Unplugged Play: Paper Plate Farm


This Unplugged Play idea comes to you entirely from the imagination of my five year old daughter Lucy.

She had been awfully quiet one recent afternoon, working steadily on something at our crafts table, engrossed for a long time with her project.  When I went to go peek at what she was up to, I discovered that my animal loving girl had been creating a farm made out of paper plates.

(Proving, once again, that you just never know what kind of crafty magic is hiding in ordinary household objects, waiting for the mind of a child to release it.)

She was inspired by a recent trip to my parents’ house, where we took a drive through Indiana farm country one afternoon and saw all kinds of animals.

Of course my animal loving girl, who tells me that she is either going to be a farmer or “the Pioneer Woman” when she grows up, wanted to bring a little bit of that home with her.

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31 days of unplugged play: newspaper hats

Written by Kara Fleck, Simple Kids editor and Rockin’ Granola mama.

Today’s unplugged play idea is to make newspaper hats.  (Or construction paper or newsprint or even junk mail taped together into large sheets – use what you have on hand, no pressure and no “right” or “wrong” okay?).

Make hats for your kids, make hats for yourself, make smaller hats for the dolls and stuffed animals if the mood strikes.  Decorate them fancy with glitter and glue and feathers, or leave them simple.  

So, how do you make a newspaper hat?

Follow along and my kids and I will show you!
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31 days of unplugged play: Knock! Knock!

We’re a little off course with the 31 Days of Unplugged Play series, but I promise you that I will get all 31 posts up to share with you.  It may take me a few days into November, but I figured most of you probably don’t mind.

Today’s unplugged play idea is a super simple one:  make your kids laugh.  Tell knock knock jokes!

Knock-Knock joke, pun, or ooga-booga, I love the sound of my children laughing. A good day is a day that is full of giggles and silliness, don’t you agree? 

Because I know that we all love giggling with our kids, I’m sharing a few of our favorite jokes with you:

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31 days of unplugged play: stacking and building

Today’s unplugged play idea is stacking.

This is an activity that can be adapted to all ages:  babies love to knock things down or older kids might appreciate the challenge of building a card house.  There is a wide range of appeal and ability for this play idea.

Supplies and materials

Things to that you can stack:

  • blocks
  • plastic cups
  • playing cards
  • dominos
  • flat, smooth stones
  • shoeboxes

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31 days of unplugged play: junk mail art projects

Written by Kara Fleck, Simple Kids editor and Rockin’ Granola mama.

Today’s unplugged play idea is to create some art with a junk mail and other items.

Have fun creating art with items that might otherwise go straight into the recycling bin.  This is a neat project to do with your child.  When is the last time you sat down and made some artwork together?

Supplies and materials

  • paper, cardboard, yarn, foil, etc.
  • heavy paper or cardboard to create your art on
  • glue or tape
  • a bit of patience for the drying time if you’re using glue

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