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What is Sage name meaning? Should parents choose it for boys or girls? Is the name Sage popular? This post will give you detailed information about the name Sage. More importantly, don’t forget to discover perfect middle and sibling names for Sage.

Many parents would like to choose the name Sage for their babies but are uncertain whether it suits every child. After reading this article, I’m sure you’ll find a satisfactory answer to your question.

The Name Sage
Why should parents choose the name Sage for their children?

The Overview Of The Name Sage

Why don’t you take a look at this general summary about the name Sage before jumping to other details below?

MeaningSage can indicate “wise one”, “prophet”, or associated with a sage plant.
OriginSage has different roots and is widely known as an English, French, Irish, and German surname. In Ancient Greece, the term “sage” was a title for wise men.
GenderSage can be both a boy’s and girl’s name.
PopularityThe name Sage reached its peak in 2021 in America. As a boy’s name, the ranking was 427th. As a girl’s name, it was ranked 179th.
VariationsSaige, Saje, Sange, Sayge, etc.
NicknamesSagy, Sadie, Sashy, Sayah, etc.
Similar NamesRiver, Forest, Rain, Oak, etc.
Middle NamesFor Girls: Estella, Eudora, Christina, Fiona, etc.
For Boys: Nixon, Terry, Walker, Arthur, etc.
Sibling NamesFor Girls: Gemma, Skylar, Sonya, Scarlett, etc.
For Boys: Hugo, Gavin, Avery, Gabriel, etc.

The True Meaning Behind The Name Sage

There are plenty of ways to interpret the meanings of this name. Sage (pronounced as sayj) means “wise one” or “prophet”. In addition, since the 1990s, this given name has been associated with a sage plant, an evergreen subshrub with blue to purplish blooms.

The Origin Of The Name Sage

The name Sage is also varied in origin and can be derived from different languages. In English and French, it’s a surname coming from the word sage, used as a nickname for a wise person.

It’s also an Irish surname and another version of Savage, a nickname for a wild person. Or in German, it’s known as a surname derived from the word sege, meaning “sedge” (1).

The term “sage” also appeared in Ancient Greece during the 7–6th century BC. Greeks used it as a title for Seven Sages, also known as Seven Wise Men. They are philosophers, law-givers, and statesmen who attained wisdom.

Is Sage A Girl Or Boy Name?

Parents can freely choose the name for either boys or girls. The most important thing is whether parents love this name and want to pick it for their children.

The Popularity Of The Name Sage

This unisex name is getting more and more popular in the United States. In each of the two bar charts showing the most popular names for boys and girls, the name Sage reached its peak in 2021, according to the Social Security Administration.

Nevertheless, this name has recently become more popular for girls than boys. More specifically, it occupied the 427th among the most popular male names while ranking as the 179th most frequently used name for girls (2).

Name Variations For Sage

There are many different spellings of the name Sage in other languages. Some notable variations of this name include:

  • Saige/Saje (Latin)
  • Sange (French)
  • Sayge (English)
  • Saoi (Irish)

Nicknames For Sage

There are more cute and creative ways to call your Sage than you expected. Let’s see what lovely nicknames for Sage are!

  • Sagy
  • Sadie
  • Sashy
  • Sayah
  • Saga
  • Sasha
  • Suki
  • Sacha
  • Sky
  • Susie

Similar Names For Sage

Similar Names For Sage
Discover some similar names to Sage in meaning or pronunciation.

There are some recommended similar names for Sage. Since the name Sage refers to a type of herb, most of the names below are also inspired by nature.

Riverriv-uhA naturally flowing watercourseEnglish
Forestforr-uhstWoodsman or woodsFrench
RainraynAbundant blessing from aboveBritish
OakohkMeadow of oak trees or tree from the genus QuercusBritish
Juniperjoo-ni-puhYouth producing or evergreenLatin
PaigepayjYoung helper or mate of young noblesFrench
Willowwil-ohWillow treeEnglish
Cloverkloh-vuhClover or meadow flowerEnglish

Middle Names For Sage That Parents Should Consider

It’s sometimes challenging to think of which middle names match your child’s given name. Be at ease since you’ve the list of perfect middle names for Sage here.

For Daughters

Sage is a short name, so middle names with two or more syllables seem to match. I’ll give you some recommendations below.

  • Estella: Estella comes from the Latin word “stella”, meaning “start” . In pop culture, Estella Havisham is a significant figure in the novel Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and the 1946 film adaptation.
  • Eudora: Eudora is a Greek mythology name meaning “early”, “leading”, and “she of good gifts”. It’s the name of three nymphs: daughter of the Titans Oceanus, daughter of the Nereus, and daughter of the Titan Atlas.
  • Christina: Christina originates from the Latin name Christiana and means “follower of Christ”. The name relates to many historical figures, including Christina of the Isles, Christina Gyllenstierna, Christina of Markyate, etc.
  • Fiona: The origin of this name can come from the Gaelic word fionn, the Irish name Fíona, or the Scottish Gaelic name Fionnghal. Its widely accepted meaning is “white” and “fair”.
  • Georgina: As the feminine form of the name George, Georgina is a Greek girl name with the meaning “farmer”. Other spellings of the name are Georgiana and Georgia.
  • Josephine: Josephine can be a variant of the Hebrew masculine name Joseph or come from the French name Joséphine. Its meaning is “(Jehovah) shall grow”. In this case, Jehovah refers to the God of Israel.

For Sons

These wonderful options are best to be the middle names for baby boys named Sage. You can try reading the given name and middle name together aloud to see if they match or not.

  • Nixon: Nixon, means “son of Nicholas”, originates in English, Irish, and Scottish. It’s also commonly a surname and is associated with the 37th president of the United States, Richard Nixon.
  • Terry: It can be a shortened version of the feminine name Teresa or the masculine name Terence. In addition, Terry can be derived from the French male name Thierry or Theodoric with the meaning “power is mighty” or “the ruler of the people”.
  • Walker: Walker can be a given name or a surname, which means “walker” or the ones who “walked” on a raw and damp cloth to thicken it. As a surname, it’s common in England, America, and Australia.
  • Tommy: Tommy is usually a shortened form of the Aramaic name Thomas. This name indicates “twin” or “alike-looking man”. Some notable name bears are Tommy Hilfiger (fashion designer), Tommy Robredo (Spanish tennis player), etc.
  • Arthur: Arthur is believed to have its root in the Brythonic language and may indicate “bear”. The legendary hero King Arthur is an inspiration for the popularity of this name. Besides, it’s the name of several princes like Prince Arthur of Wales, Prince Arthur of Connaught, etc.
  • Vincenzo: It’s one of the Italian names for boys rooted in the Latin Vincentius. Its meaning can be explained as “to win” or “to conquer”. One of the famous name bearers is Vincenzo Bellini, an Italian opera composer.

Name Options For Sage’s Future Siblings

IIf Sage is your first child and you still want to have more kids, I have some suggested sibling names for you to consider.

Name Options
What names should parents give Sage’s future brothers and sisters?

For Sisters

This part will give you some adorable sibling choices for girls. These options can ideally complement the name Sage.

  • Gemma: Originating in Latin, Gemma means “gem”, “precious stone”, or “little dove”. In Hebrew, Gemma is a variant of Jemma associated with one of three daughters of Job (a Biblical figure in the Book of Job).
  • Skylar: Skylar ranked the 74th most popular girl’s name in 2021. It is an alternative phonetic spelling of the Dutch name Schuyler. The name Schuyler was introduced to North America in the 17th century.
  • Sonya: Having a similar meaning to Sage, this European girl name refers to “wisdom”. This name became well-known thanks to the popularity of fictional characters named Sonya in novels Crime and Punishment, War and Peace, etc.
  • Scarlett: Scarlett or Scarlet is an English name indicating “scarlet”, a bright red color. Many think this color represents passion, courage, force, joy, and heat. In religious traditions, it’s seen as the color of Christ’s and the Christian martyrs’ blood.
  • Gail: Gail is shortened from the Hebrew girl name Abigail, meaning “my father is exulted” or “my father is joyful”. Other variants are Gayle, Gale, and Gaile.
  • Ava: The origins and meanings of this name are various. Ava can mean “guarantee”, “birdlike”, “lively”, “voice”, “sound”, etc. Some renowned celebrities bearing this name are Ava Gardner (American actress), Ava Max (American singer), and more.

For Brothers

You can choose one of the masculine names here for Sage’s future brothers. I bet it will be the greatest name combination.

  • Hugo: With the meaning “mind” or “spirit”, this Germanic male name is another form of Hugh. In European countries, this name is very common. Moreover, they also set April 1st as the name day of Hugo.
  • Gavin: Coming from Scotland, the name Gavin represents “God-send” and “white hawk”. The name has an association with Saint Gavin of Porto Torres and Saint Gavin of Rome.
  • Avery: Avery is a given name of English and French origin. Some interpret the name as “Elf Counsel” or “Elf King”. Parents can choose this name for both girls and boys.
  • Gabriel: Gabriel (pronounced as gay-bree-uh) has its root in Hebrew and translates to “God is my strength” or “God is a strong man”. It is connected to the name Angel Gabriel, mentioned in the New Testament, the Hebrew Bible, and the Quran.
  • Ash: Ash can be a short form of the name Ashton (meaning “ash tree town”) or of the name Ashley (meaning “ash tree meadow”). It can be both a unisex given name and even a surname.
  • Ethan: Mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, Ethan is primarily a male name translating to “strong”, “firm”, “enduring”, and “long-lived”. Some alternative spellings of Ethan are Eitan, Etan, and Eytan.

Sage In Popular Culture

This name was mentioned in many artworks, from comics to television series to anime series.

  • Sage or Tessa: A mutant first appeared in The X-Men published by Marvel Comic in 1980
  • Sage LaPierre: A main character in the teen fantasy TV series Dark Oracle
  • Sage: The mother of the main character Nerine in the novel and anime series Shuffle!
  • Sage the Owl: A bad-tempered owl in the TV series for children The Herbs
  • Toad Sage or Jiraiya: Naruto’s and his father’s teacher in the manga and anime series Naruto
  • The Sage of the Six Paths or Hagoromo Otsutsuki: The god of shinobi in the manga and anime series Naruto

Sage – Notable Name Bearers

Famous people born with the name Sage are numerous. Besides actors and actresses, they also practice in many different professions.

As A Surname

Many famous persons having the surname Sage are Americans and Scots. Let’s discover who they are!

  • Amanda Sage (born 1978): American live artist, teacher, and lecturer
  • Bill Sage (born 1962): American actor starring in more than 80 movies
  • Kay Sage (1898–1963): American Surrealist artist and poet
  • Paula Sage (born 1980): Scottish actress and advocate for people with Down syndrome
  • William H. Sage (1859–1922): American major general in the United States Army
  • Rachael Sage (born 1971): American singer-songwriter and visual artist

As A Given Name

Can you name any celebrity bearing the given name Sage? Check out the list of notable namesakes here.

  • Sage Francis (born 1976): American underground rapper
  • Sage Karam (born 1995): American racing driver
  • Sage Northcutt (born 1996): American mixed martial artist who is well-trained MMA since he was 4
  • Sage Steele (born 1972): American television anchor
  • Sage Watson (born 1994): Canadian athlete winning Pan American medals in 2015
  • Sage Weil (born 1978): American the founder of the distributed storage system Ceph


Let this FAQs section broaden your intensive knowledge about this name. I’ve compiled common questions and provided you with detailed answers.

In the United States, some places named Sage include the census-designated place of Sage in California, the unincorporated community of Sage in Arkansas, the Sage River in Michigan, etc.

Some places in the United States having high searches for this name are New Mexico, Utah, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming.

This gender-neutral name didn’t make it into the top 1000 most common names until after the 1990s. As a boy name, it first placed in the 637th spot in 1991. Up until 1993, it was ranked 912th among girl’s names.

Similar to the meaning of the name Sage, in classical philosophy, people used the term “sage” to describe someone who has attained wisdom. It can also indicate “a good person” or “virtuous person”.

Like Seven Sages in Ancient Greece, Four Sages in Confucianism (a philosophy in Ancient China) refers to four renowned Chinese philosophers. They are Yan Hui, Zengzi, Zisi, and Mencius.

Sage Is A Simple Yet Meaningful Name

Sage is a nature-inspired name when it refers to a type of plant. Additionally, because it indicated eminent philosophers in the past, this gender-neutral name can also be understood as “wise one”.

Do you think Sage is a good name? Let me know your opinions in the comment section below. If you like this article, hit the share button so more parents can reach it. Thanks for reading and supporting me. Goodbye!


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