Today on Simple Homeschool: At the Heart of Homeschooling


I know that Simple Kids readers are not necessarily homeschoolers, but I was very touched by Jena Borah’s words about maintaining a heart for your child.  I felt her thoughts on love, giving, and confidence as a parent might be relevant to some of you, too.

I was very idealistic. My kids were going to enjoy their childhood, nurture their love of learning, and be free from school stress. They would grow up to be emotionally healthy adults with every chance to succeed.

Then we hit the first roadblock: ME. Having little children at home 24/7 was exhausting. Realizing their educational future rested on my shoulders was terrifying. Accepting the full responsibility of their emotional development was crushing. At least parents who send their kids to school have someone to blame if things go wrong.

You can read the rest of Jena’s article at Simple Homeschool.

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