Waving the white flag and other perfectly acceptable things for busy seasons of life {vlog}

SpringKidsHip, hip, hooray for Spring days!

Long time, no vlog my friends.  But, here I am, sneaking away a few moments to chat with you thanks to the iphone’s video camera (so forgive me for the even less stellar than usual quality).

If you’ve got six minutes to give yourself a time out as we begin this week, here are a few thoughts from me on waving the white flag and other perfectly acceptable things for busy seasons of life:

(note:  if you’re viewing this via email or a reader you may need to click through to the blog in order to watch the video)

Video notes:
– I’m going to be doing VEDA (vlog every day in April) or at least VMA (vlog *most* days in April).  You can find that on my YouTube channel, if you’re interested.  I won’t be sharing all of them here on the blog.

– sorry about the barking squirrel crazy dog around 4:16  :-)

– Aimee’s post on Simple Bites about Non Suppers can be found here:

Here’s to popcorn and apple slices for dinner, friends!
Best wishes,

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  1. Hi!

    I totally understand “tax season madness”!! My husband is a Canadian chartered accountant ( & did hundreds of tax returns every year) for 18+ years! To make things even more fun – 4 of our 5 kids were born during tax season! None of my friends understood why I said I was a single parent during April…
    For years we used to celebrate “tax season day” – May 1st – the day when the kids finally saw what their father looked like in the daylight for the first time in weeks! We (make that I) always bought them each a little gift & planned a special outing. My husband would collapse on May 2nd for a well needed rest. Luckily, we moved to France a few years ago & he only files a few returns now – my son still asks for his gift though!
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  2. My husband is a teacher. April is ALWAYS crazy no matter what we try to do. I think it’s because everyone is worn out and spring has arrived! So glad to hear that others are waving the white flag. I’ve said no to a lot of things and my house is still a mess and I’m in my pajamas! But my college kids are thriving and my stay at home littles are enjoying spring. So that is a success!

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