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We’re celebrating the big changes going on at Simple Living Media this week with a Giveaway! Each blog in the SLM family has a fabulous prize package with ONE lucky winner per blog.  Each of you will have up to two chances to win per blog.  Updated: make that THREE chances to win!

This Giveaway is now closed.  Thank you for entering!
Check back for a winner soon.

I’m so excited that a Simple Kids reader is going to win prizes from:

1. Blue Yonder Ranch

Stefani of Blue Yonder Ranch is also a contributor to Simple Homeschool.  She has written a fun and engaging series of ebooks based on the seasons“Food For Families: Food For Thought” is the motto of the Book of Days.

Readers are treated to inspiration for creating together, seasonal experiments, recipes, and encouragement to reach out and make a difference.  Each issue is chock full of ideas for families who are interested in slowing down and spending time together learning, playing, and enjoying nature.

As the video on the Blue Yonder website says, these days do not last forever … but the memories will. I am confident that the winner of these ebooks will be so pleased with the ideas and possibilities they hold.

The winner will receive a Subscription to the Book Of Days.



2. Hearth Song

Hearth Song‘s motto is “toys you’ll feel good about giving” but I think you’ll agree with me that their Multi-Play Soccer Station would be pretty nice to receive!  More than just a soccer goal, this station includes a target net so your little super stars can practice their aiming and trapping skills.

This versatile set could be used for football practice, too.  The Hearth Song website suggests it would be great for baseball pitching practice and also for bean bag toss games.  Kids will love playing with the Soccer Station:  parents will love that it is a product that can store away simply in its own carrying bag. For ages three and up, it  comes with the carrying bag, soccer ball, stakes, and pump (adult assembly required).

The winner will receive a Multi-Play Soccer Station.

3. SouleMama

Amanda Blake Soule is one of my favorite authors and is probably one of yours, too.  Her blog is inspiring and her writing has influenced my family in many ways, including handwork ideas, family art time, and practical tips on creating magical moments in childhood.

Her books are so beloved in my house that I’m not sure they have ever actually been on the bookshelf – they are always in use! Amanda has generously offered to give copies of both of her books to a Simple Kids reader so that they can become well-loved and used often in your home, too.

The winner will receive a copy of The Creative Family and Handmade Home.

How to Win

Everyone has two THREE chances to win. Choose to enter just once or do all three!

1. Comment on this post, and answer this question: What is your family’s favorite way to spend time together?

2. Subscribe to Simple Kids by email or in your feed reader. Leave a separate comment letting me know you’re subscribed.

3. Post about this Giveaway on your blog.  Leave another comment and let me know your blog or post address.

This giveaway will end this Saturday, February 13 at 11:59 p.m. CST. I hope you win!

Be sure to check out the giveaways that are going on at Simple Bites, Simple Homeschool, Simple Mom, and Simple Organic for even more chances to win!

About Kara

Kara Fleck is the editor of Simple Kids. She is a small town mama, writer, knitter, bookworm, and hooligan. Kara lives in Indiana with her husband Christopher and their four children Jillian, Max, Lucy, and Amelia. You can find more of her writing at

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  1. My daughter is just about to turn a year, and my husband and I are both full time students so while she’s usually with one of us she doesn’t get a *lot* of time with both of us together. I think the most enjoyable time is when we pile on the bed and we have a conversation and she climbs all over us smiling and “singing” and talking to us.

  2. Our family’s favorite way to spend time together is to take long walks together. We love exploring and chatting as we spend time outside.

  3. We love to cook together!

  4. we love to take walks.

  5. i am subscribed

  6. We love playing games together…Sequence and Hide and Seek are some of our favorites!

  7. I blogged about the giveaway!
    .-= Sam´s last blog ..Simple Living Giveaways =-.

  8. I am now a subscriber!

  9. Jennifer P. says:

    We love to play tag together outside in the backyard!

  10. We love playing playdoh and making crafts. We also love to take our dog for walks to explore our new neighborhood.

  11. Our family’s favorite time together is in bed. We’re still bedsharing with our only toddler, and we have the best of times playing tickle games and laughing before bed or waking up to each other’s smiles the same way on weekend mornings! When she outgrows our bed, those moments will definately be missed.

  12. Our family plays card games like Thirty-One, Uno and Crib.

  13. I am a subscriber now!

  14. What a great giveaway. We love spending time together reading and exploring outside

  15. i am a subscriber!
    .-= jaime´s last blog ..some fun activities =-.

  16. Hi! I have subscribed to the simplekids feed on my google reader.

  17. Playing outside together.

  18. My family likes to spend time together baking and dancing–sometimes at the same time!

  19. Great stuff!

  20. I subscribed via e-mail!

  21. Our family does not really have a FAVORITE way to enjoy each other’s company. We just do it! If the car needs washing, we are all out in the driveway. If bread needs baking, we are all in the kitchen. If a game needs playing, we all play! If Daddy is building, which my son calls making sawdust, we are all “helping”. We also collect some of the sawdust and scrap wood for crafting! As long as we are intentional about not being in a hurry, there’s really nothing our son can’t be a part of.

  22. What is my family’s favorite way of spending time together? We live in a city without much green space–so once a week we like to pack up the kids and the dog and drive out to the country for family hikes. We have our favorite trails, but we also like finding new ones. When the weather isn’t conducive to hiking, we go to our YMCA and have a family swim time. Playing together as a family is so important to us–we look forward to these times every week!

  23. Thanks for this new site–I just subscribed through my Google reader. 🙂

  24. Taking walks or playing games and watching a movie.

  25. i suscribed!

  26. the kids would say wrestling w/ dad, but i love when they just snuggle on the couch w/ me and a book!

  27. I blogged 🙂
    .-= melisa´s last blog ..Filling Up the Day =-.

  28. There are so many ways we love to spend time together that I can’t pick only one! We love reading together as a family, Friday night movie nights, Saturday night game nights, Sunday dinners with the extended family, and of course anything outdoorsy. I guess it really doesn’t matter WHAT we do as long as we do it together. Even grocery shopping can be fun. It is the togetherness, in all it’s forms, that matters most.

  29. I’ve subscribed!

  30. We love playing games (Fairy Finds and Jumping Pixies are our current favorites), taking walks, dressing up, and the calm moments in the mornings when we all get a chance to snuggle in bed.

  31. I just added you to my Google Reader!

  32. I subscribe via Google reader.

  33. We love to spend time huddled together reading a new book, building with legos and blocks, and doing lots of games and puzzles (especially in these winter months!).

  34. We love going on walks together and riding our bikes!

  35. Katie Gardner says:

    My favorite time with my family is snuggling up with the kitty, a pile of library books and some homemade hot chocolate. My kids’ favorite time with us is probably swimming at the Y, going to the movies (a special treat), or going to Nana’s house.

  36. fav family time= going to the pool together. everyone loves it, everyone gets exercise, no one has to organize/plan/direct. we just get to play together!

  37. subscribed and looking forward to it!

  38. kandis bradford says:

    reading and playing trains. he’s allllll boy!

  39. We have family movie nights! of course, I love our family dinners every night. It’s just great to sit down and be with each other.

  40. We like to play games together – Rummikub & Sequence are a few favorites.

  41. I have been a subscriber to Simple Kids for awhile now through my Google Reader. =)

  42. I subscribe via google reader!

  43. We love to read together, or tumble around on the living room floor.

  44. Just subscribed.

  45. My favorite thing to do with the family is our morning cuddle time, but the kids would probably say going to the park!

  46. I subscribed!

  47. There is not one thing we like to do as a family, we see everything we do as great when we are together…it might be cleaning the bathroom, working in the yard, cooking a meal, playing a game, playing puppy dog, tag, or our ride to church. We love being together. It is what we are about.

    What a great giveaway! Never heard of these things you are giving away and they look very good!
    .-= christina´s last blog .."The Move"…… Lesson Learned =-.

  48. outside spring, summer and fall. board games and movies in the winter.

  49. we love reading and exploring the great outdoors!

  50. I am subscribed through Blogger