Winterize Within: Conclusion and Reflection

autumntunnelPhoto by stuckinseoul

Again, I thank you for joining in the Winterizing Within series this week.  I hope you have found some inspiration for thoughtful and intentional preparation for the end of the year.

This final focus on winterizing does not involve any work, and in fact, it should not be limited to just one day.

We spent our week cleaning out, sorting through, and taking action on the stuff of raising children.  Throughout today and the days that follow in this beautiful time of autumn, pause a little each day to consider who you and your children have become in the months that are now behind us.

Spend time as a family reminiscing about the best of the last year.  Make notes to yourself in a journal, scrapbook, or photo album.  Tell the grandparents a story or two about the growth you have seen in your children in the past year.

Before the hurry and scurry of the holidays picks up, fill up your gratitude tank with the simple joy of appreciating this moment in time.

What has brought the most joy to the life of your family in the past year?