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Tea Cups | Walt Disney World |

The month of September was a month of travel for our family. We celebrated my husband’s 40th birthday at Walt Disney World (perfect for those eternally young, right?) While we were there, we took a dip (and a spin!) in our favorite large teacups. There’s a theme going on here, do you see it? That’s right, the Fleck family decided to GO BIG!

As we traveled to and from Orlando, Florida we thought it would be fun to make a field trip out of seeing some of the world’s largest roadside attractions. After all, we do live in the town that is home to the World’s Largest Pink Martini Drinking Elephant, so roadside attractions are kind of our favorite kitschy travel experience.

Bastille Day 2014 | Pinkky the Elephant | SimpleKids.netPinky, all dressed up and presiding over Indiana Bastille Day 2014

We used the Roadside America app and some tips from Simple Kids readers on the facebook page to help us navigate our BIG time adventures.

*Note: there were a few times when we could not locate the items the app directed us to (World’s Largest Rubber Duck and the Goldfish Cracker in Jacksonville, Florida, I’m looking at you) so just keep in mind that you may end up on a wild goose chase, but we have found that the journey is usually worth it, even if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for.


Knoxville, TN –  Rubick’s Cube

Our first stop took us to World’s Fair Park in Knoxville, Tennessee. We really enjoyed this park, and the Sunsphere was pretty cool, too.

But our main reason for stopping in Knoxville was the World’s Largest Rubick’s Cube, which is located in the Holiday Inn lobby near the park.

Largest Rubick's Cube | Knoxville, TN |

The cube no longer moves, but it was a fun stop for this family of Rubick’s Cube puzzle lovers and I think it’s a neat free thing to do if you find yourself in the Knoxville area. The World’s Fair Park has a little playground and fountains, too.

Ashburn, GA – the World’s Largest Peanut

Our next stop on this super-sized adventure took us to Ashburn, Georgia and the World’s Largest Peanut.

Largest Peanut | Ashburn, GA |

Okay, okay, so you wouldn’t want to eat this peanut, but this cement statue is pretty neat and the story behind it is sweet.  The peanut is a tribute to a local newspaper reporter, according to the plaque at the base of the monument and judging by how clean and well cared for the area around this nut is, the locals hold it dear. (Just like we Fortville folks love our elephant.)

This peanut has a nice covered picnic area nearby and was a good place to stop for a few minutes, stretch our legs, and mark another big item off of our #FlecksGoBig roadside scavenger hunt.

Large Chair | Waldo, FL |

Waldo, FL – Rocking Chair

A quick five minute detour from the highway led us to Waldo, Florida and this giant chair. We found it located in the parking lot of a flea market and, while the area around it was a little over grown, the chair appears to be well taken care of.

We thought it was worth the quick stop for a photo and a smile.

King Neptune |Hilton Head Island, SC |

Hilton Head Island, SC – World’s Largest Figurative Sundial

After logging in nearly a marathon’s worth of miles while walking around Disney for a few days, Christopher and I decided our feet needed a rest and so we gave into whimsy and headed up to Hilton Head, South Carolina for a few days to soak our toes in the sand and saltwater.

While we were there, we went on a hunt for King Neptune, the World’s Largest Figurative Sundial.

Neptune Figurative Sundial | Hilton Head Island, SC |

It was a rainy day when we were visiting the Shelter Cove Harbor Community, where the sundial is located, so we didn’t get a chance to put this sundial to the test. Have any of you been there? Did it work for you?

Fire hydrant | Columbia, SC |

Columbia, SC – World’s Largest Fire Hydrant

As we wound our way over the roads home, our travels back to Indiana took us within easy distance of Columbia, South Carolina where we knew we wanted to drive around and find the work of artist Sky Blue.

Sky Blue’s fire hydrant creation was a little bit trickier to get to than some of the other attractions, but thanks to google maps we found our way there. (I love the no dogs sign, ha ha!)

And that was our first #FlecksGoBig field trip in search of the World’s Largest Roadside attractions. We’ve already started planning our next trip, so stay tuned for further adventures!

Does your family have a favorite roadside attraction you’ve encountered on your travels? Should we put it on our #FlecksGoBig list? Let me know in the comments below.

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