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The winner of the Simplicity Parenting Filtering ecourse from Bliss Beyond Naptime was … Jamie, who said, “The parenting styles sounds very interesting. We tend to want the same outcome, but we have VERY different ideas of how to get there.”

Congratulations!  Be on the lookout for an email about how to collect your prize.

This week is screen free week and my family and I will be taking part, a yearly tradition for us.  I will be online a little bit, as I have some projects that need my attention, but it will be very limited.  I love hanging out with all of you on facebook, twitter, instagram, and google plus, but it is a good idea for mamas and papas to take a screen break sometimes, too.  I will be checking in once a day, so if you need to reach me, just have a little bit of patience.  Best wishes!

Will you and your family be taking part in Screen Free week?

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  1. Thanks for the link!!

    We are going to try really hard to do screen free week. I work online, so there is only so screen-free I can be. But we are going to drastically cut down.

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