Simple As That: Reconnect with Nature


I never cease to be amazed by the power of community, and I am so thoroughly blessed by the community here at Simple Kids.

Last week when I shared some thoughts on Resisting the Rush, Erin of exhale. return to center shared this thought in the comments:

i had lost track of when christmas is (despite two advent calendars!). i thought there was an extra weekend between now and christmas and earlier this week when i realized there was not, i went into quite a tailspin.

what helped to get me out of it was getting outside. my kids and i spent yesterday afternoon hiking in the woods talking to the gnomes and fairies, photographing moss, listening to birds.

it was just what i needed to refocus on what is important to me during this special season…simple beauty, magical moments, and being fully present with my loved ones.

today we’ll spend some time making ornaments for friends and then getting back outside for another nature walk!

(And Erin shares more thoughts on this in her note to self: go outside post.)

Oh, how badly I needed to hear this encouragement!  I must confess to being cold-weather-resistant.  It has been chilly here since December began, and I’ve chosen huddling inside my warm home over getting outside.  After I read Erin’s thoughts on the power of reconnecting with nature, I realized I was suffering from a lack of outdoor inspiration.

My toddler and I put on coats and hats and went for a brisk nature walk.  We were delighted to find bunches of still-green needles and pinecones right in our backyard.  We gathered them up, and now we have a nature display right inside our front door (pictured above).

For more inspiration from our Simple Kids community, make sure to read through the comments and follow the links in the Spotlight on You! Showcase from last Friday.

Read more on celebrating today’s Winter Solstice here.

What is the weather like where you are? Have you been able to get out and connect with nature at all?

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  1. I never got around to commenting on the Resisting the Rush post because one of the ways I deal with the extra expectations of Advent is by cutting out some of my regular activities like blogging and blog reading…

    But this time, I can join in in a timely fashion 🙂 I am a SoCal girl, born and raised, who’s been transplanted to rainy/chilly western Oregon. It is soooo hard for me to drag myself out when it’s cold or rainy because those were the times we didn’t go out as kids. The weather doesn’t seem to faze my children, though, so the thing I need to remember (and not just in regards to heading outside) is to follow the lead of my children. They relish in the out-of-doors in almost any weather!

    Following their lead, by the way, is why Christmas cards got dumped this year in favor of baking more Christmas cookies. At their ages (4 and 6), Christmas needs to be more about what’s important to them and less about what’s important to me…
    .-= Diana (Ladybug Limited)´s last blog ..Review: Veggie Tales: St. Nicholas — A Story of Joyful Giving =-.

    • So true, and such a beautiful example of what it looks like to be really intentional with how you spend your Christmas time.

      I also am terribly, terribly behind on blog reading (and my personal blog is withering on the vine!). I really needed that reminder today, Diana, that these holiday moments are precious and few. I’ll get caught up on the blog stuff in the new year!

  2. So beautiful! I should send you a photo of our Christmas tree this year. It’s a collection of branches that we collected before the snow fell…
    .-= Aimee´s last blog ..Merry Christmas from all of us at UtHC =-.

  3. We’ve had a bit of snow here in Germany, nothing too crazy and the rain washed it away last night. I am dying to get outside, my little boy is sick and I think he needs some fresh air to help him get better but the husband disagrees and thinks it’ll make him worse.
    .-= Satakieli´s last blog ..Random Tuesday Thoughts 7 =-.

    • Oh, dear. Sending many health and healing thoughts your way. Hopefully everyone will be able to get outside and get a big breath of fresh air very soon!

  4. oh megan! thank you for this. what a lovely surprise on this cold december morning.

    i will admit that it was (very) challening for me to take my own advice this weekend — we had nearly two feet of snow fall — but i did manage to suit up and get myself out there with the kids for some nice chunks of fresh air and snowy fun!

    happy holidays to you!!

    .-= exhale. return to center.´s last blog ..a magical moss garden =-.

  5. We have had so much rain here in Vancouver, Canada that getting outside with 2 kids and a baby has been too hard. We were hoping for snow but it hasn’t come. But we’ve just had a few dry days and have enjoyed getting outside to walk the streets and look at Christmas lights. Coming from the southern hemisphere where we don’t get cold Christmases or short days at this time of year its exciting for us to rug up and take the kids to see the lights and get home in time for dinner and bed.
    I am totally enjoying the Christmas spirit and excitement that young children bring to Christmas. Their excitement is contagious!!!

  6. That hits home for me. Today was our real first day out after the better part of a week home sick (we tried for small walks but rain and whine kept us pretty close to home). Even as I’m sniffling through the dregs of this cold, it was so good to see my little person back outside, plucking grass, making leaf bouquets and rolling around on the ground. I felt better and I could see that she was back in action.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Leave Them Laughing =-.

  7. I think you have heard me complain already about how frigid is up here in the great white North! LOL – so I won’t go on about that. But this is a great reminder that I too just need to suck it up and get outside! It’s tough when we’re both working and the days are so short that we go to work and come home in the dark (and I’m talking daylight from 8:15 to 4:00!), but now that we’re officially on holidays we’ve been outside every day. Mostly just hanging around the house, throwing the ball in the field at the end of our street for the poochies and letting Nate ride his trike on the snowy sidewalks. He is such a bike fanatic (just like his Dad!) that he would brave almost any weather to bike. Up until yesterday the snow was all packed down hard and crispy so bike riding was fine, but last night we got a heavy dusting so today we’re heading with friends to the local hill for some late morning tobogganing followed by so hot chocolate and lunch. I am so looking forward to it!