Want, Need, Wear, Read

Simple Gift Giving

We stick to the basics regarding our gift giving philosophy for our children.  Our Gift Giving Philosophy is based on something I heard years ago on a parenting e-list I’m a part of and it goes like this:

  • something they WANT
  • something they NEED
  • something to WEAR
  • something to READ

Over the years, sometimes we have added to this list, but to be honest, it started to morph into something … well, something less than simple with all of those extra additions.

wantneedThis simplest of gift giving philosophies has served me well, not just at the holidays, but for birthdays and other gift giving occasions, too.

Folks often ask me for examples of what we give the kids.  I thought I’d create this page to give you some ideas of how this simple gift giving philosophy works for our household.

Want, Need, Wear, Read – what we do