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On facebook yesterday, I mentioned that today’s kids are outdoors half as much as children were 20 years ago. However, I bet that isn’t true among Simple Kids readers. I’d love to hear: what have you and your kids been up to outdoors this weekend?

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  1. love these links, thanks, Kara.

  2. Our kids have loved being out of doors the last 2 weekends as we’ve been working in our yard. I think seeing the whole process will help them (and us) enjoy the finished product that much more. If we weren’t doing this, we’d probably be at the beach! :)

  3. Lots of fun links this week, Kara – thanks for including me! :)

    It has been raining here all weekend, but we did manage to sneak out for some puddle jumping and to pick some greens from the garden. Looking forward to some sunny days this week!
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  4. We’ve been working in our garden, and my girls went all around the yard and collected about thirty snails. Then made a snail family, they made sure there was food, and showed me who was the mommy snail, daddy snail, etc…..

  5. Amanda G. says:

    My Littles are outside all day long. My seven-year old now is able to ride his bike to his friends’ homes, and they are able to come over. And my littlest doesn’t want to come inside EVER.
    The TV remains off all day long and no one cries for video games. I love summer!

  6. thank GOD its Friday! what is everyone up to for the weekend?
    vie got 2 parties to go to tomorrow and a nasty cold that mi hoping to cure :)

  7. great links!

    love this part: Birthday Party Activity Stations for Toddlers and Preschoolers

    will also thank the author in that link. Keep on sharing the love!

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