What We’re Listening To: New Year, New Music

Jennifer returns today with suggestions for your family’s playlist for the coming year . . .

It’s officially a new year and I feel certain our family will be looking for some new music to brighten those gray winter days.  I plan to allot a portion of gift money we received for Christmas to add to our music collection, and I would love to have your help!   I’ve so enjoyed sharing some of my favorite artists with you over the past few months and reading what tunes and artists your family enjoys.  You have inspired me with your comments and suggestions to reach wider to find more great music I can share with you.

So, here’s a preview of what I hope to add to our household’s collection this year (and subsequently review for you!).  After reading through our wish list, I invite you to share what’s on your family’s wish list for 2010.  In the meantime I wish you many moments of happy listening in the New Year!

Our 2010 Music Wish List

* Dance for the Sun by Kira Wiley I recently heard the song “Colors” off of this album and am in love!  I can’t wait to hear more!

* Here Comes Science by They Might Be Giants If you read my first review, you’ll know I’m a big fan of this band & their music for kids.  We haven’t added their latest album to our collection yet, but definitely will in 2010.  One of my friends said she thought it was the best yet!

* Something from Putumayo Kids There are so many terrific choices, I can’t decide which one to add next, but we’ll definitely get one of these.

* Family Timeby Ziggy Marley I recently saw this featured in one of my parenting magazines and upon checking it out on was pleasantly surprised to find it contains some great collaborations including “Walk Tall” with Paul Simon.  This is a song we happened to have heard on the radio and was able to sing along with after one listen!  I hope to find the rest of the album just as enjoyable.

* A New Lullaby Since we’re expecting a new baby in our home later this spring, I’ll be on the hunt for a new lullaby album to add to our collection.  I don’t have any particular one I have my eye on yet, but I’d love to hear your suggestions!  I’ll be sure to review the lullabies we have enjoyed later this year.

What would you add to this list? What is on your family’s musical wish list for the coming year? What music are you enjoying this winter?

About Jennifer

Jennifer, is a stay at home mom to two energetic, fun loving boys ages 6 and 2. She found a new passion in exploring great children's music after becoming a mom, which she blogs about at Swing Whistle Zing. Jennifer fancies finding quality tunes the whole family can enjoy, and dancing with her boys (both big and little) to her favorite songs that connect her to the past & keep her grounded in the present.

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  1. This album is by no means new, but it’s new to us this year and we are LOVING it – You Are My Little Bird by Elizabeth Mitchell. It is just the kind of music we need to life our spirits and our moods in the thick of winter. We play it every day.

  2. There’s a one free song download from Ziggy’s Family Time on Amazon. Love it! Another idea is either of the albums from Lunch Money. They have great songs that are easy on Mommy’s ears, too, and put on a great live show if you ever have a chance. My seven-month-old LOVES their song “Tricycle,” especially when I bounce him along to the beat.
    .-= Toni Turbeville´s last blog ..Breakfast Break =-.

  3. My favorite lullaby album is Blink by Plumb.

  4. P.S. Our favorite kids’ music ever is the album Songs for Wiggleworms – so much fun without being at all obnoxious!

  5. I need some suggestions for my 7 year old son. He feels much of the music we listen to is for “babies” but I don’t want him listening to other “radio” music if I can avoid it. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks
    .-= Catherine Bernard´s last blog ..Beautiful Days =-.

  6. We just made a winter music mix
    and my daughter can’t get enough of Happy Ground by Pete Murray.

    Elizabeth Mitchell is a favorite at our house, too. My son loves Justin Roberts, a Chicago kids singer.
    .-= minneosta:madre | Sarah Jane´s last blog ..tv & tea =-.

  7. The Ziggy Marley album is great, very catchy but not annoying. Another good one is by Charlie Hope (she’s a she), which has great songs to sing along to. Elizabeth Mitchell and Frances England are also on heavy rotation around here. A good lullaby album is Baby Mine: Classic Songs for Bedtime.

  8. brandy newman says:

    thanks for all the great recommendations! what a fabulous post!

    my three-year-old loves big bad bantam rooster by tasha platt – she’s a local calgary, alberta singer – http://bigbadbantamrooster.blogspot.com/

  9. Dance for the Sun is one of our favorites! Great, catchy songs that are fun to sing with your kiddos, but also BONUS yoga tracks – yes! (and the Surfer Mama song makes me smile every time)

    Great list!
    .-= Kara´s last blog ..Daybook: Steady Days on a Monday =-.

  10. We are totally, totally digging the Here Comes Science album. LOVE it. There are these two songs in a row about “what makes the sun shine,” and apparently after they wrote the first song they realized that there were errors in their explanation, so they went ahead and recorded the song (it’s a good song!), and then followed it up with another song with the corrected info — and the second song has lines like, “forget what you might have heard in the past… like in the previous song, for instance…” It’s quite hilarious. OK, maybe just to me, but it tickles me. 🙂

    I recently did a run-down of our top three most-listened-to albums right now, here. Oh, and I’ll have to check out the Ziggy Marley!

    As for lullabyes, several of our favorite lullabyes come from the Not For Kids Only album that Jerry Garcia and David Grisman did… still one of my fave kids’ albums of all time.
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Focus =-.

  11. We are enjoying “For the Kids”, not a new album but it’s GREAT! And for lullabies I LOVE the Chinese Lullabies by the Beijing Angelic Choir – VERY soothing. 🙂

    Now I am off to check your recommendations! Thanks for this post.
    .-= Jane´s last blog ..Status Update =-.

  12. We love the Putumayo Kids African Playground. Its perfect for dancing around with your little one! Thanks for this post! We’re always on the hunt for more great tunes.

  13. Thanks for such great feedback! I’m glad to hear some of you have already sampled some of these–and like them! I can’t wait to hear & share more!

    I’m really excited about some great lullaby suggestions too!

    Now that we’re done traveling, I think I’ll be doing a little downloading this weekend!

  14. I love Jewel’s new album Lullabye. The songs are so calming that I enjoy listening to it myself!

  15. Our whole family is really enjoying Here Comes Science, and we have even shared it with our science teacher at school! I love hearing my kiddos sing about The Bloodmobile or I Am A Paleontologist – so so fun. We just looked for Roy G. Biv the other day in an after-rain rainbow hunt. I would highly recommend purchasing a version that includes the accompanying video material. The design work is outstanding, and I think many kids will benefit from the visual experience of some rather abstract ideas. I wish we had gotten the video ourselves!
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Rainy Day Baking =-.

  16. If you don’t have it I highly recommend the Sleepytime Martha Stewart CD – an absolutely beautiful collection of songs.
    .-= Jenny Rebecca´s last blog ..a Parker post =-.

  17. My 4 and 7 year old both like anything by Tom Chapin (Harry Chapin’s brother for any of you who are fans of Cat’s in the Cradle). The lyrics are super clever, the tunes upbeat and even the grown-ups can listen for extended periods of time.

  18. I’m going to see if my local library has these. Thanks!
    .-= Andrea´s last blog ..I’m Too Little =-.

  19. Catherine we love They might be giants: Here comes the 123s. We’re planning on the Science one next. My son will be 7 next month. Mine is there is only one everything. The boys like different ones. We watched part of the DVD tonight.
    .-= Melitsa´s last blog ..Fitting it all in and Play =-.


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