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For those of you following along with this blog for a while now, you’ll probably remember that my husband works in the finance industry and tax season is always a little bit crazy for our family.  I’m so relieved to be heading into Easter weekend with another year behind us and am looking forward to spending time with family and to relaxing and enjoying this weekend.  I hope you’ve got something to look forward to, as well.

It is the end of the week and for the Friday Five I’ve got a few random things to share and catch all of you up on.  So, here we go:  the Friday Five.

1. The winner of the Simple Parenting and Play Planner was Kate.  Congratulations!  Watch your email for a note from me telling you how you can claim your prize.

Kate said, “I recently created a daily schedule with my preschooler that helps him visualize the flow of each day (breakfast, get ready for the day, morning chores, “kid school”, lunch, etc…). It has helped both of us keep organized throughout the day and is a great addition to our daily routine :) He’s very excited to “check the chart” to see what comes next.”

2. Speaking of giveaways, we have four copies of Veggies in Space: the Fennel Frontier to give away.  Plus, my son Max makes his movie critic debut.  You can enter that giveaway here. As of this morning there are less than 50 entries, so with four copies to give away you guys have a very good chance to win one.

3. Tax season may be over, but I’m still feeling a little bit behind and disorganized.  I asked some friends to step in and write some guest posts for this blog.  I feel very blessed to be able to leave the blog in such good hands and to know folks who are willing to step in when I ask them to.

4. The Ultimate Homemaking ebook Bundle sale will begin next week.  I’m an affiliate for this event and I’m also looking forward to it as I’m almost done reading all of the books from last year’s bundle.  This sale is just for a limited time, so be on the lookout.

5. I finally did something about the gray in my hair.  You can check out my personal blog for a not-so-brief history of my hair and to find out what changes I ended up making. I’m still doing v.e.d.a. or Vlog Every day in April, I’m just really, really bad at it.  Ha!  But you can check out my last video here if you’d like.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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