Winterize Within, Part Four: Books

seussbooksPhoto by evelynshere

Wow! We have been working hard this week.  I think today would be a great day for a lightweight project.  Today, we’ll focus on Winterizing Within with our children’s books.

As we have each day this week, we will use the 3 Ps to structure our winterizing efforts:

1) Pause to find just a little time today to sort through the children’s literature in your home.  Thirty minutes or less seems right for today.

2) As you work through the books in your home, you may want to focus less on purging and more on pondering about where your child is on his path to literacy.  Do you have a new toddler who is ready for slightly more complicated stories?  Or is your preschooler ready for chapter books?  Would the upcoming holiday gift season be a good time to add new life to your home library?

Invite your older children to think about which books to keep, and which can be donated, sold, or tucked into storage.

3) We’ve been pushing ourselves quite a bit this week.  As you sit surrounded by the books that mean so much to your family today, take a moment to luxuriate in the joys, beauty, and timeless truths offered by literature.  You deserve a little downtime to read, reflect, and respond to whatever inspiration you find in the pages of your family’s books today!

What is the state of your home library? Is it up-to-date and organized? Are there books that need mending? Is your child ready to move up to more challenging books?

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  1. That photo made my heart skip a beat.
    For as much as we love books, we don’t own a ton of them. I’m praying there will always be such a thing as a local library!
    .-= Marla Taviano´s last blog ..more than you care to know =-.

  2. Our home library is somewhat organized. I have all of the Halloween/Autumn books in one basket. There is another basket with the current favourites. We have a shelf in the basement that is book organized by series: Arther, Franklin, Dr. Seuss.

    I feel very blessed that we do have a ton of books and I mean tons. Way too many for one household. The reason? I am/used to be a primary school teacher and probably like most school districts, mine old one only gave each teacher $100 to spend on the things I needed for my classroom. I used my own money to buy books for my classroom library. The good thing about that is that I got to keep all of the books so now my own children are really benefiting from the collection I built years ago.

    I do sort them and repair them and get rid of some from time to time.

    .-= The Orchard´s last blog ..Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk (Blogtoberfest 28) =-.

    • My sister is an art teacher, but her first year of teaching, she taught kindergarten. A teacher on her campus was giving away tons of books she had collected through the years, and my sister grabbed up many of them. Our children had a library before they were born because of exactly what you have described here!

  3. YEAH for BOOKS! Research has shown that just having books “near by” encourages reading… and of course, seeing Mom and Dad reading is huge… So we’re doing our best to be compliant! Lots of books at our little farm house.

    The one problem… Our 19 month old son likes to eat them. Yup. EAT them. We don’t have too many board books that are still intact!

    .-= Sharon´s last blog ..just for the JOY of it =-.

    • Oh, we have totally gone through the “eat books” stage with each of our children. Thankfully it passes and then you can dive into paper books!

  4. I cannot embrace this one. I am a book lover and I have an obsession with owning what I read and have read. It drives my husband crazy. We have tonnes of books. And we still borrow kids books each week from the library!

    • I think you and my husband would get along famously! 🙂 It physically pains him to get rid of books, no matter how long it has been since he read it. We are constantly in book negotiations around here!

  5. Diana (Ladybug Limited) says:

    And if I can quick purge our books we’re done with, we can give them out on Halloween! Just read about Books for Treats on ParentHacks…

  6. Oh I like your “winterize-series”. I think it’s a good idea to look through the childrens books, especially of the young children. My older children often look their books through and give to me those, they don’t need anymore, to sell them on amazon marketplace. So we can spend the money we earn there on new books.
    .-= Micha´s last blog ..Miniäpfel / little apples =-.

    • Amazon marketplace is something I need to investigate further. Although my husband doesn’t like to get rid of books (see my comment to Bonnie above), he can be enticed with the idea of selling them because that means, after all, MORE BOOKS!