What We’re Reading: Eve Bunting’s Night Tree

For What We’re Reading Wednesday, Amy of Let’s Explore and Early Bird Homeschool is reviewing a comforting selection from Eve Bunting:

nighttreeNight Tree by Eve Bunting is one of my favorite books.  There is just something about the story and illustrations that makes me feel cozy and warm – a perfect fit for this time of year!

Night Tree is the story of a family’s Christmas Eve tradition to go out into the woods, find “their” tree, and decorate it with popcorn chains, apples, tangerines, and other goodies for the animals.  They decorate the tree, drink hot cocoa from a thermos and sing Christmas carols by moonlight.  The story is told by a young boy, and my favorite part is the boy imagining the animals all around the tree enjoying their treats on Christmas Day.

Eve Bunting’s writing is beautiful and poetic, which makes this book even more enjoyable to read aloud:

It hasn’t snowed yet.  It’s so cold my breath hurts.  The sky is spattered with stars, and the moon, big as a basketball, slides in and out between the treetops.

My girls love this book as much as I do.  Each year after reading this story, they are inspired to fill the trees in our yard with treats for the birds.  Night Tree is a lovely, gentle book that celebrates nature, generosity, and family – it’s definitely a holiday favorite in our house!

What seasonal books are being enjoyed by your family this December?