Thanks for Giving: Teacher Thank You’s

The following post was written by contributor Christen Babb of Nurture Baby.

Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday. Yes, there’s the planning, the grocery shopping, and many hours in front of the stove, but I consider this holiday to be the calm before the storm, the last chance to breathe before the busy holiday season. It’s a time to celebrate our faith, family, and friends and meditate over the many rich blessings we have in our lives.

My goal is to teach my children to savor Thanksgiving for Thanksgiving’s sake. Too often, we become bogged down with never ending  holiday to-do’s, shopping lists, and parties galore. We forget to say “thanks” in the midst of our abundant blessings.

Teacher Thank You’s

In an effort to teach my daughter to count those blessings, I let her choose a couple people she wanted to pay special thanks to. This year, she picked her two preschool teachers. We decided to make simple, homemade “Thanks for Giving” bags to let them know we love and appreciate them.

Knowing a few things her teachers like gave us a little bit of a head start. For example, we know one teacher collects unique salt and pepper shakers, the other likes a specific kind of chocolate.

We chose to keep our bags simple and decorate colorful paper bags with her teachers’ favorite colors – filling it with  and a few inexpensive, yet thoughtful gifts (dollar store finds work really well here). Keep in mind, you don’t necessary have to know what your recipient likes.  Any handcrafted creation made from the hands of a thankful child will warm her heart.

This fun exercise serves as a special reminder to give thanks to the special people in your children’s lives. Equally important, it teaches your children the unmatched joy of giving.

How do you teach your children to say “thanks” in the midst of a busy holiday season?

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  1. What a cute idea, Christen! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    We are homeschoolers, but I can think of a few people something like this would be perfect for this Thanksgiving season, including our wonderful children’s librarian.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I think Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year, because here we can thank every person who have been a part of our life!!…

    Have a GREAT Thanksgiving this year! 😀

  3. Just a thought, but I was a teacher before. As teachers, we are of course happy to get any gift, however, many kids give out candy/treats/food – the collection of which is almost impossible to eat over the holidays.

    A few years ago here in Utah, we were promised bonuses for Christmas. Those ended up being canceled because of the school district’s tight budget. Forgive me if this sounds weird or greedy, but one suggestion I read rang true to me. Because teacher’s salaries are small and bonuses are non-existent, it is always nice to have a little cash around the holiday season. Most teachers would love and appreciate a sincere, hand-written card along with a small amount of money, to help during a tight financial season. Even if every kid only gave a few dollars, it definitely still adds up. For what it’s worth.
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    • Not weird or greedy at all! I think it’s a great idea! And certainly good for all of us to know for future gifting. Thanks for your comments!

  4. I love that you knew something about your daughter’s teacher that allowed you to pick a personal gift. As a teacher, I agree with Heidi, that there were times I had too many generic candies and candles types of gifts. I couldn’t really use them. But receiving something that says the givers knows and cares about you as a person means a lot! Some of my favorites have been running related or gift cards for a much-needed date with the hubby!

    One of my favorite gifts to give to a teacher or someone special (if they’re the planting type) is a bleeding heart bush. It’s a darling plant with tiny heart-shaped flowers. I attach a card stating something like, “Hope this bush reminds you of the many hearts you’ve touched….I’m lucky one of those was mine!”

    Great post! Thanks for the tips!
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    • Forgive me in advance for stealing the bleeding heart bush…such a creative, wonderful idea!

      My daughter’s preschool administration actually had the teachers fill out a list of their favorite things. It even included stores they loved for gift card ideas. I thought it was wonderful to provide the moms because we don’t usually know what to give and certainly don’t want to give them something they don’t need or want. (My mom used to be an elementary school teacher and I remember all the “stuff” she brought home after Christmas!)

      Thanks for your thoughful comments and great idea!

  5. I am not actually a fan of Thanksgiving but I love this idea! “Thanks for Giving” bags seem like a really sweet idea. I think I’ll help my youngest son make one up for a beloved grown up who’s visiting tomorrow. Thanks!
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  6. how special and what a great idea!

  7. Wow…this is a brilliant, yet simple idea! There’s still some time to have my son work on it before Thursday. Thanks!


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