Thankful Turkey: A Kid’s Thanksgiving Craft

The following post is by contributor Vanessa Brown of I Never Grew Up.

A few days ago I spoke to over 100 kids about being grateful and it was harder than I thought! Their eyes quickly glazed over or the only thing that could come to their mind to be thankful of were video games and the list of holiday presents they were ready to receive.

So I had them close their eyes and I asked them more specific questions like, “What is your favorite smell out in nature?”

“Do you like a certain type of weather, how does it make you feel inside?”

What do you like to do with your Mom or Dad that make you feel really special? Aren’t you grateful that they do that with you?”

“Where is your favorite spot in your home, who is grateful for the wonderful home they have?”

Soon the kids started enjoying thinking of things they were grateful for and I realized that they just needed a little help to get the ball rolling. With my girls I have noticed when I do a fun craft, art project or recipe while we are sitting around and working on it they really open up and can understand more fully what being thankful means.

Thankful Turkey


Paper (Brown and also different colors for feathers)





1. Cut out your “turkey” and feathers.

2. Attach feathers to your turkey with a brad.

3. Write what you are thankful for…like Sparkles or Lipstick or Ducks, which is what my four year old is very thankful for this year.

4. Decorate your house with them!

Another great idea is to  make smaller versions of these and use them as name places for Thanksgiving dinner. Then let everyone personalize their turkey with what they are thankful for and they can take it home as a souvenir.

How do you teach your children to be thankful? Do you have any crafts or activities that help teach them this?

About Vanessa

Vanessa Brown blogs over at I Never Grew Up. She has four little girls, two old dogs, and one dog training expert husband and is currently residing in Costa Rica.

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  1. Happy Thanks Giving Vanessa,

    This turkey is really cute and really creative.. I will follow the tips on how to create this one so that we will make one with my daughter. Thanks for sharing.
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  2. We used to do crafts similar to this one when I was in grade school and it was always fun. This is definitely a good project for kids.
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  3. My daughter LOVED making these as gifts for our Thanksgiving celebration for all of our family. Thanks!
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