SK Showcase: Spotlight On YOU!

We are wrapping up a busy week, both here at Simple Kids and in my life offline.  We are on our way out of town for the last weekend trip before school starts (less than two weeks for us!).

I th0ught this would be an excellent week to turn the Showcase spotlight on you!

Have you recently featured a project, game, or book review on your blog?

Have you published an article recently that you are particularly proud of and would like to share?


What links have you come across in the past week or so that you think the rest of the Simple Kids community would enjoy?

It’s your week to shine – leave a link to whatever you would like to showcase this week in the comments.

Happy weekending!

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  1. This is a post I wrote this week about dealing with emotional fatigue as a mama:

    Enjoy your weekend away, Megan!


  2. Here’s a fun (and easy) project that I do regularly with my 3-year-old. We make rainbow cakes out of white cake batter and food coloring. I happen to like making cake from scratch but I have a friend that has copied this idea with great success with an angel food cake mix from the grocery store. Here’s my link to the last time I did this and blogged about it:

    Happy baking!
    (Wipe up your counter promptly, or you might get some stains. Not that I’d know…)

  3. Here’s a post from this week about the things we “ponder in our hearts” regarding our children:

  4. On my reviews site, Muse Reviews, I reviewed a toy gears set by Learning Resources. Enter to win a set of your own, too!

  5. As a Diploma trained child care worker and am studying my Bachelor to keep track of all my resources I started this blog

    Currently I haven’t blogged in a while due to personal reasons but will again as of Monday.

  6. I love this idea–there is so much diversity in the reader posts so far and I’m loving looking at everyone’s sites. I posted a practical little project for dressing up a filing system the other day on my blog:

    I’m really looking for more ideas on how to organize and decorate a small office space. If anyone has a recent project, please visit my site and let me know! You should be able to post pictures now to your comments, but I’m not sure how easy (or difficult it is). I need inspiration before I go back to teaching in a few weeks and have to bring actual work home to this office space.

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

  7. This was a piece I wrote before plunging into the blogosphere. It is THE story behind “turnitupmom.” It is a reflection on shattered expectations, really knowing your child, and rediscovering yourself. Enjoy!

  8. I usually do with my 4 year old, as he always listen to mommy and/or daddy, he gets to tell us what to do on one special day that he chooses and we do whatever he says for 10 minutes. Which for 4 year old is forever.

    It can get silly but promise is promise, once we had to get wet in winter and run like crazy, and after doing it, we too had fun. It has been a while since we as adult went simply crazy like that.

    Btw, it is my first time posting here, but have been a reader for a while now. I really enjoy and reading cool stuff here. Great work.


  9. What plagues most moms, no matter what their current life circumstances? For me and every mom I know it’s fear of failure or guilt. That’s why I began writing about it.

  10. Sorry the HTML tags didn’t work above. Here’s the link…