Winterize Within, Part Three: Games, Media, and Hobbies

gamePhoto by luis de bethancourt

How are your Winterizing Within projects going this week?

Today’s projects should be fairly easy to accomplish and are more focused on older children.  For part three of our Winterizing Within series, let’s tidy up the games, media equipment, and hobby parts and accessories that our children have accumulated.

We’ll use our 3 P’s to guide our time:

1) As we have each day this week, first pause to clear a spot in your schedule.  If you would like to have your children’s input on the project for today, schedule your winterizing work for a time that will work for all of you.

2) Set your timer and start to purge – tidy up the board games, straighten up any media you have in your home (music, movies, electronic games, etc), and if your children are involved in hobbies, provide some assistance in giving their hobby “stuff” a once-over to make sure everything is where it should be.

3) Finally, push yourself to determine if anything that has been straightened up today is ready to find a new home.  Are there movies no one has watched in months?  What about old games that are still in decent condition?  Invite children to consider selling that which is no longer being used.  The allure of a financial return may be great motivation for them to be able to say goodbye to some of the things taking up space in your home!

How is the decluttering process different as children get older? At what age do you start to have the child make more of the decisions on clutter and “stuff”?