October 23rd: Weekend Links

Photo by basykes

There’s nothing quite like caring for both a sick child and a sick husband to completely derail productivity for the week!  There aren’t any new submissions for the SK Showcase (more details on how and what to submit can be found in the Showcase FAQ), and my reading this week has been understandably limited.

Here are a few quick links for your weekend reading:

Hopefully you are following along with the Simple Mom’s 12 Weeks to a Peaceful Christmas series!  Each Friday Tsh shares guidance on how to be happy, healthy, organized, and prepared for a holiday season with as little stress as possible.

Rachel at Small Notebook wrote about Taking the Day Off.  I think this is so important for parents and care-givers – we all need a day to rest and recharge!

When school started in August for our oldest daughter, we were introduced to the whirlwind of papers and paperwork that the school age brings.  Over at The Creative Mama, Thea shared a very practical solution to keep it all organized.

Have you carved jack-o-lanterns yet?  At Parent Hacks, Asha has a tip for making those jack-o-lanterns last!

What did you publish or read this week that you want to share with the SK community? Leave a link in the comments!