Winterize Within, Part Five: Photographs


Today is the final “work day” in our Winterizing Within series.  I’ve so enjoyed the positive feedback from those who are working along on preparing homes for the upcoming holidays and winter months. More than anything, I created this series to motivate and inspire my own projects around the house.  What an encouragement to have others come alongside me to join in these tasks!

I have to confess that I have saved the photograph project for the last work day as a sort of “dessert” for myself after a week’s worth of sorting and purging.

I love taking pictures and nearly every shot that finds its way into my camera is a picture of one or both of my girls.  What gets terribly neglected, however, is following through on all of those shots by getting them out of my hard drive and into a tangible format!

This will be the focus of our winterizing project for the day – work through the pictures of the past year, make decisions on them, and take action!

We’ll use our 3 Ps to guide the process:

1) Sometime today, pause to sit down and work on photographs.  This process will look different for each person depending on what picture taking and photograph storing looks like in your home.  Perhaps you have printed pictures that need to be sorted into albums or organized in scrapbooking materials, or maybe (like me) you need to dig through your hard drive files to find the pictures from the past year.

I’m going to aim for spending three minutes working with my pictures from the last ten months which means I’m setting aside thirty minutes for this project today. If I don’t set a firm time limit, I can get lost in editing and organizing my photos!

2) If you have been steadily printing photos throughout the year, you may have no need to purge anything today.  Because I’ve neglected steady work on my photos from the past ten months, I won’t be purging as much as I will be making decisions on ten month’s worth of photography.

I’ve planned to devote three minutes to each month of 2009, beginning in January.  I’ll set the timer and work quickly through each month, selecting which photos will go into a “to be printed” folder.  (The photo you see above is one I shot in May 2009 and is definitely marked as one of the “keepers” for the year!)

What will your process look like today?

3) Finally, most importantly, push yourself to take action on this year’s photos!  Again, this could be slipping them into albums, sending them to be printed, or even just getting the unprinted shots better organized in your computer.

Other examples of action might be planning a scrapbooking event, backing up your picture files, or creating photo books for yourself or for gift-giving.

Of course, you may need more time than would be reasonable to set aside for just one day’s work.  If nothing else, get started on this 2009’s photos, and make firm plans to continue taking action on them through the end of this year.

What does photo organization look like in your home? Do you take immediate action with your photographs – getting them printed quickly after you shoot them, or do you tend to wait and do a mass printing several times a year? I would also love to hear about your favorite ways to store, print, and display your best photographs from each year!

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  1. Okay, this is where spoiled Mac user comes into play. I use iPhoto. Each year I set up a book for each child on his/her birthday. Every time I upload photos, I cull out the ones I want for the book and drop them in the file. Once a month or so, I go through organize what I have, put captions on, and, when needed add pages. By their next birthday, I have a complete book of the year, which when I proof it a few dozen times, I order and add to the stack on my shelf.

    I also have a shutterfly share site where I upload groups of pictures for family and friends to see and to order from if they want. It’s made photo sharing so much easier.
    .-= Beth´s last blog ..The Aftermath =-.

  2. Um, okay, I was about to say how terrible I am about sorting through my photos, but I use iphoto too, and now I want to do want Beth does! Thanks for the inspiration!!
    .-= Emily @ The Pilot’s Wife´s last blog ..Aunt Nicole =-.

  3. For the past two days, I’ve been setting up a crafting table – just for me, not the same area my kids use. I just can’t make any progress on my kids’ books in a space that I have to clean up and put away every time I stop working. I am about 3 years behind right now – including not printing the photos! So, I have committed some space – and hopefully the time, too! – to get caught up. Thanks for a well-timed post!
    .-= RLR´s last blog ..Bloggy Awards =-.

  4. Sorting through photos is a huge goal for me right now. I love the idea of setting a time limit to look at each month for the past year. That’s a great motivator to help get me started. One small piece at a time. Now just to figure out a system to keep me from getting so behind next year, organizing (or even deleting bad ones) photos isn’t one of my best skills!

  5. While I was pregnant I was blessed to be put on “ambulatory bedrest,” which meant I could still move around but I had to stay off my feet for long periods of time. I call this a blessing, because I used that time to organize all of our photos up to that point. It has made it so much easier to keep photos of my daughter (now 16 months old) organized!
    Our organizational system consists of archive-quality storage boxes for prints, cds for backup and digital files downloaded to our computer. I have also been using picture-sharing websites to make photo books of my daughter as she grows.

  6. I use Picasa to upload and store my photos on my harddrive. I just have them separated by month, and I don’t really worry about tagging them or making albums…. that’s in my someday plans, but I figure as long as they are all there and organized chronologically, that is what matters. We rarely print pictures in our house, we prefer to sit now and then and look back through our pictures on the computer. My harddrive gets backed up every night to our external harddrive. The biggest crack in our system right now is that I always plan to burn back-ups to take to my parents’ for them to put in their fire-proof safe for me, but haven’t gotten around to doing that yet. So that is my goal for this weekend is to get all our digital pics burned on a DVD.

  7. wow, just the idea of a computer folder to put “pics to be printed” has given me such peace for the day! 🙂 i love pictures and have tons on my computer, but have soooo neglected printing any for a long time! great reminder about the shutterfly share thing since i already have an account. but that mac thing sounds fab, too!!
    .-= stacey´s last blog ..Pumpkin Patch 2009 =-.

  8. I just wanted to remind everyone that it is a really smart idea to include off-site storage of your most treasured photos. It’s great to have them stored well on your computer or even an external hard drive, but if those crash (which has been known to happen!!) or heaven-forbid you have a house-fire, having off-site storage (online, or a harddrive or c.d’s located somewhere else) can be a saving grace.

    Thankfully I’m pretty up-to-date on photo organization but I think I will try to organize a scrapbook weekend for just after Dale gets home in November! Happy photo sorting!