SK Showcase and Survey

It’s Friday and that means it is Simple Kids Showcase day again!

My oldest daughter’s first favorite book was Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  I can remember her sitting in her car seat on road trips, slowly turning the sturdy pages, completely engrossed in the colorful illustrations and always delighted by the beautiful butterfly who appears at the end.  Caterpillars and butterflies are still her favorite creepy crawlies.

When I saw the caterpillar clips featured at Skip To My Lou this week, I knew it would be a project she would surely love.  It is truly a simple project and calls for supplies you probably already have tucked into your art supply cabinet:


Just some glue, crafting poms, googly eyes, and clothespins!

(I will say the white school glue might not have been the best choice.  The poms don’t seem to take to it very well.  Next time I would use more of a crafting glue.)



When we were finished, we set them amongst some flowers and leaves so they would have something to eat.


Such simple fun for little ones.  This would also be a great group project if you are planning an activity for a playgroup or class of younger children.

* * * * *

It’s been just over three weeks since we re-launched Simple Kids, and I was wondering if you might have a minute or two this weekend to share some feedback.  My heart’s desire as the writer and editor of Simple Kids is to serve as a facilitator for a community of parents and caregivers who are seeking simplicity in the art of raising children.  I would so appreciate your insight on how I can best serve you all as Simple Kids readers and community members.

Would you mind to take a minute to answer three questions?

1. What posting frequency would best meet your needs as a reader?  2-3 times a week, 3-4 times a week, or 4-5 times a week?

2. Would you prefer that the majority of the articles and posts be more informational (posts such as Separating Yourself From Your Children’s Stuff, Frugal Fun (with a potato), and Geology Rocks) or would you prefer more advice-driven material (such as Bathtime Meditations and Be Intentional With Touch)?  Or would you prefer an even blend of the two approaches?

3. Is the Simple Kids Showcase something you would like to continue to see on a weekly basis, or should it be a once-a-month feature, or is your desire to see what other families are creating and doing already fulfilled in other ways (crafting/photography/family blogs, magazines, etc.)?

Feel free to be as brief or elaborate as you have time to be!

Thanks so much for your helpful response.

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  1. Hi there! Love your blog!

    1. Middle of the road is good with me; but don’t get stressed out over posting. Part of raising “Simple Kids” is, imo, not being tied to the computer so much that you miss out on life.

    2. I’d like an even blend of the two approaches.

    3. I enjoy reading what other parents are up to, so weekly is wonderful.

    Thanks for asking for input!

    Kim Davis’s last blog post..A Computer, a Phone and God’s Message

  2. Tina H. says:

    Hi, Megan! Love this site, and I am new to following blogs but I love this one..

    1. 3-4 times a week would be good…

    2. I love the blended idea.. a bit of each of the approaches to give a well rounded balance

    3. I love to see what other parents are doing so weekly is great!


  3. 2-3 times a week is plenty for me, and I agree with the first comment, seems like it would be a burden to write much more often than that! I think an even blend of the two approaches would be good…and also, if you have enough entries for once a week Showcase, that’s good, too…

    Becky’s last blog post..Gracia

  4. 1) I think 2-3 post a week is great! We don’t want you to get writer’s fatigue (because I love your other blog, too:)

    2) A blend of approaches suits me to a T!

    3) I like the weekly showcase … unfortunately, that’s about how often I have time to plan a special craft for my kids anyway:)

    btw, I think Simple Kids is a lovely blog and you are doing a great job!

  5. 1) 2-3 is plenty for me.

    2) I prefer the informational posts, but I don’t object to the advice-driven ones.

    3) Weekly showcase posts are great.

    Yolanda’s last blog post..Den Mate [2009|05|1133815fcc138bd13a69bb2834d2f8d2]

  6. 1. 2-3
    2. both, maybe leaning more towards info
    3. bi-monthly

    Natalie@Naddy’s Blog’s last blog post..Saturday…

  7. First, great site — thanks for creating it.

    To answer your questions:

    1. 2-3 posts per week are great.
    2. Definitely blended.
    3. Showcase is cool, but once a month would work for me.

    Beth @ Smart Family Tips’s last blog post..Save a Little Money, Save a Little Planet: a Primer

  8. I think 2-3 times a month would work well. I like both types of posts, and enjoy the showcase as long as it is easy!

    Jamie’s last blog post..Letting Your Child Save Face

  9. I think 2 to 3 times a week is probably sufficient. You could always supplement, if you wanted, with less time consuming posts, or with reader contribution type posts. Kind of like the showcase, but written by individuals who are embracing the philosophy in different ways.

    I like a mix of things. So a reasonably even blend of the two kinds of posts would work best for me.

    I liked the showcase, but I’m with steadymom, only if it was easy to put together!

    Beth’s last blog post..Contradictions

  10. 2-3.
    Even blend.

    Or whatever YOU feel like doing.

    Marla Taviano’s last blog we roll

  11. kristina says:

    first off! so glad to find your blog. really enjoying it.

    as a reader i’d love to read 3-4 a week, but as a mama, i totally understand and would like 2-3.

    i like the blend as well.

    and the showcase is cool but i don’t have any preference as to frequency.

    thanks for the blog! 🙂

  12. I like 2-3 times a week, blended types, and a showcase weekly. If the weekly showcase is too much, you could solicit reader posts. Just don’t forget SortaCrunchy!

  13. I think 2- 3 times a week is great. Fewer high quality posts are my preference over quantity.

    I like a blend of information and reflection posts — information is great, but sometimes I also like some inspiration

    I’m good with the showcase either way. Whatever works best for you.

    Thanks for the great blogging.

    jill’s last blog post..Haircut

  14. 1.) 3-4 times a week is what I think of first, but only because I love this blog and the obvious passion and enthusiasm that oozes from your writing on it. However, after reading the other (smart) mamas’ comments about not wanting you to burn out, I guess I’d be OK with 2-3. 🙂

    2.) A blend of the two, for sure. Both types are greatness.

    3.) I love the Showcase, and, especially over the summer, my kids and I would definitely enjoy it once a week!

    You are doing a great job. This blog is totally inspiring and encouraging. True to the “Simple” family indeed.

  15. Hi – here’s my two-cents:
    :: 2-3 times a week frequency
    :: a blend of informational and advice posting would be nice as they are both helpful and interesting
    :: I like the showcase, perhaps monthly would suffice
    Thanks for providing a great blog.
    Sandra x

    Sandra @ {mum space}’s last blog post..I spy :: new shops on my radar

  16. Hi Megan,
    I love love love what you are doing with Simple Kids!
    1. I would love to see a new post every day Mon-Fri, but I understand the effort and time that goes into creating each post and would be satisfied with less.

    2. Like most others, I would prefer a blend of informational and advice

    3. I love the showcase and would love to see it weekly! We made our own catterpillars this weekend based on this post.

    Thanks for all the great work!
    Jen 🙂

    Jennifer’s last blog post..T-Ball

  17. Hi Megan,
    I’m sorry to say that this is my first visit since the relaunch–but I’ll be a frequent visitor after this. May is always so busy as we put in our garden and I spend next to no time online.
    That said, the site looks amazing and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us parents. To answer your questions…
    1. 2-3x per week is TONS.
    2. A mix, both are excellent.
    3. Once a month is fine for me. I doubt we’d be making stuff every week.

    Great job!

    Aimee’s last blog post..Twitterpated over Roast Broccoli with Lemon

  18. Hmm, my last comment didn’t seem to show.

    This is my first visit since the relaunch and it looks great! Congratulations. To answer your questions:
    1. 2-3 x a week is tons for me.
    2. A mix
    3. Once a month or so. We wouldn’t make them weekly.

    Keep up the good work!

    Aimee’s last blog post..Twitterpated over Roast Broccoli with Lemon

  19. Lindley says:

    2-3 posts is great—and I like the blended idea. I also like the showcase post—so maybe every other week–if not every week would be good!

  20. 1. I like 3-4 posts a week.
    2. Blended is good. I like real life activities and strategies, but I equally enjoy reading about parenting philosophies.
    3. I think it would be fun for readers to participate. I’m not sure if Mr. Linky is appropriate or even necessary, but something like that.

    kirwin’s last blog post..Pretty woman

  21. My thoughts:

    I’m addicted to your blog. Love, love, love it. So:

    Whatever schedule that will keep you blogging!

    Thanks so much-

  22. Megan, you are doing a great job with this site! Love the showcase; maybe you could add a mr. linky and let readers showcase their crafts? Just a thought!
    Honestly, I love to read something new 4 or 5 times a week, but realistically I understand that’s not always possible!

    Keep up the good work!

  23. I will be posting the caterpillars that we created on my blog this week. Thanks so much for the idea – Chloe LOVED it!

    I am happy with 3+/- posts a week but I just read in a reader when I have the time so whatever your posting schedule is works for me.

    I’m a combination. I do have a couple other blogs I read but nothing completely dedicated to littles so a mixture of topics is good.

    I love craft ideas (my daugher is 2) and I like the idea of a weekly idea but whatever you post will be great.

  24. Here is ours. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Jenn @ Beautiful Calling’s last blog post..Sizzling Summer Reviews & Giveaways


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