy morning is head
    outside for some sledding, snowman and angel making and making forts.
    Then, we warm up inside with hot cocoa and soup. Then, it is time for indoor
    fun…Crafts, family movie, reading, etc.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  5. Also, I follow Rae Grant’s feed via my Google Reader Page!
    Again, many thanks to you…Cindi

  6. My favorite thing to do on a snow day is curl up on the sofa with the cat, a mug of tea or cocoa, and a long, delicious novel.

  7. Totally love some hot chocolate…especially after coming in from shoveling snow!

  8. we love to bundle up, play in the snow, and then come back inside for hot chocolate and a movie, cuddled under blankets
    Courtney´s latest post: I will

  9. I subscribed to Rae’s blog
    Courtney´s latest post: I will

  10. Inside, I love curling up under quilts and reading. Outside, I like to stomp around in my boots and make cracks in the snow!

  11. I love to stay in my pajamas, have picnics with my girls, drink hot chocolate and build a roaring fire in our fireplace.
    Monica´s latest post: Snowed In

  12. When I taught in public school, I loved snow days! I’d walk to the library, book store, and coffee shop and enjoy the quiet. Now I teach at home and miss those days! (Can’t figure out how to justify closing for a snow day when I don’t have to drive anywhere!)
    Lise´s latest post: Yarn Along 5

  13. Snuggle with hot cocoa, of course! Maybe watch a good movie, too, but definitely read a good book!

  14. I love to go play outside on a snowday! =)

  15. Drink hot cocoa with whipped cream while reading a book or knitting by the fire.

  16. Go outside and play with kids!

  17. We love to take a walk through the forest trails to see everything covered in fresh snow!

  18. We LOVE snow days, and aside from the obvious *playing* in the snow, we love to cuddle up and read the tons and tons of books we have on hand. And once my little ones are occupied with reading on their own, I like to pick up my knitting needles and do a few rows!
    Sarah M

  19. we would love to own rae’s books! thanks for the opportunity! 😉
    rae´s latest post: handmade holidays- childrens edition

  20. if its the first snowday in awhile, i love to go out and build a giant snowman. if we’re snowed in (which happens very easy in washington) i love to stay in and play a game of monopoly with my family.
    Megan W.´s latest post: the day that i thought was going to be really awful- but actually turned out to be quite good

  21. i subscribed to rae’s blog. looks fab!
    Megan W.´s latest post: the day that i thought was going to be really awful- but actually turned out to be quite good

  22. I love cuddling up on the couch with my family.

  23. Play in the snow and watch family movies!

  24. I like to snuggle up with a blanket and a good book. But if my son has his way, there will be at least one snowball fight!

  25. I happily became a subscriber to her blog. Love the ideas she has posted!

  26. My favorite thing to do on a snowday is to go sledding and then warm up with a big mug of hot cocoa!

  27. I love to curl up on the couch with a good book and a cup of hot tea

  28. Drink hot chocolate with my red-cheeked boys!
    Missy K´s latest post: Behind the Doors

  29. I subscribed to Rae’s blog using Google Reader.
    Missy K´s latest post: Behind the Doors

  30. i love to bake on a snowy day.

  31. i subscribed! glad I did, too. I know I’ll get some inspiration.

  32. No snow days here in Florida, but when it is cold outside I enjoy drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows 🙂

  33. I live in California so we really don’t have snow days…but on a rainy or cold day we love to bake!!! Anything & everything…we just bake,bake,bake!

  34. Go play in it…THEN, hot cocoa (with LOTS of little marshmallows), snuggle in & read lots of books!
    brookiej´s latest post: snack time

  35. We don’t have too many snow days around here, but when we do, we definitely head outside to make the most of it. Then, back inside to warm up with soup and cider.
    Cara´s latest post: a birthday and a bit of christmas crafting

  36. My girls and I love to play in the snow: sledding, making snow people and snow animals, looking for tracks. They we come back inside for hot chocolate, reading winter books, and making paper snowflakes.

  37. Oh my goodness – I have two craft-crazy little girls and these books look awesome!!

    On a snow day here….it’s a pretty huge celebration. We live in NC, right by the NC/SC state line, so snow doesn’t happen here too often. Ice storms, occasionally. Snow, not so much. I grew up in Iowa and LOVED all the snow. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons and I sure do miss having a couple feet of snow and negative temps. Seriously! But when it does snow here, my husband and two girls and I get all suited up in our winter gear and go out and play, play, play. Snow men, snow balls, finding icicles, making tracks and looking for tracks… We stay out as long as the girls are able!

  38. Love Rae’s blog! I subscibed.

  39. My favorite thing to do on a winter day is curl up by the woodstove and watch the snow coming down and read to my kids.

  40. Snowdays… sledding, hot cocoa, baking something, snow angels, snowshoeing, and I’m hoping to add cross country skiing to the list once Christmas comes.

    Also I tried to subscribe to Rae’s blog, but got a page of script.

  41. We don’t have snow days where we live, but as a child I did get to enjoy a few of them. My siblings and I always enjoyed spending a little extra time with our mom, helping in the kitchen, and reading books.
    Amanda´s latest post: Place-based community

  42. I like to take pictures of my kids playing in the snow, but I like to be warm and toasty in the house even more.
    Danyelle´s latest post: Happy Holidays

  43. Our favorite thing to do is go snowshoeing! We go out after a good snow and make a new trail, sometimes going over frozen streams. Then it’s back home for peppermint hot cocoa. I’m keeping my fingers crossed we get our first snow of the season tonight!

  44. Crossing my fingers!

  45. Our favorite things to do on a snow day are bake cookies and have a tea party
    Lisa´s latest post: Eco Friendly Ways to Freshen Up the Fabric in Your Home

  46. I always loved to build a snowman and then come in for hot chocolate with my mom. We live it Texas now – my kids are pretty unfamiliar with the concept 🙁

  47. My favorite thing to do on a snow day is bake!

  48. a snow day…hmmm…we don’t have those here! 🙁 But when it’s rainy, there is nothing better than board games, popcorn and cocoa!
    priest’s wife´s latest post: Random Thoughts 7 Quick Takes

  49. Hot cocoa, sitting in front of the fireplace and playing lots of games.

  50. Trish White says:

    Have an indoor picnic right by the windows!