Turnoff Week: September 20-26th

tvfreephoto by Aaron Escobar

Twice a year, the Center for Screen-Time Awareness hosts a Turnoff Week to encourage people everywhere to turn off the screens for a week.  The second Turnoff Week for 2009 launched yesterday, September 20th and will continue through Saturday, September 26th.

Is this a challenge your family will undertake?

For those accustomed to unlimited screen time, the thought of turning off for a week can be overwhelming.  Here are some resources to motivate and inspire a week without (or with reduced) screen time:

Resources for TV-Free and Screen-Free Living


Kill Your Television

Preschool Activities 101: TV-Free Ways To Keep Your Kid Busy While You Work – Part One and Part Two

Simple Mom: 20 Indoor Activities for Kids – besides TV

Unplug Your Kids blog

The Big Turnoff: Confessions of a TV-Addicted Mom Trying to Raise a TV-Free Kid by Ellen Curry-Wilson

Instead of TV

Is your home screen-free?  TV-free?  Limited in screen and TV-time?  What resources have helped or inspired you?