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Do you have a liking for baby names that mean warrior? If yes, you are now in possession of a reliable source since this post contains a list of feminine, masculine, or unisex names with fierce meanings for your sons and daughters.

Excellent names meaning warrior represent strong, brave, and patient kids. So, if you hope your babies become courageous and influential people who take charge of their own destinies, the suggestions below will be valuable to you.

Amazing Warrior Meaning
Amazing warrior-meaning names will make your babies stand out from the crowd.

Short Excellent Feminine Names Meaning Warrior For Baby Girls

Names Meaning Warrior
It is an excellent idea to give a strong name that means warrior to your daughter.

If you are about to welcome a baby girl, you can refer to the feminine recommendations in this section to have an excellent name for your daughter.

This part gives a list of short names with no more than 5 letters for you girls, so take a look if you are finding a cool and simple name.

1. Alala

The name meaning “battle cry” or “war cry” is another excellent option for your brave daughter. This name is famous in Greek mythology as the name of an attendant of the god of war Ares.

2. Andra

It is a feminine version of the manly name “Andrew”, which means “strong and brave”, warrior”, or “defender of the people/ mankind”. Andra is a name of Greek origin.

3. Bodil

This baby girl’s name originates from the Old Norse word “bót”, which means “battle”, “fight”, “bettering”, or “leader”. It is one of the best-loved names for baby girls in Scandinavia, though sometimes boys can also have itBodil was the name of a queen of Denmark in the 11th century.

4. Beadu

This baby girl’s name Beadu is interpreted as “warrior maid”. Though this amazing name is of Old English and Proto-Germanic origins, it is now widely used by Christians.

5. Ditti

You can find this name widely in Hungary. Here, it is one of the top 20 common girl names. You can pronounce it as “eh-deet” or “deet-tee”. The name, meaning “war”, “fortune”, or “prosperous in war”, is often used as a cool nickname.

6. Elda

This feminine name has various meanings in different languages. It is translated as “old and wise protector” in English, “of advanced age” in Latin, and “a battle maiden”, “warrior”, or “one who is born warrior” in Italian. Plus, it is an Italian variant of the name “Hilda”.

7. Hedy

A Hebrew root girl name you can give to your daughter is Hedy. It is believed to be a diminutive version of “Hedwig”. “Warrior”, “delightful,” and “sweet” are the common translations of Hedy.

Thanks to the famous actress Hedy LaMarr, this name was loved by many American parents from the 1940s to 1950s.

8. Freya

Freya signifies “a noble woman” or “noble lady”. This name is suitable for those looking for a name with a modern and robust vibe for their daughters. The origin of Freya is the name “Freyja” of the Norse goddess of beauty, love, and fertility.

9. Kyda

This Arabic feminine name is widespread in the Muslim religion. This finest name implies a strong and preserved girl. Also, this great name portrays a free-spirited person who loves freedom. In numerology, its special number is 8.

10. Monet

The fantastic French name Monet implies “a protector’s descendant” or “fortunate protector”. It can appear as a surname or given name for baby girls.

It is the name of many notable people, like Monet Mazur (an American actress) or Daniella Monet Zuvic (an American actress).

11. Myla

This great name is a variant of the name “Mila”. Also, Myla is a girly form of the names “Myles” or “Milo”. This incredible English girl name implies “soldier”, “merciful”, or “warrior”. Many parents worldwide choose it for their baby girls.

12. Maud

This girly name is a variation of the name “Matilda” in the Old German language. Maud is commonly known as meaning “powerful battler”. In addition, “Mawd” is an alternative to Maud in Welsh.

13. Owena

This Welsh-based name is the feminine version of the masculine name “Owen”. This cute name refers to “a young warrior” or “young fighter”. Also, people might interpret it as “well-born” or “yew born” in the Celtic language.

14. Valve

Valve is a fairly popular feminine given name in Estonia. In early 2022, there were nearly 800 women bearing this name in this country. It means “guard” or “to watch over” in Estonian. Its name day is on September 26th.

15. Zelda

This feminine name is a short form of the name Griselda, which is interpreted as “strong woman”, “dark battle”, or “gray fighting maiden”. Video game fans are certainly familiar with the Nintendo series “The Legend of Zelda”.

Medium To Long Feminine Names You Can Love

Here are some incredible female names containing more than 5 letters that mean warrior and the like for your baby girls:

16. Agrona

The root of this feminine name is the word “agro”, which means “battle” or “slaughter” in the Celtic language. That is no surprise since Agrona is the name of the Brythonic goddess of strife, war, and death. Another theory shows that it might come from the Welsh word “Aeron”, meaning “berry”.

17. Alvara

People often pronounce this Old English- and Italian-root feminine name as “al-vah-rah”. The name Alvara means “guard of all”, “elf warrior”, or “army of elves”.

18. Audhild

The Norse-based name Auhild is a fantastic recommendation for your little princess if you want her to become a strong woman in the future. This great name refers to “rich warrior woman” or “fighting for wealth”.

This feminine name originates from the name “Auðhildr”. For those not in the know, “Auðhildr” includes 2 elements, “audaz” and “hildiz”. Their respective meanings are “fortune/ wealth” and “battle”.

19. Aldara

This feminine name is a Galician version of the name “Hildiwara” of Visigothic origin. “Hildiwara” includes 2 parts, “hild” and “war”, translated as “battle” and “cautious”.

20. Alojzia

Alojzia is a girly name that is popular in Slovakia and Hungary. This Slovakian-based name has its name day on October 23rd in Slovakia and June 21st in Hungary. In short, this name means “famous battle”.

21. Alessia

It is an excellent option for your little warrior princess. This great name is an Italian variant of the name “Alexius”. “Defending men”, “defender of men”, or “defending warrior” are the prominent translations of Alessia.

22. Aloise

“Famous warrior” or “famous in battle” are the translations of this Spanish and German origin name. Many people believe it is a simple version of the common names “Louise” and “Aloisia”.

23. Bellona

Bellona is commonly known as meaning “Goddess of battle”, “to fight”, or “Goddess of war”. It stems from the Latin word “bellare” and is also the name of the Roman goddess of war (the same as Enyo in Greek mythology).

24. Bathilda

Balthild of Chelles (a Merovingian queen and saint) and “Bathilde d’Orléans (a French princess) are some influential people bearing the Germanic given name Bathilda. This name conveys the strength and power of a brave woman since it means “battle” and “woman warrior”.

25. Boyana

The origin of this Hungarian name is the Slavic word “boji”. You can translate this cute and feminine name as “battle”.

26. Cahira

Another girly name that means “warrior” I should consider for your daughter is Cahira. It is one of the Irish feminine names. People bearing the name Cahira are usually cheerful and optimistic.

27. Claremonde

This French-origin feminine name results from the Latin word “Clarus” and the Germanic word “mund”, which means “bright” and “protector”. Many people believe 4 is the lucky number of this name.

28. Earline

When you’re in doubt, Earline is a great recommendation for your baby girl. Meaning “warrior”, “noblewoman”, “countess”, or “princess”, It carries robust health and bravery to your daughter. This English Christian name is a feminine version of the word “Earl”.

29. Fianna

Fianna, translated as “band of warriors” or “warrior huntress”, is the name of the Scottish and Irish origins. This name appears in Irish and Scottish mythology as the name of an independent bank of warriors. This feminine name is common in the Christian religion.

30. Imelda

This female name stems from the name “Irmhilde”. This is a German name originating from 2 words “ermen” and “hild”. They mean “universal” and “battle”. So, you can translate Imelda as a “powerful fighter” or “universal battle”.

There were about 7223 babies named Imelda from 1880 to 2018 in the United States, according to the Social Security Administration public database, highlighting its relatively exotic status.

31. Kelsey

In fact, Kelsey was the surname of residents who lived in Kelsey town in Lincolnshire (England). This Old-English name means “ship’s victory”, “Cenel’s island”, or “fierce island”. Nowadays, people regularly use it as a given name for baby girls.

32. Marisa

This name comes from the Latin word “maris”, which means “famous battle” or “of the sea”. Marisa is a feminine name that is popular in Italy, Spain, and other western European nations.

33. Louise

It is the feminine version of the masculine name “Louis”. “Famous warrior”, “renowned in battle”, or “to fight” are the meanings of this French and German name. It is widespread in the United States and European countries.

34. Ramona

The Spanish word “Ramon” and the Old German word “Raymond” are the roots of this feminine given name. Meaning “wise protector”, this name primarily appears in Romania, Spain, Italy, Portugal, North American, and Latin American nations.

In the US, this name gained popularity in the late 19th century due to the release of a well-known novel of the same name. A few decades later, a renowned children’s book series also titled Ramona appeared and made the name even more famous.

35. Sandra

Sandra is a diminutive version of the feminine name “Alexandra”, which is a girly form of the name “Alexander”. You can define this name as “protector of man”, “protector of humanity”, or “defender of man” in the Greek language.

Many parents love this amazing name in the United States. Sandra reached peak popularity in 1947 as it became one of the top 5 most common names in the US, though subsequent decades saw a steady decline in its shares of female births.

36. Samaria

Samaria appeared in the history of the ancient Kingdom of Israel as the name of its capital. You can interpret this Hebrew name as “to keep”, “to guard”, “watch-mountain”, or “watch-tower”.

37. Shamira

The name Shamira refers to “protector”, “guardian”, or “he who defends”. It is a rigorous name of Hebrew origin that you can use.

38. Telema

Telema is a Spanish-origin name that you should give to your little girl if you expect her to become a strong and beautiful woman. The fantastic name, meaning “far-fighter” or “will”, is regularly used in the Christian religion.

Amazing Short Names That Mean Warrior For Baby Boys

Excellent Male Names
Names that mean warrior is an excellent choice for a strong and healthy boy.

In case your baby is a boy, this section is for your son. I hope these wonderful names will bring strength and power to your kids.

You cannot miss the short boy names in this part for a cool vibe. Like the section on the short girl names above, the options in this part also have 5 letters or fewer.

39. Alvey

This Anglo-Saxon root name results from the mix of words “aelf” and “wig”, which means “elf” and “war”, “battle”. In short, the name Alvey is interpreted as “noble war”, though “elf friend” and “noble friend” are some other possible translations.

In addition, Alvey is a contemporary version of the uncommon name Ælfig. This name can act as a surname or first name.

40. Aryan

You can find other spellings of this name, including “Ariyan”, “Aaryan”, “Arian”, or “Aryann”. Marriage couples in India and Iran often give this name to their babies as a given name or surname.

The incredible name, meaning “honorable” or “warrior”, stems from the word “ārya” in Sanskrit. As another name for Lord Indra (the king of the gods in Hind mythology), it is a trendy name in countries following this religion.

41. Asim

Asim is a suitable choice for your brave and strong boys. This Arabic masculine name means “savior”, “guardian”, or “protector”. Also, people translate this name as “limitless” or “bottomless” in Sanskrit.

42. Chad

Are you looking for a British origin name for your baby boy? Chad is a fabulous option you should consider. This modern name means “battle warrior”, “protector”, or “defender”. In the US, Chad is a famous nickname for “Chadwick”.

Chad started becoming popular in the mid-1960s in the US. It peaked in 1972 and 1973 with the 25th spot on the list of most popular names for little princesses.

43. Cadel

One of the notable Welsh-origin names you can give your babies is Cadel. This name means “small battle” or “spirit of the battle” in the Welsh alphabet. Interestingly, it means “playful person” or “playful like a puppy” in French.

In fact, this name is considered a variation of the Welsh name “Cadell”. The notable person bearing Cadel is Cadel Evans, an Australian cyclist who was the champion of the 2011 Tour de France.

44. Faris

This western-style surname means “knight”, “cavalier”, or “horseman” in the Arabic language. It is also widespread in Herzegovina and Bosnia. In 2019, it was among the 32 most common male names in these nations.

45. Igor

“Warrior” or “warrior of peace” are the translations of this East Slavic masculine given name. It evolved from the Norse name “Ingvar”. Besides Slavic-speaking regions, you can commonly find it in Portugal, Brazil, and Spain.

46. Jarek

The male name Jarek (pronounced as yah-rik or jare-ik) is a simple version of many names beginning with the syllables “yaru” in the Slavic alphabet. In this language, it means “fierce”, “strong”, or “spring”. Its lucky number is 9 in numerology.

47. Kemp

Kemp is derived from the Middle English and German word “kempe”, which implies a great fighter, champion, or professional soldier.

48. Kane

This manly and cool name is a masculine name of Welsh, Hawaiian, and Japanese origins. Kane defines “warrior”, “golden”, or “man of the Eastern sky” in these languages. In Irish, it means “little battler”.

49. Lewis

“Renowned warrior” is the translation of the name Lewis. It is a German root boy name, but you can find other variations of this name in French, Latin, and Gaelic alphabets.

50. Louis

You can pronounce this French masculine name as “lwee” in French, “loo-ee” or “loo-is” in English, and “loo-ee” in Dutch. It is a French version of “Ludwig”, meaning “renowned warrior”.

Louis is one of the most famous names in French aristocracy because it was the name of 14 Kings in French history.

51. Mao

The Limburg area of Europe is the birthplace of the cool and cute name Mao. This region is the intersection of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. The combination of the 3 languages of these nations created the name Mao.

Plus, this name is an abbreviated version of the word “Edmao”. “Protector” is the most common meaning of this name.

52. Milo

Milo is probably derived from the word “mil”, meaning “beloved” or “dear” in Slavic languages. But some people speculate that this name comes from the Greek word “milos”, translated as “yew flower”.

Also, another opinion explains that this name originates from the Latin word “miles”, which means “soldier”, “merciful”, or “warrior”. So if you want to give your boys a strong name with many other positive meanings, think of Milo.

53. Ned

This masculine name is known as the simple version of the names “Edward”, “Edmund”, “Edgar”, and “Edwin”. In addition, this “guardian of prosperity”-meaning English given name is a diminutive form of the name “Nedeljko” in Slavic.

54. Oscar

Oscar is the name of many notable people, like Oscar Junior (a Brazilian footballer) or Oscar I and II (Kings of Sweden and Norway). In addition, it is the nickname of Hollywood’s leading honors: the Academy Awards.

This masculine given name means “deer-lover”, “champion warrior”, or “God’s spear” in the Irish alphabet.

55. Oman

The meaning of this Arabic and Muslim masculine name is “protector”, “giver of life”, or “friend”. In fact, it is the name of an Arabian nation located in southwestern Asia.

56. Ramon

The name Ramon is suitable for smart and strong sons. This Spanish-based masculine name refers to “wise protector” or “counsel protection”. It is said that the German word “Raginmund” is the root of this fantastic male name.

57. Roger

Suppose that you are a tennis lover, let’s give the Old French masculine name to your son because he can become a famous, strong, and renowned tennis player in the future like Roger Federer (a Swiss tennis player).

Roger is derived from the Germanic words “hrōd“ for “renown” and “gēr” for “spear”. Normally, people translate Roger as a “famous warrior”.

The Normans popularized this amazing name in England. Rodger is another popular variation of this great name.

58. Reima

“Wise protector” is the meaning of the Finnish origin name Reima. It is widespread in Finland, where people hold the name day of Reima on November 5th.

59. Troy

Do you want your babies to become strong like a soldier? Giving the Irish-origin name to them is an excellent idea since it implies a soldier. It stems from the phrase “foot soldier”. On a side note, you can find the ancient city named Troy in western Turkey.

60. Tore

The Scandinavian name comes from the Old Norse name “Thórir”. The word “Thórir” is the mix of 2 elements, such as “thorr” and “arr”, meaning “thunder” and “warrior”. Therefore, “Thor’s warrior” or “thunder warrior” are its meanings.

Coincidentally, this name is found in Italy as a short form of “Salvator”, translated as “savior”.

61. Veli

Veli is a Finnish and Turkish masculine name that is regularly used as a given name. Despite the distance between these regions, the name means something like “guardian” or “brother” in those places.

Aside from Turkey and Finland, you can find people named Veli in the US, the UK, Germany, France, and South Africa.

62. Ward

You can encounter the name “Ward” both as a surname and given name. The Old English words “wearde” or “warde” are the roots of this cute name. Its meaning is “to watch” or “guard”.

63. Walt

Walt is an incredible German-origin masculine name you can give to your son. The cool name is a short version of the name “Walter”. “Powerful warrior”, “army ruler”, or “commander of the army” are the meanings of Walt.

Therefore, this manly name refers to a strong boy who can become a group leader in the future.

Long Warrior-Meaning Options For Your Dear Boys

Besides the short names, you can pick one medium or long male name in this list for your son. Keep reading to get the suitable choice for your child.

64. Alfonso

People believe that Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese are the origins of this masculine name. This wonderful name is translated as “ready for battle” or “noble”. It has existed since the 8th century as a common name for kings and members of royal families in Spain.

65. Alexander

This masculine name originates from the name “Alexandros”, which means “defender of men” or “defender of the people”. Alexander the Great, the king of Macedonia in Greece in ancient times, is one of the strong men with this name you might know.

In the United States, the wonderful name has been in the top 200 most popular names for baby boys since 1900 (except for a short period in the 1950s and 1960s).

66. Aloysius

Latin and German are the origins of this impressive male-given name. This incredible name refers to a “famous warrior”. It is the name of the Italian saint Aloysius of Gonzaga.

Fun fact, this amazing name is considered the well-known Latin version of popular names, such as Luigi, Louis, Luis, or Ludwig.

67. Cathán

This strong Irish name is an ideal option for your sons, with its meaning as“little battler”. It is believed to be an anglicized version of Cathai or originate from the name “cath”.

68. Clovis

Many parents commonly use this French-given name for their kids. It is the modern version of the Old Frankish names “Hlōdowik” and “Hlōdowig” in their Latin form.

“Renowned fighter” and “warrior” are the translations of this masculine name. It was the name of many Frankish royalties, such as Clovis I, who united the Frankish tribes and was the king of the Franks, or Clovis III (king of Austrasia).

69. Duncan

The male name, Duncan, originates from the heritage of the Scottish highlands. This wonderful name literally means “dark-skinned warrior”. Plus, it is an anglicized version of the word “Donnchadh” in the Gaelic language.

Duncan is now one of the most famous names for baby boys in Scotland.

70. Edmund

It is a British-origin male name and implies “wealth protector”. Edmund is created from the mix of 2 parts, “ēad” and “mund”, meaning “prosperity” and “protector” in Old English.

Ed, Eddie, and Eddy are the popular nicknames of Edmund. I often think of Edmund Pevensie, an important character in the Chronicles of Narnia saga, when talking about this name. A few kings of England and Scotland also bore this wonderful name.

71. Elbrus

People believe that the great name Elbrus originates from the Iranian alphabet. It can be translated as “high watch” or “high guard”. A fun fact is that Elbrus is also the highest mountain in Russia and Europe, located in the Caucasus mountains.

72. Evander

The name “Ivor” of the Old Norse is the origin of this name. Evander refers to “strong man”, “good man”, or “bow warrior”. Another theory says that Evander comes from the Greek name “Εὔανδρος”.

Evander Holyfield is one of the renowned people bearing the name Evander, who is a famous boxer who won many world championships before retiring.

73. Gunther

It is a German name originating from the word “Gundahar” in this language. “Gundahar” results from 2 elements, including “gund” and “hari”, translated as “war” and “warrior”. In short, the meaning of Gunther is “warrior” or “battle”.

74. Gunnar

It is derived from the word “Gunnarr” of Old Norse origin, which means “warrior in the war”, “soldier”, “fighter”, or “battler”. This name implies a strong, powerful, and brave man. So, please give it to the baby boy if you expect him to be a manly and strong person.

In different languages, you can find various pronunciations for this name, like “guun-nahr” in Iceland, “guyn-nar” in Sweden, or “goon-nahr” in Norway.

75. Herman

A German-origin name for baby boys you should not miss is Herman. This name represents your sons’ strength, hardship, and bravery since it means “warrior” or “soldier” in German.

Herman is an ancient and long-standing name since it appeared in the 8th century. By the 19th century, it was widely known in English-speaking nations. It has some variations in German, French, and Italian, like Hermann, Armand, and Ermanno.

76. Harvey

This English given name originates from the name “Huiarnviu” in the Old Breton language. For those not in the know, “Huiarnviu” is the blend of 2 parts, including “huiarn” and “viu”, meaning “iron” and “blazing”.

“Battle worthy” and “battle warrior” are other exciting meanings of Harvey. In 2019, there were about 762 baby boys born with this name in the United States.

77. Howard

The Old French word “Huard” is the origin of this English name. Howard apparently comes from the word “Hávarðr” in Ancient Scandinavian, which is interpreted as “high guardian” or “brave heart”.

Howard Carpendale (a German singer), Howard David (an American sportscaster), and Howard Donald (an English singer) are some famous figures bearing this courage-inspiring name.

78. Humphrey

Humphrey is one of the English-origin surnames, which results from the combination of “hun” and “fried”, meaning “bear cub” and “peace”. In short, you can translate Humphrey as a “peaceful warrior”.

When it comes to the name Humphrey, I often think of the legendary American actor Humphrey Bogart, who was famous for his roles in classic films like Casablanca and The African Queen.

79. Luther

This German-root name originates from 2 parts, “liut” and “heri”, which are defined as “people” and “warrior”/ “army leader”. So the combined meaning is something like “soldier of the people.

Another opinion said that Luther comes from the Greek name “Eleutherius”, meaning “free”. In English-speaking nations, it is used as a given name.

80. Lorcán

This great name, originating from the Gaelic word “lorcc”, means “little fierce one”. If you want your sons to have an adventurous and fearless spirit when they grow up, let’s give them this Irish masculine name instantly.

In case you like a nice royal name, Lorcán fits the bill as well. It was widely used by royalties or kings in Irish history, like the grandfather of King Brian Boru.

81. Ludwig

It evolved from 2 elements in Proto-Germanic languages, including “hlūdaz” and “wiganą”, which is translated as “famous” and “to battle”. Therefore, you can interpret Ludwig as a “famous warrior” or “famous in battle”.

82. Manpal

An Indian root name you can consider for your newborn baby is Manpal. This name implies “a respectful person” or “protector of the spirit”. Manpal is what many Hindu married couples have in mind for their boys.

83. Marcellus

Marcellus is a Latin origin name for baby boys. It means “young warrior” and has a connection to Mars, the Roman god of war. Marcus is the short form of this masculine name.

84. Murphy

This Gaelic origin name means “sea warrior” or “descendant of sea warrior”. It stems from the word “Murchadh”. Regarding popularity, Murphy is among the top given names for boys in Ireland, North Ireland, and Scotland.

85. Mordecai

You can interpret this Hebrew-root name as “follower of Marduk” (an important Babylonian god), “warrior”, or “worshiper”.

This amazing name is associated with the Old Testament since it was the name of the cousin – foster father and cousin of Esther, the Jewish wife of the Perisian king Ahasuerus (Xerxes I).

86. Marcello

About the name “Marcello”, I often think of Marcello Possenti and Marcello Thedford, notable Italian footballer and American actor, respectively. Overall, this is a nice and energetic name to give your babies.

The name, meaning “little warrior” or “young warrior”, is an alternative to the common name “Marcellus”. You can find this name in Spanish and Portuguese with the spelling of “Marcelo”. It can work well as a given name or surname.

87. Murdock

Many people bear this Celtic name in Ireland, England, Wales, and Scotland. This baptismal name means “sea warrior” or “protector of the sea”, so it is given to babies who have a connection to the sea.

Another idea said that this name comes from the name of the Babylonian god “Marduk”. It has some variations, including Murdy, Murdoc, and Murdoch.

88. Ragnar

The Danish-origin name, Ragnar, means “warrior” or “judgment”. One of the famous people bearing this name is Ragnar Lothbrok, a Viking hero and king who is the protagonist of the famous TV show Vikings.

89. Rainer

It originates from Old German and means “deciding warrior”, “warrior from the gods” or “wise army”. The Germanic name “Raginheri” is the root of this name. In case you don’t know, “Ragingeri” includes 2 parts, “ragin” and “heri”, translated as “advice” and “army”.

90. Seward

This Old English root name is interpreted as “sea guardian” or “victory guardian”. This surname is formed by the mix of 2 words, “sige” and “wart” in Old English. The American Review’s publisher, Seward Collins, was one of the influencers taking this name.

91. Sigmund

It is a common given name for males. The proto-Germanic words “segaz” and “mundō” are the roots of this name. You can translate it as “protection through victory” or “victorious protector”.

Siegmund is another popular spelling of this name. There are many well-known people named Sigmund, like Sigmund Brouwer (a Canadian author), Sigmund Moren (a Norwegian philologist), Sigmund Skard (a Norwegian poet), and, of course, Sigmund Freud.

92. Sivert

Sivert implies “guard”, “protector”, or “a peaceful victory”. This Swedish name is a common variation of the name “Sigvard”, originating from the word “Sigurthr” in the Old Norse language. Nowadays, Sivert appears commonly in Norway as a strong name for baby boys.

93. Swithin

Are you finding an Old English-origin masculine name for the little prince? Swithin is an ideal option you should consider. This name can convey the strength and agility of a male since it means “strong warrior”, “strong”, and “quick”.

94. Umberto

Another baby name that means “warrior” I would like to introduce is Umberto. It is an Italian male name meaning “renowned warrior” or “bright warrior” This is an Italian version of the name “Humbert”.

It was the name of the king of Italy from 1844 to 1900 (King Umberto I). The country’s last king also had this name: Umberto II.

95. Vermundo

You can spell this name as “ver-mun-do” or “ve-rmu-ndo”. This name comes from the Old Norse and Old High German name “Wermund and Vímundr”. You can interpret Vermundo as a “true protector” or “protective bear”.

Fun fact: numerology says that if you have the name Vermundo, your lucky number is 4.

96. Werner

You can use Werner as a surname or given name, depending on your preference. “The defender” or “the defending warrior” are the translations of this German-origin masculine name.

Outstanding Unisex Names With The Meaning Of Warrior

Outstanding Unisex Names
There are some unisex names that can suit both boys and girls.

Aside from the recommended names above, you can use some flexible options for your babies if you love them. They are versatile names since they can be used for both boys and girls.

97. Armani

This name belongs to the list of Italian origin names. Armani means “warrior”, “child of Armano”, or “soldier”. Originally, it was used as a surname, but it often appears as a gender-neutral given name now.

98. Blair

Blair is a unisex name, but it is primarily used for baby girls in the United States and other countries. It originates from the word “blár” in the Gaelic language, translated as “battlefield”, “plain”, “field” or “meadow”.

The name appeared in the US in the 19th century and became strongly popular during the 1950s and 1960s. Blair has suffered a fall in popularity these days: it was ranked the 521st most common female name and 1807th boy name in the US in 2016.

99. Kelly

If you are about to welcome a new member to your family, the Scottish and Irish name “Kelly”, which means “warrior”, “wood”, “born on a farm”, or “bright-headed”, is an ideal option for you.

It is traditionally used as a male name, though people started to give it to beautiful baby girls in the 1960s. Plus, Kelly is famous as a surname.

100. Koa

Koa is a Hawaiian neutral-gender name, interpreted as “warrior”, “fearless”, or “brave one”. If you come to the islands in Hawaii, you can find a type of tree named Koa, whose strong wood is used for making surfboards and canoes.

101. Malin

The name Malin, originating from British, is a popular gender-neutral given name in many countries. This name signifies “little strong warrior” or “woman of Magdala”. Although Malin is a unisex name, it is given the baby girls rather than boys.

About 28 newborn babies named Malin were girls in 2021 in the US. Meanwhile, the number of baby boys bearing this name was only 10 in the same year.

102. Sloan

It is one of the popular gender-neutral names of Irish origin. Some people think that Sloan is an anglicized version of the surname “Ó Sluaghadháin” in Irish. People often translate Sloan as “warrior” or “raider”. “Sloane” and “Slowan” are other popular variations of Sloan.

Have You Found Your Favorite Name Meaning Warrior?

Have you ever heard about these unique names? Do you have any great names meaning warrior? I look forward to seeing your comments. Plus, please show this post to other parents if they are looking for a meaningful name for their babies as well.

I believe that you have understood all things about these names I have suggested in the above parts. If you find your best-loved name, do not hesitate to give it to your baby. I am sure your kids will love the name like you. Thanks for reading!

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1. University of Social Science and Humanity, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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  • Focus: In-depth knowledge of Literature, knowledge and skills to perceive, create literature or work in related fields; Basic knowledge of communications.

2. University of Social Science and Humanity, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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3. Oregon State University, Oregan, US

  • Program: Bachelor’s degree in Faculty of Human Development and Family Sciences – Child Development
  • Focus: Different stages of development, from infancy to adulthood; Develop a strong foundation for a career in early childhood programs or classrooms; Learn strategies for supporting young children’s development in early childhood settings.

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