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Fact: Doanna is a unique variant of more commonly known names like Donna and Anna, offering a distinctive and modern twist.

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A Deep Dive

Doanna Overview


Lady, woman, mistress




Hebrew, Latin


A modern blend of the names “Donna” and “Anna”.




Doanna is a rare and uncommon name.


2 syllables


6 letters


22 (Influential, Visionary, Powerful)

Name Styles

Unique, Uncommon, Modern

Associated Traits

People named Doanna are often seen as unique, independent, and creative.
A Deep Dive

Doanna Variations in Different Cultures

Popular Variations

Donella, Donetta, Donaldina, Donalda, Donelle

Common Nicknames

Donnie, Dona, Don, Nona, Donny


Donnie, Dona, Don

What Is the Meaning of Doanna?

Doanna means “lady, woman, mistress.” Ones who are given this name are often viewed as elegant and graceful. They tend to carry a sense of dignity and strength in their personalities.

What Is the Origin of The Name Doanna?

The name Doanna is believed to have roots in Hebrew and Latin origins. It combines elements of “Donna” and “Anna”.

Is Doanna a Name for Boys or Girls?

Doanna is a name for girls.

Variants, Nicknames, Diminutives, and Ideal Middle Names for Doanna

Similar Names to Doanna

Sibling Names for Doanna

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