Simple As That: Savor the Evening Walk


In our part of the country, we are enjoying the last days of authentic spring weather – high temperatures in the 80s with the occasional spring thunderstorm to cool things down and replenish the ground.  I think this is the perfect time of year to indulge in long, laid-back evening walks.

My girls and I like to put on our favorite walking shoes and start our walk by visiting the duck who lives across the alley from our backyard.  That is the only constant in our evening walk ritual; beyond our starting point, we never set out with a plan.  My four year old usually decides “left,” “right,” or “straight ahead,” and her little sister is happy just to be able to walk like a big girl instead of riding along in a baby carrier.

Our evening walks have allowed us to meet new neighbors, sneak up on squirrels, listen to the bird’s evening symphony, chase wandering kitty cats, and conclude our day by connecting with nature.

When and where do enjoy a daily walk?

Photo by kol.

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  1. I should add, too, that we don’t make it out for a walk every single evening! Sometimes we have to be somewhere until late in the evening and don’t have time for a walk, and other times we’ve just had too full of a day to hike the neighborhood. We aim to walk each evening whenever possible, but it’s certainly not an every night ritual.

    Megan’s last blog post..Simple As That: Savor the Evening Walk

  2. My twins will be 2 in a few weeks, so although they can/do walk I still prefer to take them in the stroller for safety’s sake. Otherwise they’d run in 2 opposite directions! I usually take them right before lunch. That tends to be a rough time of the day for us, they’re usually starting to get hungry/tired at that point, so it’s a good time to just get up and get out of the house before they have a meltdown. We go every day that the weather is nice. 🙂

  3. We’ve been taking lots of walks lately, too. We usually walk to the other side of our neighborhood and I let the kids play in the empty cul-de-sac. They take their bikes or scooters and have a great time. They started building some homes on the cul-de-dac though so we need to find a new place. And lately the weather has been hard to predict, so we’re often running home to beat the rain.

  4. We live in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western NC, so the weather is just right for walks for us. We often go on hikes, but one of our favorite walks is simply up our little dirt road. In fact just last night took advantage of a break in the rain and we walked up our little dirt road to see the mountain laurels in bloom.

    We do savor those walks: they help us to remember why we moved here from a much more metropolitan area.

    wesleyjeanne’s last blog post..Found Poem::For Paul

  5. We love evening walks…especially when they take us in the direction of a little ice cream shop with a swing set out back. That’s our children’s second home!

    Aimee’s last blog post..Twitterpated over Roast Broccoli with Lemon

  6. We usually head out after morning snack time if we need a walk that day. Most times we take the same route, and it’s a comforting thing. We JUST started going without the stroller a week ago, and that has been quite liberating! Before that, although they would walk, everyone had to hold on to the stroller so we wouldn’t lose anyone.

    Now my three are growing up – they need a little more freedom. (And I just can’t push that much weight on the stroller, anyway!)’s last blog post..The Vision Behind Steady Mom

  7. Dena Vieira says:

    When I go for a walk with my daughter, we wander around outside our apartment building and talk to the neighbors. They speak a different language so it improves my language skills. When I’m by myself I walk around the university with the dog. I try to do that early every morning. It gives me a chance to recharge and regroup for the day.

  8. i am thinking we will do some morning walks soon before the weather turns too hot. we don’t have sidewalks like in our last neighborhood which i don’t like as much.

    stacey’s last blog post..Our little glow worm

  9. Such a timely post Megan! I think you know I have been struggling to settle into this new community of mine, but the last few weeks we have been taking advantage of the nicer weather (Despite last weeks snowfall!) to get out after dinner as a family and explore. We found some great trails just across the road from our house that I didn’t know existed! We have been watching the green slowly emerging and deepening on the stands of beech trees and new grass pushing up through the winter-matted layers of the old. We have been talking and sharing and laughing and shedding a few winter pounds! It’s been wonderful and I’m to see we’re not the only family out there walking!

    Jen’s last blog post..Fix, Freeze, Feast and Toddler Firsts

  10. I’ve been enjoying my conversations with my oldest daughter on our walks recently. My four-year-old has had a hard time fitting into our new community in the last few months. She’s struggling with a new language and culture and doesn’t have the emotional intellegence to express her frustration in words. But when she’s skipping along by my side she relaxes and the thoughts just flow straight out of her head. It keeps me in tune with her.

  11. Oh yes, I love the evening walk. Now that it stays light a bit later, we can get outside after dinner, even if it is just a meander on our block. It is a time when I can really be patient and go at my daughter’s pace since we’re not going anywhere. Last night we ended up with a little neighborhood gathering of another family taking a walk, our neighbors with their 1 week old baby on their front stoop and a visit from the puppy across the street and her owner. It was such a good feeling of community that I would’ve totally missed had I decided to do dishes!

    Susan’s last blog post..Touch Blue

  12. We LOVE going for walks.
    Basically every day/evening I put Gretchen in one of our babywearing devices and off we go through the park which is a few blocks from our home.
    It’s so sunny these days and gorgeous!
    Especially when the lilacs are in bloom.

    desiree fawn’s last blog post..say it forward.


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