September 25th: SK Showcase and Weekend Links

I’m curious to hear if any of you in the SK community participated in Turnoff Week.  I can’t say we completely turned the screens in our home off this week, but we did cut way, way back on TV and computer time.  Watching my girls spend more time at the table coloring and creating and more time in the playroom making up games challenged me to consider that we don’t “need” the TV and computer time in the ways I thought we did!

This week’s Showcase comes from Julia of Julia Janzen.  She wrote:

Here’s a little something I did with my 3 year old this summer: Photojournalism for Toddlers.

Katie – the photojournalist


Her view of daisies


Julia explains, “It got us outside, we were able to appreciate some really beautiful trees, plants and neighborhood in general.  If you don’t have a camera for your child you could always buy a little one use camera, or a little more on the green side, buy a used camera at a yard sale, or thrift shop.   For a little older kids I think it would be a lot of fun at birthday parties or family gatherings to give kids cameras and just let them go for it!”

Thanks for sharing this practical way to introduce little ones to the art of photography, Julia!

And now, your (fall-inspired) weekend reading:

Simply Practical

The Mother Load: 5 Quick Dinners for Busy Weeknights (fall tends to bring a flurry of activity to families, doesn’t it?)

Simply Delicious

Under the High Chair: 7 Inspiring Recipes for the Thanksgiving Table
Playful Learning: Apple Picking, Apple Recipes & Apple Inspiration

Inspired Projects

maya*made: nature crowns and cuffs
red bird crafts: finding fall box: remake
Ordinary Life Magic: Crow Puppets

Inspired Images

SouleMama: the colors this season

Inspired Words

Brain, Child: Two Hearts Beat as One (okay, so this may not exactly be autumn-inspired, but I adore Catherine Newman and her writing, and I had to slip this in.  And it is in the Fall 2009 issue of Brain, Child, so that counts, right?)

Next week is Free-Range Kids week here at Simple Kids!  I am looking forward to your thoughts!

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  1. Thanks so much for the link, Megan!
    Happy fall!
    xo emily