Scientifically Terrific: They Might Be Giants

The following is by music reviewer Jennifer Brown.

School is officially in.  For many of you, you’ve been in back-to-school mode for so long it no longer has that new pencil smell or feel.   If you need something to shake up your school days a little, then look no further than one of my favorite bands whose educational lyrics had me hooked way back at my first review:  They Might Be Giants.

Their latest release for children Here Comes Science was on my wish list for 2010, and it’s proven to be a terrific addition to our music collection! They Might Be Giants doesn’t disappoint with their brain powering lyrics.  This album’s collection of songs set out to expound our knowledge about the world of science.

If you’re science knowledge is a little rusty (like mine) this musical collection will get you back in the groove with songs like Meet the Elements, Photosynthesis, Roy G. Biv (remember him? red, orange, blue) and Solid Liquid Gas.  They even address some “modern” science issues (like since you were in high school) important to this generation of child scientists like Electric Cars and How Many Planets?—you know there’s only eight now, right?

Wide Appeal

Some of our readers have asked about music for older kids, and I can definitely recommend this collection for kids as old as middle school.  Anyone who’s studying the topics covered by Here Comes Science could benefit from a little musical memory building, and it doesn’t hurt that this band consistently makes music for kids that appeals to adults too.

One note to consider, this is a science album and therefore includes a wide range of topics including the theory of evolution.  If your kids are at an age or stage where you would prefer not to delve into that subject, you might wish to pick and choose which songs you add to your collection (namely skipping Science is Real and My Brother the Ape).

Companion DVD

Like Here Come the 123s there is a companion DVD that goes along with this album.  My recommendation on They Might Be Giants videos stands—review them for yourself and see if it suits your family’s taste.  Check them out on the band’s official website.

Now, get out your test tubes and get scientifically inspired with Here Comes Science.

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What are you and your kids listening to these days?

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Jennifer, is a stay at home mom to two energetic, fun loving boys ages 6 and 2. She found a new passion in exploring great children's music after becoming a mom, which she blogs about at Swing Whistle Zing. Jennifer fancies finding quality tunes the whole family can enjoy, and dancing with her boys (both big and little) to her favorite songs that connect her to the past & keep her grounded in the present.

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  1. We are big fans of TMBG. We play them all the time in the background. Infact we have to remember to switch out the CD to get some variety in. lol.
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  2. We’re huge fans of TMBG, both at home and as a science teacher. I’m blown away at how well they fit concepts into catchy songs without oversimplifying it. ‘Meet the Elements’ or ‘How the Sun Really Shines’ are beautiful examples with concepts I usually teach in middle school.
    Deb´s latest post: Kid Question- Why are Daddies Bigger Than Mummies

  3. We’re huge TMBG fans, so we were thrilled when our daughter fell in love with them as well. I just cannot enthuse about this band enough.
    Amy´s latest post: In which I catch up

  4. We love TMBG too! We have this CD/DVD and my 7 y/o loves to watch the videos and sing the songs. It really is a fabulous combo.
    Alicia´s latest post: Seven steps to ending a meltdown

  5. Myriam Siftar says:

    My daughter (7.5) LOVES this CD and the DVD. We also have the “No!” CD. Another recommendation is “My Changing Planet”
    And a favorite of mine when preparing dinner: JAzz for Kids.

  6. I love They Might Be Giants. I will have to put this CD on the Christmas list!
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  7. Age or stage where you don’t want to talk about evolution? Huh? If you want your kid to learn about science, I really hope you include evolution. It’s a rather important concept. The most important one in biology, IMHO. What a great way to introduce it– great music for great conversations!

  8. We borrowed this CD from the library and really enjoyed most of it. However, as a religious person who thinks science and religion can happily coexist (and who has no problem with evolution), I was disappointed in the lyrics on the first track, “Science is Real”: “I like the stories about angels, unicorns, and elves…but when I’m seeking knowledge…the facts are with science. Science is real.” Too bad they had to take a gratuitous jab at religion in an otherwise great album.


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