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I hope you are having wonderful holiday season, my friends.  I know that we sure are!  We have had two weekends in a row of family gatherings and are looking forward to celebrating Christmas this weekend with even more family.

Very soon,  it will be time to tell the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who helped to make our holiday so merry how thankful we are for their company and generosity.

Yes, kids, we will be writing  Thank You notes.

This year, I hope to include a of photo of each child with the gift they are thankful for (or the items purchased with a gift card or money, if that is the case).  I think this will be a fun, personal touch and add a few snapshots to our loved ones’ fridges, too as I haven’t done the best job this past year in sending out recent pictures of the kids.

My oldest can write her notes herself, but my younger three will need some help, though I am going to be encouraging them to be a part of the processes as much as possible; letting them dictate their message, writing their names if they can, drawing a picture on the card, putting the stamps on the envelopes.

To give myself a bit more time next week, I’m printing some thank you notes this week (the self-mailers on the Skip to My Lou link below).  I’m also keeping a list in a small spiral notebook of the presents my family has received and will use that to keep track of who we need to send a note to.

If you”ll be sitting down next week to write some Thank You’s, here are few resources you might find helpful:

Do you and your kids write thank you notes?

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  1. The embarassing answer to this question is: when we remember! I used to be great about it, and then I became terrible about it. This post is a good reminder that I need to get on the ball about that soon…
    Jaimie´s latest post: Holiday Break!

  2. yes. well since my son is three I write it and he scribbles on it. but I think its so important…I know I’ve gotten one thank you note from my many nieces and nephews over the years (let’s see, I have 20 ranging in ages from 25-5) and I know I got one because it was so nice to get and so unusual. I’ve been really disappointed with the older ones who have gotten married and not even said thank you for coming to my wedding…my one sister and I decided no more even going to weddings, let alone getting them presents, I’d rather spend my time and money on someone who appreciates it.

    I started doing it as an adult as it wasn’t encouraged growing up and I hope my son develops a good habit of it. he is really good about remembering who gave him what gifts and he will say thank you at the time and then later, just randomly when he sees people. he’s a gracious kid.
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  3. Stephanie P says:

    We don’t have any children but I’m beginning to think my DH and I need to get in the habit of doing it ourselves. It’s a good discipline to not only be thankful in the moment but also express that thankfulness to others in writing.

    I just designed my own post card ‘thank you’ cards on Vistaprint – 100 personalized cards only cost $6.51, and that was for shipping. So many cute designs to choose from. You can load your own photo, but it will cost more. Hurry, they usually cost about $25 for 100, excluding shipping, but are on sale right now.

  4. I’m a big believer in thank you notes – we must be on the same page, it’s what I posted about today on Imagination Soup!
    🙂 Melissa

  5. Emily @random recycling says:

    Love the idea of including a photo! Thanks.
    Emily @random recycling´s latest post: Must Have for Mommy &amp me class

  6. I didn’t realize it until now, but we don’t really need to deal with thank you notes here. Only one person (other than us) gave any of my kids presents (and then only sent for the boys!). They will see their grandparents next week and get gifts from them, and they’ll shower them with thank you pictures and hugs.

    I suppose that keeps the whole thank you note thing really easy. 🙂
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  7. Many families don’t really have this habit of writing thank you notes anymore, while I think it’s so thoughtful and at the same time you learn your kids a valuable lesson in gratitude.
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  8. Thank-you notes have always been important to my family and my husband’s, so we write notes to anyone who’s not with us when we open their gifts (e.g., DH’s family in England). Our daughter can’t write a full note yet, but she loves to draw. So we have her draw a picture and write her name, and we write a proper note on the back. It doesn’t have to be elaborate–just a couple of lines is usually enough to make anyone happy.

  9. I used to be so on the ball with this but during 2010 I really did not do a good job. I am going to make sure we do them for this past cmas, going to get back on this!!
    Vanessa´s latest post: Ideas to Keep your Kids Entertained During the Winter

  10. Santa left a package of cute robot thank you notes in my 6 year old son’s stocking : ) So my son has been gently encouraged to use them to thank his grandparents and family for all of his gifts. I’ve been helping with writing the thank-you’s that he feels too overwhelmed to write (he draws and signs all of them) and sometimes he writes the full thank-you. The intent is there and that is the most important part.

  11. My mother made us write thank you notes before we could use any of our gifts. I too “make” my kids write notes, usually a couple a day over Christmas break. People really enjoy getting them, a physical reminder of appreciation of time and effort. When my kids were very small I would lay out 4 x 6 plain index cards and have them paint them and use them as post cards for me to write the thank you for them.

  12. My little guy is almost two. So what I tend to do with thank you notes, birthday cards is let him “color” on the card and the envelope after I’ve written a little bit of text. I then caption his work with “art by the turtle” (turtle is his nickname). It’s a great way to include him in the process at an early age, and will hopefully start a good habit of being gracious.
    Angie´s latest post: let’s chat: what won’t you give up?

  13. I always make sure we send a note of thanks when our kids get presents. Personally, I think it’s bad manners not to send a thank you note- I feel like the least I can do for someone that’s made an effort to go out and get presents for my family is to let them know that we received the gift & appreciate their efforts. Thanks for the resources!
    Audrey @ Mom Drop Box´s latest post: Intentional 2012: Introduction

  14. We are writing thank you notes this week. And what a great idea to include photos! Now I just have to remember to buy stamps! 🙂
    Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site´s latest post: Will Cry It Out Lead to Prozac For Your Baby?


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