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I wanted to mention that one of our family”s favorites Kiwi Crate just launched The Studio – which is filled with loads of kid friendly projects like Halloween crafts, Thanksgiving crafts, kid-friendly recipes, two-ingredient projects, and more.  Each project has simple step-by-step instructions and nice large images to guide you. Check it out !  They are having a Pinterest contest, too for those of you who pin.

You can read my Kiwi Crate review here.

Have you noticed that I”m a bit behind on my 31 Days of Unplugged Play series?  Real life keeps getting in the way of blogging, but that certainly isn”t something I”m complaining about!  I promise to keep going until I have 31 days of unplugged play ideas shared with you if you guys don”t mind having to be just a little bit patient with me (and don”t mind if the series runs a few days into early November).

Don”t forget that this week will be our Kids Gift Craft-along Link Up for October:  I”ll open the link on Thursday, the 25th and we can share our progress on our homemade holiday gifts.  Still looking for ideas?  I”ve been curating a Pinterest board that should get your crafty wheels turning!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! We”re celebrating and throwing a special birthday block party, so I”m off to party with my favorite people. I”ll share the fun with you later this week and there”s a super cool giveaway, too!

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  1. Oh, you’re so sweet to link to me!
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  2. Thank you so much for including my post! It was one of those things that was kind of random for me to write but I am so glad I did!

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