Sparkle Stories: And the Winners Are …

The winners of last weekend’s Sparkle Stories giveaway are:

Andrea H “We would love to win a 3 mo subscription. I keep trying to find new, interesting ways to entertain my kids.”
Angela “Sparkle Stories are wonderful! We would LOVE to win a subscription!”


Congratulations Andrea and Angela!  Check your email for further information on how to get started enjoying your Sparkle Stories.

Coupon Code

For everyone else, the kind folks at Sparkle Stories have created a generous coupon code for Simple Kids readers!

The lovely folks at Sparkle Stories are offering a wonderful discount to all Simple Kids readers — $1 for the first month! Choose from one of three Sparkle Stories story packages, and try four weeks of Sparkle goodness for one dollar. Go to: Use the magic code 6E32 to receive your discount!.

Happy listening!

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  1. What ages would you recommend Sparkle Stories for? I think at two my daughter is a bit young but this would make a great gift so I’m curious as to what you think a good age range would be.
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  2. Thanks for the code! I had been wanting to try them out, but I wasn’t sure if my kids would like them and didn’t want to spend money on yet ANOTHER thing that didn’t work for us. I downloaded the first set, and after listening for two nights, my 7 year old woke up this morning and asked if he could listen to another one. : ) I’m so glad to have gotten to try it out for a dollar; we’ll definitely keep our subscription!

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