31 days of unplugged play: stacking and building

Today’s unplugged play idea is stacking.

This is an activity that can be adapted to all ages:  babies love to knock things down or older kids might appreciate the challenge of building a card house.  There is a wide range of appeal and ability for this play idea.

Supplies and materials

Things to that you can stack:

  • blocks
  • plastic cups
  • playing cards
  • dominos
  • flat, smooth stones
  • shoeboxes

Today we’re going to be stacking and building.  How high can your child build?

Set the scene for building and stacking fun by finding a smooth, stable surface for this unplugged play idea (and perhaps opt for baby’s nap time or provide a place out of reach of baby’s hands for an older sibling who might be bothered by baby’s natural curiosity and desire to knock stacks down).


Play, Learn, Explore

  • How high can you build?
  • Can you mix building supplies?  Will a base of cards hold a wooden block?
  • Does the width of your base affect how high you can build?
  • Will baby or toddler imitate you?  If you stack up three blocks, will she?

Remember, don’t be tempted to guide this activity too heavily: set the scene and see where your children take it.

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  1. I feel like my boys stack and build with everything – but you know what, there is room for more! They haven’t tried cards yet, or cups. We will try it today. Thanks!
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