Simple As That: Inviting Stillness


I had something else entirely planned for Simple As That today.  I changed that plan when I read Leo Babauta’s article Be Still this morning at Zen Habits.  Leo writes:

We are always on, always connected, always thinking, always talking. There is no time for stillness — and sitting in front of a frenetic computer all day, and then in front of the hyperactive television, doesn’t count as stillness.

This comes at a cost: we lose that time for contemplation, for observing and listening. We lose peace.

Summer means many things for family: camps and camping, swimming lessons and wading pools, exciting travel and quiet appreciation of home.  If we don’t actively invite stillness into the days of summer, even the lazy days of summer can become crowded with noise.

Today, take a moment to seek out stillness and invite reflective quiet into the day.  Model this for your children and encourage them to spend a moment or two of quiet, thoughtful stillness.  Do the same thing tomorrow and the day after.  Pursuing peace is a priority driven by intention, and the reward is always worth it.

How and when will you be still today?

photo courtesy of kevindooley

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  1. The twins wanted to watch a movie today after lunch since it’s raining and our bike ride is out. I said let’s read some stories. So before we read I think we will just sit a spell and watch the rain out the window. Great post! I could use a few moments of quiet to think.

    Rana’s last blog post..Menu Plan Monday

  2. I’ve been seriously evaluating how I spend my time and the time my family is home here this summer. Thanks for posting such a relevant challenge! I mentioned it on my blog post today.

    Amy’s last blog post..The Importance of Self Evaluation

  3. I’m finally sitting down to take a deep breath. It’s amazing what you notice when you stop. I’m listening to the attic fan and feeling the cool breeze across my face. It was a crazy day. Thank you for bringing me back to myself.

    turnitupmom’s last blog post..Cultivate Creativity: Stamp Sets Giveaway

    • @turnitupmom, sometimes I don’t know when I need stillness more – at the beginning of what i know will be a busy day, or at the end when I am desperate for calm instead of chaos. Well, it occurs to me as I write that that this isn’t an either/or question. I need to create “stillness checkpoints” for myself throughout each day!

      Megan’s last blog post..Simple As That: Inviting Stillness

  4. The other night my husband and I decided to enjoy the cooler weather by sitting on our deck after the kids went to bed. No radio. No t.v. No noise…. until we noticed our 3 year old watching us from his window… screaming he wanted to play outside too.

    Next time we’ll wait until we know they are fully asleep! :^)

    Angela’s last blog post..Simple changes

    • @Angela, that made me giggle! Oh, if my two year old “caught us” outside without her, we would have a mutiny on our hands! Honestly, though, my husband and I both have been needing some unwinding time at the end of the day. We have a porch swing that would serve nicely for just that very thing. Great idea!

      Megan’s last blog post..Simple As That: Inviting Stillness

  5. An especially valid point for mommy’s. We have such limited opportunity for stillness!

    Jenn @ Beautiful Calling’s last blog post..Sizzling Summer Reviews & Giveaways

  6. Megan, what a beautiful post…and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I especially love your last sentence about “Persuing peace…” I think I was waiting for it to magically happen and now I realize I can make it happen. So simple but so important. Thank you. We will be spending a few moments on our screened porch this afternoon simply being and listening to nature. [2009|07|60c29fff1ec67b9ee5b07f4b0e2226e4]